Control M Enterprise Job Scheduling


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CONTROL-M Whitepaper

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Control M Enterprise Job Scheduling

  2. 2. OPTIMIZE DRIVE DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS WITH ENTERPRISE SCHEDULING. BMC CONTROL-M is a best-of-breed ® enterprise scheduling solution, allowing you to automate and integrate batch processes that support the bottom line across multiple platforms and applications.
  3. 3. SCHEDULING IS THE ENGINE THAT BMC CONTROL-M IS THE BEST DRIVES YOUR BUSINESS ENTERPRISE SCHEDULING SOLUTION To meet your business objectives, you need AVAILABLE to employ a reliable, scalable workload More than 2,000 organizations have installed automation solution capable of effectively BMC® CONTROL -M, the vast majority of monitoring, managing, and automating which replaced an existing scheduling tool. By your batch processing environment. This reducing the overall complexity of enterprise is particularly important considering that scheduling and increasing productivity through batch data processing accounts for more greater automation, BMC CONTROL-M than 50 percent of all critical business data helped these customers: processing. > Reduce the costs of IT and business Here are some of the critical factors that “BMC CONTROL-M gave us a operations one-stop shop for running any should be considered in evaluating your > Increase the quality of services being scheduled software. We now enterprise scheduling environment: delivered have a tool that is centralized, > With disparate systems being deployed scalable, and efficient. We no > Reduce time-to-recovery by implementing a by enterprises worldwide, the need to longer have to pay licensing fees consistent methodology have a heterogeneous, cross-platform on two products.” job scheduling solution has increased > Increase revenue potential by optimizing Todd Melville dramatically. customer service ITS Project Manager > Almost 70 percent of an enterprise’s > Avoid outages to business-critical systems HBF Health Funds, Inc. integration requirement is to provide batch From a single point of management, integration between packages. BMC CONTROL-M provides workload > Job schedulers are being used in business automation and scheduling control over process automation to streamline and multiple platforms and applications across simplify the workload, including straight- the enterprise. This solution maximizes through processing and batch application automation by providing cross-application and integration projects. cross-platform scheduling capabilities, such as job dependencies, workload balancing, > The concept of Service Oriented management by exception, and status-based Architecture will become critical — job execution. BMC CONTROL-M prevents especially with enabling batch workloads as scheduling problems from developing into a Web service. business problems. > The volume and complexity of workload The solution’s proven success record automation requirements has skyrocketed, maximizes data center hardware and software thanks to an influx of applications, investments over multiple platforms, merging architectures, Web-based transactions new and traditional technologies to effectively (each one averaging more than 10 batch manage heterogeneous environments. processes), and an increase in transactions that cross multiple applications, platforms, BMC CONTROL-M supports more than 20 and companies. platforms, including Unix, Microsoft Windows, In short, batch scheduling not only facilitates z/OS, Linux, AS/400, Tandem, Unisys 2200, applications and transactions, but it’s also an and many others. integral, complicated, and vital part of every IT environment.
  4. 4. GET UNMATCHED SCALABILITY AND control for managing and automating complex FLEXIBILITY cross-platform environments, ensuring that production problems are detected and solved BMC CONTROL-M: through a consistent platform-independent > Automates the details of production management tool. This common interface management also reduces the learning curve, allowing fast > Minimizes manual intervention in the implementation. production process BMC CONTROL-M works in both centralized > Reduces manual errors and costs, and distributed environments. It delivers streamlining the production flow maximum scalability and flexibility, regardless BMC CONTROL-M supports both > Simplifies production management through of hardware configuration or physical change and growth. Whether you are running 200 jobs or one million jobs user-friendly capabilities layout. The reliability designed into BMC — for both mainframe and distributed CONTROL-M means that even in the event Manage Everything From a Single Focal of a communication failure, data integrity systems alike — BMC CONTROL-M Point of Control is ensured and workload interruptions are leverages a single architecture. As BMC CONTROL-M’s consolidated active minimized. BMC CONTROL-M is effectively evidence of the product’s ability to environment furnishes a real-time graphical running production environments as small as accommodate constantly changing view of all connected systems and platforms a few hundred jobs per day and as large as technologies, consider that the across the enterprise. The BMC® CONTROL- hundreds of thousands of jobs per day. average customer has had BMC M/Enterprise Manager provides a focal point of CONTROL-M for 10 years. BMC CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manager GUI
  5. 5. FIND AND FIX PROBLEMS USING BMC CONTROL-M ARCHITECTURE MANAGEMENT BY EXCEPTION The BMC® CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manager is Find and Focus Only on the Problem Areas the focal point that brings these independent A user-notification facility detects exception schedulers together. The BMC CONTROL-M situations immediately and displays them in /Enterprise Manager provides the conduit for an alert window. Color differentiation allows cross-platform dependencies, a common view users to view both the location and severity through an all-encompassing GUI, a single of a problem at a glance. All facets of the mechanism for scheduling on any platform, abnormality can be handled directly through and central alert monitoring — all with the drill-down menus. And, since exception ability to drill down to a problem job. management is automatic, personnel are free Each BMC CONTROL-M instance involves to perform other duties during production runs. either a server with one or more agents or BMC CONTROL-M alerts also can be routed a single physical scheduler with database to BMC Performance Manager, BMC Remedy, and processes in one logical unit. The HP OpenView, Tivoli, or any other device that BMC CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manager can handle SNMP or SMTP transmissions. communicates through gateways with the Gain Extensive Integration with Standard BMC CONTROL-M instances to provide the Applications required services. BMC CONTROL-M includes interface options with numerous third-party products and applications, including ERP applications such GUI BMC® CONTROL-M/ as SAP R/3, SAP BW, Oracle Applications, Enterprise Manager PeopleSoft, and more. Tight integration also is available for BMC Performance Manager and BMC Remedy, as well as other management frameworks and applications such as Tivoli and HP OpenView, Vantive, and Info/Management. BMC® BMC® BMC® CONTROL-M Server CONTROL-M Server CONTROL-M for z/OS BMC CONTROL-M was developed with a rich WINDOWS UNIX MVS set of functions, many of them evolving over time in response to the specific business needs of customers. With its broad variety of features, BMC CONTROL-M often is installed as a replacement solution for other vendors’ BMC® CONTROL-M AGENT BMC® CONTROL-M AGENT BMC® CONTROL-M AGENT BMC® CONTROL-M AGENT scheduling products — the capabilities of AS/400 WINDOWS UNIX LINUX which typically are limited. BMC CONTROL-M High-Level Architecture
  6. 6. BMC CONTROL-M INTEGRATES WITH BMC CONTROL-M adds many scheduling YOUR APPLICATIONS capabilities to the SAP environment: Smoothly Integrate Legacy and ERP > Provides a central management GUI and Applications focal point of control Each of your ERP applications can submit > Creates complex dependencies and monitor batch jobs within its own > Manages resources environment. However, with very limited scheduling power and minimal integration > Triggers external events between the processes that occur within > Intercepts ad hoc (and other) jobs and these applications and those that happen applies pre-defined logic, such as workload in other applications, they are vulnerable to balancing, etc. manual errors, processing delays, and work quality degradation. BMC CONTROL-M > Pro-actively manages data archiving provides a completely integrated scheduling (workload balancing for DELETE jobs and environment that includes all your legacy STORE jobs) applications and your ERP application, > Automatically detects SAP parent-child whether it is SAP Oracle Applications, , (spawned) jobs and associates “child” PeopleSoft, or a homegrown or Web-based jobs with their parent; monitors child jobs application. as part of the entire BMC CONTROL-M BMC CONTROL-M offers specialized environment application support through its application- > Adds additional capabilities for SAP oriented job definition screens. These screens Business Warehouse scheduling, including: significantly improve the user experience, seamless integration with BW and non-BW minimizing learning curves, training costs, systems, scheduling of BW InfoPackages, and human error by maintaining the same and BW Process Chains look, feel, and terminology used in each job definition process. BMC CONTROL-M’s BMC CONTROL-M for SAP is both a specialized application module provides “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” solution and bi-directional communication with your “Certified for SAP NetWeaver” solution. application for quick and easy job definition and management. Integrate all Your SAP Instances With a Single, Comprehensive Solution The BMC CONTROL-M module for SAP provides a complete and natural integration between BMC CONTROL-M and your entire SAP environment. Using the BMC® CONTROL-M for SAP you can: , > Define and schedule new SAP jobs using the BMC CONTROL-M GUI > Schedule existing SAP jobs > Monitor jobs already running in SAP
  7. 7. BMC CONTROL-M PROVIDES SECURED BMC CONTROL-M/FORECAST FILE TRANSFER MANAGEMENT Predict Scheduling Problems and Prevent CAPABILITIES Business Outages File transfer activities are central to your BMC® CONTROL-M/Forecast provides the business and have become a key building definitive answers to scheduling questions, block in today’s IT infrastructure. These which might include: transfers must be monitored and managed as > “How will my enterprisewide batch flow an integral part of batch business processes look on the 21st of next month?” through the enterprise scheduling solution. > “What is the expected batch workload on BMC CONTROL-M’s module for Advanced File Transfer provides capabilities to: my main file server this Wednesday, in the 14:00 – 17:00 time window?” > Define file transfers through an intuitive > “Which jobs belonging to my HR application GUI using specialized job definition forms, are scheduled to run on my offshore site enabling faster and errorless file transfer next Saturday?” definitions > “Which scheduled jobs are impacted as > Monitor and manage files in transfer, a result of a four-hour shutdown of my including compression, encryption, and backup machine during the upcoming checkpoint/restart capabilities weekend?” BMC CONTROL-M for Advanced File Transfer BMC CONTROL-M/Forecast: supports FTP FTP over SSL/TLS, and SFTP/ , > Simulates the job flow for a given future SSH. date > Provides a visual calendar of the dates when the jobs are to be scheduled > Provides an enterprisewide view and extensive reporting on trend analysis and workload balancing BMC CONTROL-M Advanced File Transfer
  8. 8. AVOID COSTLY OUTAGES BY Batch business services dependencies MONITORING BATCH BUSINESS also can be defined in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), allowing SERVICES companies to ensure that when a change Determine and Predict the Immediate is planned, critical batch jobs are taken into Potential Scheduling Issues and Their account. Impact on the Business BMC® Batch Impact Manager ensures the BUSINESS PROCESS INTEGRATION: successful, on-time completion of critical SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATE, AUTOMATE, BMC Batch Impact Manager batch business processes by proactively AND SCHEDULE ALL YOUR NEW Key Benefits determining the business impact of a failure APPLICATIONS or delay. Users can define and manage batch > Manages critical batch processes flows on a business process level rather than Business processes today span batch jobs from a business perspective just on a job level. as well as real-time processes, but they > Proactively detects potential delays often are managed from two separate Align IT Operations With Key Business and errors perspectives: batch jobs are managed via a Objectives > Prioritizes the resolution of delays job scheduler, and real-time processes via Achieving batch management from a business integration brokers. Integration between the or failures based on their business perspective begins with identifying your most two usually is achieved via file transfers and impact critical business services, their related critical scripts, and is prone to errors. > Ensures the on-time completion of batch processes, and the batch jobs that batch processing and the availability facilitate them. Once critical batch processes Business Process Integration Offers of business services are identified, BMC Batch Impact Manager Single Point of Control dynamically tracks the status of the critical BMC® CONTROL-M Business Process jobs and will predict the delay of a business Integration Suite brings Java applications, process. The solution accomplishes this using Web services, and message-oriented job information and statistics from previous middleware together with traditional batch executions to determine if a service will be jobs. This combination allows for a single completed on time, be early, or be late. If the point of control and business service calculated completion time will not meet the management for the entire enterprise, while “Must Complete By” time definition, a delay minimizing code changes when implementing is identified and a predefined proactive alert application integration. is sent. This innovative approach for batch management assures your recovery actions will be prioritized according to the importance of the business service at risk.
  9. 9. “ Job Scheduling has evolved to a point where it is a critical part of the business process, not just a segment of IT. Process and workload automation are well integrated in most business practices and are essential for the success of every modern organization around the globe.” Gur Steif Vice President, BMC CONTROL-M and BMC CONTROL-D Line of Business BMC Software Focus on Business Services, not IT BMC CONTROL-M Business Process Components Integration Suite is an automation broker that BMC CONTROL-M Business Process enables managing batch jobs and real-time Integration Suite provides a simple way to processes as a single business process. This schedule Web services in the same way suite: traditional batch jobs are being scheduled. > Offers event-based scheduling BMC CONTROL-M Business Process Integration Suite allows you to: > Provides a single view of the business process > Schedule a Web service or a servlet job with the power of BMC CONTROL-M > Offers Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) > Use BMC CONTROL-M functionality available via a Web service interface > Integrate with IBM WebSphere ® , Microsoft BizTalk® , BEA WebLogic ® , JBOSS, and more Enhance Java Application Automation The BMC CONTROL-M Business Process Integration Suite schedules Java classes and EJBs the same way traditional batch jobs are scheduled — via the BMC CONTROL-M GUI — and BMC CONTROL-M’s Java API allows any application to utilize the various BMC CONTROL-M functions.
  10. 10. MIGRATE WITH CONFIDENCE TO BMC BMC IS STRONGLY COMMITTED TO CONTROL-M BMC CONTROL-M BMC CONTROL-M helps you mitigate both BMC has maintained a strong commitment the cost and potential risk of migrating from to the future of BMC CONTROL-M and your current schedulers by: continues to ensure that it is still the most advanced scheduling system available -- even > Providing an architecture that allows 20 years after its launch. BMC CONTROL-M to coexist with other schedulers, freeing you to use the most The BMC CONTROL-M research and convenient migration plan development team not only is larger than > Offering automated conversion tools that any of our competitors’ R&D teams, it also benefits through synergies from other BMC have been proven in varied environments; technologies and from a comprehensive the BMC conversion methodology utilizes worldwide support infrastructure. these tools to achieve a migration that fits each customer’s project objectives Some important BMC CONTROL-M facts: > Leveraging the experience gained from > BMC CONTROL-M has more than 2,000 more than 20 years of migrating from customer installations other scheduling solutions (We have con- > BMC dedicates 165 employees to R&D for verted more than 5 million jobs at 1,500+ companies from other schedulers to BMC scheduling CONTROL-M.) These factors contribute to a strong track > Leveraging BMC Certified Service Providers record of development, enhancement, and — a team of experienced consultants who support that has kept BMC CONTROL-M at the design and implement highly effective leading edge of scheduling technology. When solutions your scheduling needs change in the future, BMC and BMC CONTROL-M will be ready.
  11. 11. BMC CONTROL-M COMPLEMENTS BSM Business Service Management Business Service Management is the most Quality of Quality of effective approach for managing IT from Service Transactions Experience the perspective of the business. However, most vendors that claim to deliver BSM Business User solutions actually only offer simple products and methodologies for online elements such Service Level as databases, servers, and various network Management components. These vendors are missing a Service Impact Service vital component of the BSM equation: the Management Desk need to monitor batch processes. The result is IT that more than half of all critical business data processing is completely ignored. Discovery BMC is the only vendor offering end-to-end Capacity CMDB Software service monitoring and reporting, and BMC Management Configuration Batch Impact Manager is the only solution that manages batch SLAs and provides real- time information on the health of critical Change Asset batch business services. BMC CONTROL-M Management Management and BMC Batch Impact Manager integrate with BMC® Service Impact Manager, the Identity BMC CMDB, and BMC Remedy to provide a Provisioning Management complete and accurate solution, covering all critical components of your business service. Event Management The across-the-board nature of the BMC CONTROL-M solution and its ability to integrate Mobile with other solutions makes it a significant and Storage Batch and Online Applications vital contributor to BSM. Performance and Availability With Business Service Management, you will reduce cost, lower risk of business disruption, Database Desktop and benefit from an IT infrastructure built to support business growth and flexibility. BSM Middleware Mainframe helps your IT organization do more of what and Distributed Network supports the business and less of what doesn’t, Servers and having an end-to-end solution can be the difference between failure and success.
  12. 12. ABOUT BMC SOFTWARE BMC Software helps IT organizations drive greater business value through better management of technology. Our industry-leading Business Service Management solutions ensure that everything IT does is prioritized according to business impact, so IT can proactively address business requirements to lower costs, drive revenue, and mitigate risk. BMC solutions share BMC Atrium™ technologies to enable IT to manage across the complexity of diverse systems and processes — from mainframe to distributed, databases to applications, service to security. Founded in 1980, BMC has offices worldwide and fiscal 2005 revenues of more than $1.46 billion. BMC Software. Activate your business with the power of IT. For more information, visit BMC Software, the BMC Software logos and all other BMC Software product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of BMC Software, Inc. All other registered trademarks or trademarks belong to their respective companies. 62537 ©2006 BMC Software, Inc. All rights reserved.