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I'm one of highest paid designers in the Internet Marketing space, and I usually charge $100+ per hour for custom work. I'll be spending at least 5-15 hours each month on new content for this membership site, so you do the math on how much that's worth. Plus I have a team of talented in-house designers who I pay a hefty fee to create original content for me. In all, you will get at least $100 worth of value every month for just $9.95.

You Can Cancel Any Time
(No Risk On Your Part)

Again, in case you don't like monthly fees, the cool thing is there are no long term contracts and you can cancel at any time. So you can pay the $9.95 fee now, get everything I showed you above, and then you have 30 full days until the next payment is due to take this membership for a "test drive". If you decide to cancel before the next rebill payment is due, that's cool with me (no hard feelings on my part).

I'm taking all the risk here by proving SO much valuable content up front for such a low price... but that's fine with me because I know I'll have plenty of people that will stay active members for months and months... that's because once you see the quality of all the content, you'll want more and more :)

But anyway, that's up to you, and you can stay for as long or as little as you want.

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Premium graphics package

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