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A presentation made by the 5th graders of Millennium National School for their friends in Norway. This is part of the information exchange program between the two countries.

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Kho kho

  1. 1. Siclcihanic Rawaic Vi raj ievianwacllta T‘ Souinitra Toiiapi Piranav Jlia
  2. 2. Kho Kho is an Indian sport played by teams of twelve players who try to avoid being touched by the members of the opposing team, only nine players of the team enter the field
  3. 3. In Kho Kho one team sits or kneels in the middle of the court, in a row, with alternate members in the row facing opposite directions
  4. 4. The other team may sent two or three members. The motive of the sitting team is to "tag” the opponents.
  5. 5. The chasers can run only in one direction and cannot cut across the sitters (unlike the dodgers who can run randomly and in between the sitters).
  6. 6. They have to run around the entire row to reach other side. The other option is to pass the chasing job to another sitter whose back is facing you as you are running.
  7. 7. The chaser touches the sitter he wants (usually nearest to the target) and shouts "Kho” to signify the change of guard
  8. 8. Objective of a player in a game The objective is to tag all the opponents in the shortest time possible. If the other team takes longer, the former team wins.
  9. 9. Domestic Seasons and Tournaments game: - National championship - Junior National - Sub Junior National championship ° School Championship - Mini School Championship - Primary Mini School Championship 0 National Women Championship - All India Inter University Championship and Federation Cup
  10. 10. Organistions involved with the sport in India - The primary sports body for this game is called the Kho Kho Fedaration of lndia(K. K.F. I.) ° It has its branches in all the states ° It has been conducting Mini , Junior and Open National Championships for both sexes in many parts of India
  11. 11. Key Players A number of players have bagged the Arjuna Award. Some of these players are: - Shrishekhar Dharwadkar ° Shri Shrirang Inamdar - Usha Nagarkar - Nilimia Sarlokar - Achala Devare
  12. 12. Kho Kho Field The Kho- Kho playground is rectangular. It is 27 meters in length and 15 meters in breadth. There are two rectangles at the end. One side of the rectangle is 16 meter and the other side is 2.70 meters. In the middle of these two rectangles, there shall be two wooden poles. The central lane is 21.60 meters long and 30cm X 30cm on the lane. There are eight cross lanes which lie across the small squares and each of it is 15 meters in length and 30cm in breadth, at right angles to the central lane and divided equally into two parts of 7.30m each by central lane. At the end of central lane, two posts shall be fixed. They shall be 120cm above the ground and their circumference shall be not less than 30cm and not more than 40cm. The post shall be made of wooden poles which are smooth all over. The posts shall be fixed firmly in the free zone tangent to the post-line at a height between 120 to 125cm. The top of the post shall be flat and free from any sharp edges. Continue
  13. 13. ii DI“ U7“ “no sure field Lobby 430 cm h'jI1IjE—l'J-Dfliljlfl-Ij’I I * It a MA loan
  14. 14. 4. '. I ‘ " . ‘L’. “i -q IIIII llIl. II‘lll;0I§I~Il-J-l| t$III“ L 1 . “ '5 _ ‘ ‘t Characteristics , 1?. players per side. 9 in Team members -, .. .. me ‘wield Rho Kho ma) Setuntime 1 minute avmg time 5 or 7 or 9 minutes Running, Reflexes, bservation layers : i.2 or more (9 in the field) I P P Age ranae as and up hills required Le
  15. 15. THE END