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Demonstration and Training Center Update_Mid-March 2013
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Demonstration and Training Center Update_Mid-March 2013


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Update on some of the activities going on at the Demonstration and Training Center now that much of the initial construction has been completed.

Update on some of the activities going on at the Demonstration and Training Center now that much of the initial construction has been completed.

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  • 1. Activities of the Environmental Education Workshop (in theDemonstration and Training Center) February 18- March 2
  • 2. Activities Included:• A meeting between the Alberto Melgar Rada Program and Mano a Mano International• In this meeting, modules on specific technical skill formation were solidified• There will be teachings on conserving natural resources and alternative energy sources
  • 3. Modules 1 and 2: Ecology and Solid Waste Management• Module 1 began on February 20• 23 individuals participated• Module 2 began with a construction of a dry bathroom• The 23 participants assisted in the construction• Participants will continue to help with projects for the next few months (March-July 2013) to learn and develop different practical skills.
  • 4. The students learning about the food chain
  • 5. Our students’ first visit to the site
  • 6. Students break into two groups for the activities
  • 7. Group Activities• When planning activities, we take the students into account and adapt the process to the needs of the students.
  • 8. Group 1: The 2nd semishade Measuring and digging holes
  • 9. Placing and emptying the bobbins
  • 10. The structure is ready for the tension wire Placing the stakes for the tension wire
  • 11. Extending the tension wire
  • 12. With the presence and help of the students at their first andsecond visits, we proceeded with the following: Measuring and cutting of the mesh
  • 13. Students help sew the mesh
  • 14. Students work together to tension and finish sewing the mesh
  • 15. Group 2: The Bathroom Defining the location and measuring for the bathroom
  • 16. Students measure and mark the terrain
  • 17. Clearing the terrain for the bathroom (students did not participate)
  • 18. Students help transport supplies to the site.
  • 19. Pedro, one of the workers, shows students how to construct adobe bricks
  • 20. Construction of the bathroom stalls Pablo explains the specifications for constructing the stalls
  • 21. Students help in the construction of the stalls
  • 22. Measuring and cutting the steel reinforcements for the bathroom
  • 23. Other Activities Construction of the perimeter wall
  • 24. Fabrication of the adobe for the bathroom
  • 25. Planting fennel bulbs, leaf lettuce, turnips radishes, parsley, beets, etc. in the second block in the open field
  • 26. Our students are excited to be able to complete real, practical projects.