How to Choose a Web Host


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Web Hosting is referred to a service that allows its user to make his internet website accessible on the World Wide Web. When a user builds a website and wants others to see it, he needs to publish all the important information, images or other content on a web server that is connected to the Internet 24/7. This service basically allows a web surfer to surf and download the pages of a website when he types in the web address of a particular website.

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How to Choose a Web Host

  1. 1. How to Choose a Web Host
  2. 2. IndexWhat do web hosts doTips to keep in mind Contact Us
  3. 3. What do Web Hosts do A Web host A Web hostleases space A Web host addsfor Web files offers functionality on their bandwidth to a website server
  4. 4. Tips to Keep in Mind DependabilityFree Hosting FTP and Speed Technical Shared Web Support Hosting
  5. 5. Free Hosting If you go for hosting services that arefree, more often than not, the company is likely to post adverts on your web page. This mayinclude pop-ups, banners, an advertising frame etc. While banners and frames are still okay, pop-up windows can be reallyannoying, especially if you are launching a new website. Thus, it is important that you clearly make-up your mind about going with a particular service of this kind that doesn’t require you to pay any money.
  6. 6. FTPFTP or File Transfer Protocol is the commonestway people transfer web pages and files to theserver. In most cases, it is important that you enjoy the services of a website hosting company that throws in seamless FTP accessfor good measure. You must be able to upload and download content without any hassles.Most online website creation tools give you the option of designing webpages online which though useful for starters can be quitetroublesome when you look at expanding your website.
  7. 7. Dependability & Speed While many people are of the opinion that these two factors can be ignored, bear in mind that these are the determining features that will help you to choose your hosting provider. In the ever-competitive market, the last thing on your mind should be a website that is more down than up and running. Since the web is crowded with options, most users will jump to other businesses if they can’t access your website. The host must thus be reliable. Another important thing is the speed at which your site can be accessed. And this should be the speed, irrelevant of peak and non-peak hours.
  8. 8. Technical Support You may consider yourself to be a tech whiz, but 24*7 technical support never hurts anyone. Your host must have staff that is available all the time, since problems do not announce their arrival. In this respect, it would be foolish to believe someone purely by word of mouth. Ensure that you test their services and competence before taking the plunge.
  9. 9. Shared Web Hosting Well, the term pretty much speaks for itself. A shared web hosting service is cost-effective for more reasons than one. The price you pay for server maintenance will be shared by other people who may be using its services along with you. Thus, it’s a great option for those who are just starting with their website. What’s more, you can rest assured about security updates and software installations since that too should be taken care of by the providers.
  10. 10. Contact UsCorporate AddressNet 4 India Ltd D-25, Sector-3, Noida-201301 (India) Tel : +91 120 4323500 Fax : +91 120 4323520 Email : Website :