Family Connection Newsletter July 2011


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Family Connection Newsletter July 2011

  1. 1. Family J U LY 2011Contents Make Moves that Matter connection Finding your Way Ahead! Career Support The President’s Challenge Program Fleet and Family Support Make Moves Centers - 32 Years of Service! It’s a Heat Wave! that Matter eKnowledge Test Prep Software to Military Families The days of summer have officially begun. Stay- Deployment ing cool, having fun and getting fit are among “Tweet of the Week” the top items on this summer’s “to-do” list. There & Back Some ideas to get you started! Navy Safe Harbor Visit a National Park. Experience your Like Us on Facebook! Navy Housing America in nearly 400 parks and every home- town. Discover a park, explore nature and TRICARE® TV learn of the history in your own backyard. Navy Gateway Inns & Suites Most sites and activities are free.Family Connection is a publication of the Eat for the season. Summer is a great timeFleet and Family Support Program. to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables whetherThe Navys Fleet and Family Support Programpromotes the self-reliance and resiliency you are grilling out, eating on the go, orof Sailors and their families. We provideinformation that can help you meet the looking for a quick snack. For tips to add moreunique challenges of the military lifestyle. fruits and vegetables to your day, go to DECA.If you have questions or comments, contactJohn Levinson at us online at: Read and listen to audio books. The Navy’s General Library Program offers your favorite authors through Navy Knowledge With a little imagination and commit- Online (NKO). Download to most audio and ment, this summer has the potential for digital devices at no cost; and children’s titles wonderful adventures. Search for free and are also available. Once logged in, click on The Fleet & Family Support Reference tab - E-Library - Audio & EBooks – inexpensive things to do in your area. Check with your Fleet and Family Support Center for Overdrive - Audiobooks, Ebooks & More. Center opportunities specific to your region. Many Bike or walk to nearby destinations organizations and businesses offer military where you might normally drive. It is a discounts to honor those who serve; so don’t great exercise and it is green! Check your forget to ask! Take your children along and local area for bike share programs. include them when planning activities. Build Scan QR Code, access via new family traditions and create experiences mobile device. that will be remembered for a lifetime.
  2. 2. J U LY 2 0 1 1Finding your Way Ahead!Career SupportTaking the next step when changing Family Employment Wounded Warrior Program -careers or transitioning back into the Readiness Program U.S. House of Representativescivilian workforce can be daunting; The Family Employment Readiness The Wounded Warrior Program hasnot to mention relocations, frequent Program addresses career challenges a two-year fellowship that providesdeployments and today’s economy. Job through workshops and one-on-one employment opportunities within thesearches takes time, energy and prepara- counseling. Topics include launching House of Representatives. Positionstion. Let the leadership and resilence skill a job search, career planning, resume are available in Congressional districtsets you already possess, guide your way. writing, interviewing techniques, offices nationwide and applicantsThere are a variety of programs, resources conducting self-assessments, goal set- must have served on active duty sinceand tools available to assist as well. ting, federal employment information September 11, 2001, have a 30 percentTeletech@Home and vocational programs. Learn to or greater service-connected disabilityTeletech@Home Careers has immed- market yourself using social network- rating and less than 20 years of service. ing options like Facebook, Twitter andiate hiring needs for parttime GPS: Transition LinkedIn. Learn to capitalize on theSpanish@Home agents and a need for Assistance Programup to 200 Spanish-speaking agents over benefits of online assistance and get the 4-1-1 on local employers and job Goals, Plan, Succeed. Live trainersthe next several months. There are new fairs. Whether you are new to the area, facilitate sessions on topics to help youclasses starting throughout the summer changing careers, or beginning a new navigate and become prepared forfor up to 300 additional parttime English one, your Fleet and Family Support transition into the civilian workforce.speaking @Home agents. Center is a great place to start. Attend a session from the comfort of your home or anywhere broadband In- ternet and phone are available. Register today for July sessions at http://www. July Sessions N Building Better Resumes July 7, 2011, 8:00 pm EDT N Decoding Military Skills for Civilian Employers July 12, 2011, 8:00 pm EDT N Landing a Federal Job July 14, 2011, 6:30 pm EDT N Common Job Hunting Mistakes July 18, 2011, 6:30 pm EDT N Acing the Interview July 26, 2011, 6:30 pm EDT N Social Networking and the Job Search July 28, 2011, 7:00 pm EDT 2
  3. 3. J U LY 2 0 1 1“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are createdequal, that they are endowedby their Creator with certainunalienable Rights, that among Fleet and Familythese are Life, Liberty and the Support Centers -pursuit of Happiness.” – The Declaration of Independence 32 Years of Service! July 4, 1776 From a phone call or workshop at sea to a webinar or community outreach, Fleet and Family Support Programs (FFSP) support individual and family readiness to meet the unique chal- lenges of the military lifestyle. Programs and services are customer-focused, consistent and efficient to support Navy readiness and include: N Deployment support for Sailors and their families N Personal and family wellness educa- tion and counselingThe President’sChallenge Program N Emergency preparedness and responseThe President’s Challenge is for all IA Discussion Groupages and ability levels. Fitting regu- N Crisis intervention and response Schedulelar exercise into a daily schedule N Military and personal career devel- View the Fleet-wide list of classes,may seem difficult at first, but it’s support groups and events. opmenteasier than you think. Learn the N Financial education and counseling Returning Warriorbenefits of getting fit, setting goals Workshops (RWW)and staying motivated. N Family employment programs Returning Warrior WorkshopTake advantage of the tracking Schedule & IA Family Events - Congratulations to the outstanding staff,, featured activities and fitness volunteers and partners that collaborateguides. Keep it simple; consider daily. They truly understand that thethe stairs instead of the elevator or well-being of military families is a majorwalking on the golf course instead factor in the well-being of the overallof using a cart. force. The Fleet and Family SupportExercising can be fun with a Program (FFSP) celebrates 32 years ofworkout buddy and it helps with service on July 9th. Happy Anniversaryaccountability. Choose a challenge Fleet and Family Support Centers!today and get started! 3
  4. 4. J U LY 2 0 1 1 The American Red Cross has moved to using a single telephone number for its military emergency services, regardless of where you are located. Call: 877-272-7337 for assistance. eKnowledge Test PrepIt’s a Heat Wave! Extreme Heat Software to MilitaryWith record-reaching temperatures this N Stay alert of weather conditions. Familiesseason, take precautions. When Mother N Stay hydrated. This standardNature provides too much heat or not SAT and ACTenough precipitation, it may result in a N Wear loose, light-colored clothing. PowerPrep™heat wave or drought. According to the N Avoid strenuous activity and stay softwareCenters for Disease Control, approxi- indoors. comes inmately 400 deaths in the United States a single N If your home is not air-conditioned,are attributed to excessive natural heat DVD and stay on the lowest floor or use a faneach year. includes 10+ to circulate the air.Heat waves and droughts can be very hours of virtual classroom instruc- Water Conservation tion, interactive diagnostic tools,dangerous, which is why it is importantto be prepared. Protect yourself and N Check for water leaks around your sample questions, practice testsyour family from heat exhaustion, home. and graphic teaching illustrationsheat cramps, or heat strokes during indexed for easy use. N Take shorter showers.intense heat waves. Discuss with your The free SAT and ACT sponsorshipfamily ways to be safe and consider N Turn off water while brushing teeth. covers 100 percent of the totalimplementing responsible water con- N Install low-flow toilets. retail cost of the $200 program;servation in your home. there is a small fee of $13.84 (per N Be aware of water restrictions. standard program) for the cost of For more information on how to materials, worldwide distribution prepare for extreme heat or water and customer service. eKnowledge droughts, visit the Commander Navy does not profit from this venture. Installations Command, Operation Order online at www.eknowledge. Prepare webpage. com/cnic. For assistance, contact customer support at support@ or 951-256-4076. 4
  5. 5. J U LY 2 0 1 1Deployment“Tweet of the Week”Receive deploy-ment-relatedinformation, re-sources and tipsvia twitter to easethe challenges of deployment. Signup today at & BackThere & Backpresented byafterdeployment.orgis a podcast seriesintended to assist service membersand their loved ones in managingthe challenges that are often facedfollowing a deployment. Navy Safe HarborYou can download any of the Navy Safe Harbor is the Navy’s leadpodcasts from iTunes or click on organization for coordinating the non- medical care of seriously wounded, illadpodcast/pdf/ThereAndBack.pdf and injured Sailors, Coast Guardsmento listen to the podcast directly from and their families. Safe Harbor pro-your computer. vides a lifetime of individually tailored assistance designed to optimize thePodcasts topics: success of the service member’sN Learn About Depression recovery, rehabilitation and reintegra- RAP Tip:N Learn About Post-Traumatic tion activities. If you plan to clean your house or Stress Enrollment is open to seriously apartment after moving out, put wounded, ill and injured Sailors and together a kit of basic cleaningN Managing Aggression and Anger Coast Guardsmen to include OIF/OEF supplies and rags ahead of time.N The Consequences of Self-Med- casualties, shipboard accidents, liberty Clean as much as possible prior to icating: Alcohol Abuse following accidents, and serious medical and the movers’ arrival (inside of kitch- Deployment psychological conditions (e.g., cancer, en cupboards, oven, windows,N Suicide in the Military severe PTSD). To learn more, visit www. etc.) and, if possible, vacuum each, email to safehar- room as movers empty it. Once, or call 877-746-8563. the movers are gone, complete your cleaning and dispose of rags and cleaning products in an envi- ronmentally friendly manner. 5
  6. 6. J U LY 2 0 1 1Navy Family Accountability andAssessment System (NFAAS)NFAAS allows Navy personnel to manage the recovery process forpersonnel affected by a wide-spread catastrophic event. It is also helpful in providingcommands with information to support IA family members while their sponsors aredeployed overseas. Log on to NFAAS at Us on Facebook!Navy HousingNavy Housing is now on Facebook! Navy GatewayNavy Housing is your government Inns & Suitesadvocate for helping you with homefinding and housing related needs, Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS) iswhether buying or renting, on-base or considered Priority One lodging for alloff, moving or staying. Please visit the TDY travelers (military and civilian). ANavy Housing Facebook professionally managed business-basedPage for regular infor- lodging program, NGIS contributes andmation and news about supports mission readiness by provid-Navy Housing! ing quality lodging and services for a mobile military community, while keep-TRICARE® TV ing official travel costs to a minimum. With over 27,000 guest rooms at 74TRICARE HEALTH’s channel is the latest locations worldwide, NGIS offers lodg-addition to TRICARE’s social media ing services for individual/group TDYprogram. The videos are short and easy to travelers, DoD civilians and Space Avail-follow, ranging in length from two-to-four able (Leisure) travelers (retirees) andminutes. The first episode called “What Is Reservists. In-room amenities include Joint Services Support (JSS)TRICARE?” gives beneficiaries an overview internet access, cable TV w/premium JSS provides valuable informationof TRICARE health care plans and some of channels, microwave, refrigerator, cof- on benefits, entitlements, events,the special programs offered. fee, newspapers, housekeeping service trainings and more. Making it easy and a guest laundry. to stay connected, anytime, any-TRICARE is already active on social media where with online access, mobilesites such as YouTube, Facebook and Reservations are made on a first-come device applications and interac-Twitter, and TRICARE TV joins another elec- first-served basis without regard to rate tive voice response. Services aretronic option – the weekly award-winning or rank. Reservations may be made up available to all military branches;Beneficiary Bulletin podcast. Together, they to 30 days in advance for up to a seven- featuring a community resourceall provide beneficiaries timely updates on locator by state. Go to http://www. night stay by calling 877-NAVY-BED benefits in a variety of convenient (enter the first three letters of the base);formats. Tune into TRICARE TV. or by making reservations at http:// 6