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RSS Response is an utoresponder using RSS Feeds over traditional emails. Has a lot of benefits and advantages over email autoresponders the main one being 100% delivery.

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RSS Autoresponder

  1. Why How and Where to use Your RSS Autoresponder
  2. Top 10 Reasons WHY quot;RSS Autorespondersquot; Are Becoming A Permission Email Marketers BEST Friend
  3. Reason #1. 100% delivery rate of your messages. This is probably the single and BIGGEST benefit you'll receive by using an RSS Autoresponder is getting 100% of your marketing messages in front of your prospects and/or existing customers.
  4. Reason #2. Create content for sale or syndication. With RSS Autoresponders you can create all types of content. Affiliate training, membership courses, blog content and much more.
  5. Reason #3. Blacklisting is the thing of the past. Never worry about being Blacklisted again because of someone else using your shared server and sending SPAM emails through it and getting you Blacklisted as the end result.
  6. Reason #4. Forget CAN-SPAM and Email Laws. You can now forget about all the email laws and CAN-SPAM because now they no longer apply to you because you are no longer an email publisher, your a RSS publisher. There's a BIG difference.
  7. Reason #5. Subscribers can Opt-In via web forms or links. This is a critical feature to have with RSS autoresponders because it will allow an easy switch by simply replacing your email web forms with RSS web forms on your website/s.
  8. Reason #6. Write freely with all the forbidden email words. Now you have the freedom to write using any Word or Phrase you wish without the worry of SPAM filters/blockers intercepting your messages and labelling it as quot;SPAMquot;
  9. Reason #7. Broadcast as often as you like. With RSS autoresponders, your also able to broadcast to your subscribers as often as you like with your marketing messages and/or special offers just like traditional email autoresponders.
  10. Reason #8. Many options for managing your subscribers. Just like traditional email autoresponders, RSS autoresponders also give you many different options for managing and editing your subscriber lists.
  11. Reason #9. Auto blogging We provide software and plugins to allow you to add your feed to a wordpress blog or a website. You cold also offer your content to others.
  12. Reason #10. Branded Readers RSS Response is in the process of creating brandable RSS readers that you can supply to your readers that will keep your brand in front of their eyes continuously.
  13. Step 1: Log into your account and create a channel
  14. Step 2: Create Your Documents
  15. Step 3: Create Your Form
  16. Step 4: You have 5 different Form option to choose from.
  17. Option 1 Your subscribers fill in a form on your website. Feeds are retrieved within your website.
  18. Option 2 Your subscribers fill in a form on your website. Feeds are retrieved from a pop-up window.
  19. Option 3 Your subscribers press a 'Subscribe' Button Your subscribers fill in a form and retrieves the feed all within a pop-up window.
  20. Option 4 Your subscribers press a 'Subscribe' Button Your subscribers are redirected to a page to fill in this form. This page then displays your entire feed and they can retrieve the feed like a Feedburner site.
  21. Option 5 Your subscribers fill in this form on your website. Your subscribers are redirected to a page where they can retrieve the feed similar to Feedburner.
  22. Step 5 Copy and Paste the option code you want into your blog, webpage or popup.
  23. Auto Blogging Wordpress Go to RSS Response website and click on subscription tools and download the free RSS Fetch auto blogging plugin.
  24. Auto Blogging Web Pages Go to MSI Fetch website and get the free script to add a feed to your website.
  25. Sell Your Content Create a page to sell your feeds for other to add in their blogs or membership content. Give them out RSS Fetch or MSI Fetch for free content.
  26. Make Affiliate Commissions Every feed has a very small icon at the bottom which links to the RSS Response affiliate program. Pays 25% recurring commission on every active account.
  27. Other Applications for RSS Autoresponders Membership – Affiliate Training Article delivery- White Papers Health – Receives The List is Endless
  28. Thank you for watching this presentation. To get your copy of RSS Response go to