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Customer experience as an app; every customer contact should be viewed as an app with a purpose, function, result; apps are free so making business case is a challenge but apps are essential; don't get bogged down in over engineering an app - start quickly with any app and evolve functionality

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  • Will you be Customer Worthy in 2012 – 13?Section two discusses Apps – as in applications. The definition of applications is expanded to describe “a contact that does something” – or a contact that is not just observed or heard but a contact that has a trigger, executes, has a function… think of every contact having a “buy” button or a “search button” …every contact.Apps are big in 2012 13 … caution… they are also freeAnd free is the new blackNACCM presentation continued – from Disney Contemporary Resort Presentation in November.
  • Apps – Free or Fee Nation – $.99 for your thoughtsYes –Apps – are one of the other BIG things for 2012 – and I am not talking about Istore apps http://www.apple.com/iphone/from-the-app-store/Exactly – nor Google Apps (which are also really cool and mostly free)I am talking about looking at each contact with your customer as an “APP” – think of each contact “app” as doing something, accomplishing something. Think of each phone call as an app, each box sent to a customer as an app, each customer greeting in a store or introduction to a b2b customer in a meeting or at a conference trade show and webinar as an APP.Design everyone of these interactions, these contacts to accomplish a very specific purpose. So your product is not just the hard product or service, but all of the contact apps surrounding it – the box, the bill the shipping confirmation…Next slide
  • Here is an example of an interaction, a shipping confirmation that in fact is an app – but this could just as easily be an email, a phone call, a visit delivering the same information – but examine all the pieces of this app and think about the design intent – are all your customer contacts designed this thoroughly this thoughtfully?Now this UPS app makes delivery interesting, it creates a customer engagement opportunity that adds value to the entire experience. Note that the app is free (OK someone had to pay to build it – but it is free to customers) and look at all the information exchanged – and the party exchanging this information is not the customer or the product seller or manufacturer – The app is from UPS, a formerly semi-silent partner in the customer process – (note to companies with competitors – you don’t want your competitor to create an app in your space before you – i.e. UPS app is a great selling point for b2b sales at UPS and improves each customers experience – UPS Android App released April 201 – Fedex App released Nov 2012)
  • Now I caution companies not to go overboard with Apps – Chief technology officers and strategy folks love to tout apps as the next next thing (so yesterday) – but app development can be a dangerous black hole – Apps need to be simple – functional and add value to the customer experience – with millions and millions of apps in the market – the real test for customer worthiness is “would a customer pay for this” or prior to development “what would compel a customer (or business partner) to pay for this app?”Everyone like the App idea? Do you get it?Now here’s the gotcha – I have seen many executive management meetings come to a screeching halt at the next part of the app discussion – unfortunately, in some cases the companies have already spent a lot of time and money, planning and development time and dollars – and the gotcha is FREE!Customers assume anything with the “app” moniker is FREE. Let me say that again APP = FREEOK expensive apps are infinitely more expensive than FREE they tend to be 99 cents or at most 1-2.99 – which for most of us, with real cost and expense 99 cents equals free – So, for planning purposes, assume any APP you build must be given away for free – If it turns out you can charge, then you have created something truly remarkable and you may collect 99 cents to 2.99 per customer.[business partners and resellers may be the best source of revenue for developed apps. But mostly apps will be justified as a must have for companies that want a presence on an Iphone, smart phone, tablet and other devices: customer screens.]
  • Yes, consumer APPs are big business – but again, in most cases, a big expense with only a very small chance of ever contributing any revenue – so why should a business create an APP ? As I said before, to reserve some screen space, some screen real estate in your customer’s screen of choice – Without an App how else does your company exist on your customers device du jour? How else does your company exist or coexist in your customers digital and virtual worlds?Your product or service as an APP is a necessity.
  • But while your app is a necessity – don’t get stuck here – in development limbo, structuring and over thinking your company’s first APP – get your first app – your alpha app out quickly and inexpensively – learn and continue to enhance your APP (s) presence, functionality, usefulness and customer worthiness.Your app helps keep you relevant in your customer’s context, in your customer’s experience – even if your app is as simple as recording and confirming a customer’s transaction – what they bought, how much they paid, when they bought and a set of useful best practices, guides, hyperlinks to useful stuff (your or other’s stuff)
  • Oh – Interruptions – I’m sorry – I forgot this – Interruptions are a big deal in 2012 – Companies must strive to interrupt customer’s routines in order to get attention - but of course, the interruptions must be customer worthy – they must be worthy of distracting the customer from what they are doing and the customer must recognize some benefit – the benfit may be a simple reminder, a how to tip or did you know tip. Interruptions in the customer context will become more common place as customers expose their information to the internet including their current location, their search history or another way to think of it is ‘when customers log in to their network – when they identify themselves through some connection point – their smart phone, tablet, PC television, Ipod touch, GPS driver assistance service whatever – however they connect to the network – this is an opportunity to interrupt them – to capture their attention – Of course you can use conventional means - a billboard on the their way to work, a letter with an offer in their mailbox – you see, these are all the same thing – a letter a pop up on a screen – a tweet – they are all messages vying to get your customer’s attention – their success is based on their customer worthiness. An customer worthiness depends on the customer’s context – the message, offer, instruction, news’ fitness to the customer’s situation…. This is covered in great depth in the book Customer Worthy – and the book uses the CxC Matrix to depict and measure each potential customer contact in a customer’s experience.As you will see shortly – disruptions – planned disruptions are also interruptions
  • Will You Be Customer Worthy 2012 Hoffman naccm detailed speaker notes part 2

    1. 1. Will Your Company Be Customer Worthy in 2012? 2013?Continued part 2 of 6….APPS, Free & Innovation –Hint “Free is the new black
    2. 2. appnoun Computers, Informal .an application, typically a small, specialized programdownloaded onto mobile devices: the best GPS apps for youriPhone.Definition of: app(APPlication) The term has been used as shorthand for"application" in the IT community for decades. However, itbecame newly popular for mobile applications insmartphones and tablets, especially due to the advent ofApples iTunes App Store in 2008. It is just as correct to say"iPhone application" as it is "desktop computer app;"although app is shorter, and computer people love toabbreviate. See application, APP file and App Store.
    3. 3. We all compete with FREE
    4. 4. Don’t get stuck here…where do your customers want apps?
    5. 5. We Interrupt this presentation for context – context big nd essential
    6. 6. Continue to NACCM Part 3Continue to Part Part 3: Disruption andInterruptionsPart 4: Geeky customer Experience stuff, OccupyEverywhere, Passion, customerpayback.comPart 5: Internet of Things, Privacy & Piracy, CxC& Customer Experience Frameworks RolePart 6: Customer Frameworks + Algorithms +Customer Geniuses; Summary & AdditionalPredictions
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