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Project Project Presentation Transcript

  • CIS110 – Introduction to Computers Kettyl Amoakon*Note: This PowerPoint contains audio.
  • Kettyl’s E-Portfolio
  • About MeMy name is Kettyl Anissa Amoakon. My experience with the CIS110 classI am currently a student at ECHS Early I feel that I have learned a lot about thecollege High School, and hoping to different types of Microsoft® programs.attend an Ivy League school when I I have expanded my knowledge ofgraduate. I am also planning to pursue a computer hardware and software incareer in Actuarial Science. I have one general, and Microsoft® Excel insister and we are part of the African particular.Pearls, a multicultural dance anddrumming company. I have one pet; aMaltese named Bijou.InterestsStudying (its for my own good), singing,music, searching the web, family, friends,school, art (including computer art),painting, designing, drumming, playingguitar, Skype, texting, and much more!
  • WORDMicrosoft Word is a word processing program used for creating, viewing,editing, saving, and printing electronic documents.In particular, I learned a lot about the different types of text styles, whichhave helped me better organize my documents.Prior to taking the CIS110 class, I was some what familiar with Word. Ihave been using this program for several years at school and at home.One of our first projects with word was our Resume, which we createdusing different text styles and formats.Click here for project
  • Creating a resumeThis is an example of a resume created using Word.To view full document click the hyperlink below..CIS PROJECT DOCUMENTSWordExample.docx
  • EXCELExcel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing,organizing and manipulating data.In particular, I have learned a lot about different formulas and conditionalformatting. Before taking the class, I had a very hard time using Excel.One of our first projects in Excel was creating a budget plan using differentformulas that corresponded with the data in each category. We did anassortment of calculations including the calculation of net sales, grossmargin, and various expenses.Click here to see assignment
  • Creating a budget planThis is the budget plan project that focuses on Excel formulasTo view full document click the hyperlink below..CIS PROJECT DOCUMENTSExcelExample.xlsx
  • ACCESS Access is a database program used to enter, maintain, and retrieve related data in a format known as a database. Personally, I found Access quite challenging in the beginning. It was very complex and required a lot of concentration. It was very similar to Excel, except there was little room for errors. Although Access could be frustrating at times, the final product looks great. Our first project in Access was to create a database based on teachers. Each teacher had a number ID to identify themselves. Number ID’s are important because they help avoid confusion between repeated information. For example, someone could have the same first and last name as another person, but a number ID could specify who is who.Click here to see assignment
  • Creating a databaseThis is a teacher identification databaseTo view full document click the hyperlink below..CIS PROJECT DOCUMENTSAccessExample.accdb
  • POWERPOINT (PowerPoint was used to make this presentation )PowerPoint is a presentation program. It is usedto create collections of slides that can containtext, pictures, charts, movies, sounds, and othermultimedia.I learned a lot about the unique features inPowerPoint, and how they can make yourpresentations more exciting. Transitions andanimations add a twist to presentations and areeasy to insert. One of my favorite animations isthe bounce animation, which is used in the gifimage on this slide.One of my favorite features in PowerPoint is theSmartArt converter. With SmartArt, you canquickly convert slide text into charts, graphs, andorganizers.In our PowerPoint project, we practiced usingslidemaster view, themes, images, and SmartArt.Click here to see assignment
  • Creating visual arts in PowerPointThis is a PowerPoint presentation that includes an assortment of graphics.To view full document click the hyperlink below..CIS PROJECT DOCUMENTSPowerPointExample.pptx
  • WINDOWS 7Windows 7 is an operating system owned by Microsoft®.It is used by many personal computers.We learned about the functions and parts of Windows7. The desktop is the most important part of Windows 7because it is used as a workspace for projects and tools.You can personalize your desktop to match your needs.Along with the functions of Windows 7, we learnedabout the parts that we take for granted such as thepointer. The pointer is really important because itallows the user to move from one item to another byclicking.Personally, I prefer Windows 7 over any other operatingsystem, because of its overall performance. I feel that itis faster, and up to date.One of our first assignments was to take a screen shot ofour desktop and place it into a folder labeled lastname-firstletter-of-firstname_win7Click here for assignment
  • my file management assignment.Assignment Folder Screen Shot
  • CMPTR TEXTBOOKCMPTR is the textbook that I use in the CIS110class. It includes different chapters on parts ofthe computer (including hardware andsoftware), an in depth description ofMicrosoft® Office 2010 programs, computerposture, ethics, and much more.This book has helped me tremendouslythroughout this course. I like the fact that youcan access all chapters of the book online. Onthe website, you can access flashcards,interactive quizzes, games, videos, andinfographics.(http://www.cengage.com)
  • COMPUTER INJURIESOne chapter that I found intriguing in thetextbook, is how one’s posture while sittingat a computer can affect him/her physically.Statistics show that repetitive stress injuries(injuries that affect the hand, wrist,shoulder, or neck) and other injuries relatedto the work environment are one-third of allworkplace injuries. There are several othertypes of computer-related injuries.DeQuervain’s tendonitis- A condition inwhich the tendons on the thumb side of thewrist are both swollen and irritated.Carpal tunnel syndrome- A painful andcrippling condition affecting the hands andwrists that can be caused by computer use.
  • THE ENDI really enjoyed this class. Thank you.