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Special project

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT HUMACAO ENGLISH DEPARTMENT TEACHER EDUCATION UNIT Special ProjectRufino Vigo Elementary School: 5-1 School District: Las PiedrasCooperating Teacher: Luz N. Aponte Sherley Marie Cordero López 842-06-1474 Practice Teaching EDPE 3018 Dr. Aníbal Muñoz Claudio May 6, 2012
  2. 2. Special Project Proposal A. Title of Special Project: Washrooms Makeover My project will consist in renovating two washrooms in the Rufino Vigo School. I will be working with the appearance of two washrooms that are constantly damaged by the students by covering obscene words with fresh paint and wall paper décor. I will also incorporate the six pillars of the program “Character Counts!” by decorating the washrooms with quotes that are related with the program corevalues and at the same time those quotes will be focused on the preservation of the project. B. Purpose The majority of the students in the Rufino Vigo School are surrounded by a violent atmosphere. Those students need to feel that the school is an appealing safe place. Some students vandalized the washrooms by writing obscene words and other students feel bullied by this kind of behavior. I want to make an impact by diffusing a message. I will make an effort in sending a powerful message that will lead to social transformation. This message will reinforce the values of the program “Character Counts!” that are responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, caring, citizenship and fairness. C. Justification Rufino Vigo School structure needs a lot of improvement since it is an old building. I noticed that there is a lot of damage in the bathrooms. They have missing basins, walls that are broken or have graffiti on them, and they are not clean.I want to contribute in the renovating of two washrooms of the school but I want to go a step further by making an impact in the school community. I want to socially transform students that will visit those washrooms.The washrooms of the school are frequently visit by the students so I realized that this will be the perfect spot to work with diffusing of the transformational message. I believe that there will be a dramatic change in the students’ behavior. D. Proposed Action Objectives:
  3. 3. 1. Create clean and friendly looking washrooms in where students feel safe. 2. Create in students the sense of responsibility, respect and caring. 3. Transform students by creating a sense of belonging in where lead them to being more responsible, caring and respectful humans. Activities: 1. I will observe the damages of the washrooms and determine which damages are accessible to target. 2. I will buy the materials needed to complete the project such as paint, wall paper, equipment for painting, frames, etc. 3. My husband and I will paint and decorate the two chosen washrooms. 4. After painting and decorating the washrooms, I will clean the washrooms. 5. I will create hand-outs to notify the Rufino Vigo’s community the purpose for this special project and the ground rules in order to maintain the project safe from vandalism. Time Frame: Projected Dates Activities 1stweek of April Identify the washrooms to work on. 2ndweek of April Buy the materials. 3rd week of April Paint and decorate the washrooms. 4th week of April Clean the washrooms. 1st week of May Provide the school with the hand- outs.Special Project Final Report A. Accomplishments The reason why I decided to do this project was because the students were vandalizing the last semester special project. The previously teacher candidates made an enormous effort by fixing the doors and basins. This semester some students were complaining about the insulting words that were written on the walls of the washrooms.When I went to the bathrooms I confirm what the students were telling. I was
  4. 4. able to cover the vandalized walls with paint and I decorate them with childlike wall paper. I cleaned the washroomsso the students feel safe when they have to satisfy their biological necessities.I also incorporated the six pillars of “Character Counts!” in order to reinforce the objectives of the program.B. Reactions The purpose of this special project “Washrooms Makeover” was to decorate and clean the school’s washrooms so that they’d be in optimum condition for the students. I realized that it was not only important to decorate the washrooms so that they’d be safe and cozy for the children to use but also that the student’s learned about and understood the importance of keeping the washrooms clean. While designing the special project I was thinking how I could transform an ordinary project into an activity in where I could change in one way or another, the students’ life. I transforman ordinary project by adding the six pillars of the program “Character Counts!”. After completing the project, I felt that I belong as part of the Rufino Vigo’s faculty because I was contributing with the transformation of a section of the school community.C. Recommendations My recommendations for future special projects are to get the students and parents involved. I think that students and some parents are willing to help and take part in projects. Another recommendation would be to choose something that will benefit a large percentage of the school community. Also I would like to see teachers get involved with teacher candidates’ projects. I will recommend to future teacher candidates to create special projects in where the teachers feel that it is something that will not only benefit the students but themselves too in order to obtain more help and make a greater impact.