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Period 6-Briana Lentine-Dreams: Do They Mean Anything?
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Period 6-Briana Lentine-Dreams: Do They Mean Anything?


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  • 1. Dreams: do they mean anything?
    A Presentation by: Briana Lentine
    Northeast High School
    Liberal Arts Program
  • 2. Why Did I Choose This Topic?
    • Personal experiences with dreams.
    • 3. Prior (but not a great amount of) knowledge of dreams.
    • 4. Fables and myths about dreams definitely sparked my interest.
  • What is a dream?
    • Sigmund Freud once said that dreams are senseful psychological structures.
    • 5. School psychology teacher Daniel Lynch claims that dreams are simply thoughts that occur while asleep.
    • 6. Aristotle believed that dreams were the brain’s perception of the reality that occurred while awake.
  • People Are Fascinated By Their Dreams
    • The 2010 hit “Inception” made over $800,000,000.
    • 7. There are 172,000,000 results for the word “dreams” on
    • 8. There are thousands of books about interpreting dreams.
  • Freud Theory
    • All dreams contain sexual meaning.
    • 9. Childhood memories could be a source of what happens in dreams.
    • 10. With support from F.W. Hildebrant’s observations, dreams could either have no connection to reality, or total connection to reality.
  • Other theories/interpretations
    • Richard J. Corelli of Stanford believes that even the most nonsensical objects or characters in dreams have a deeper meaning.
    • 11. F.W. Hildebrant also believed that the most ridiculous object in a dream, even something like a rubber chicken, could have a more intimate meaning, and a connection to reality.
  • Other theories/interpretations cont’d.
    • 19th century philosopher Delboeuf, believed that everything in dreams had connection to reality, and that dreams were subconscious messages from ourselves, to ourselves.
  • Symbolism in dreams
    • William Walsh M.D. stated that it is pure fact that dreams use symbols, and dream life would be near impossible if they didn’t.
    • 12. According to Walsh, the dreamer almost never recognizes the symbolism in their dreams.
    • 13. Walsh also claims that even the silliest of dreams could mean anything but what is actually present in the dream.
  • Popular beliefs about dreams
    • Most people believe that if you are falling in a dream and hit the ground before waking up, you die.
    • 14. Many of those same people believe teeth falling out in a dream means death or bad luck.
    • 15. These beliefs aren’t necessarily false, but have been proven wrong.
  • The meaning of your dreams will always be open to interpretation
    • Dreams have biblical interpretations.
    • 16. Some have cultural interpretations.
    • 17. Some people choose to believe dreams don’t mean anything at all.
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