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Ideas I may use in trailer - A2 Media Studies
Ideas I may use in trailer - A2 Media Studies
Ideas I may use in trailer - A2 Media Studies
Ideas I may use in trailer - A2 Media Studies
Ideas I may use in trailer - A2 Media Studies
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Ideas I may use in trailer - A2 Media Studies


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  • 1. I pledged to the team that we should use anideology from SHANK when Bashy punches thescreen and the next shot shows the end of thetrailer. The team has decided to use thiscreativity in our trailer.The speed of the editing will be fast as the non-diegetic music will be near the end of thesuspense making it the perfect ending to thetrailer. This shot lasted for 1-1.50 seconds. Thestressed, angry imposed facial expression withthe fist connecting to the camera leaves theaudience with an enigma –
  • 2. For the opening sequence, I want to use thelast shots from the film SHANK. Instead of thefilm cutting to the intertitles & credits, it willshow the distributors and producers of the filmRANSOM.A fade into the close up of the gang leadersface saying “Where’s my money?” then an overthe shoulder shot will be applied with thevictim saying “I ain’t got no money fam!” thenthe next shot will show the gang leader in amedium close up striking the camera with aferocious blow with the next shots viewing theproducers and distributors of the film
  • 3. The main soundtracks we wanted to input inthis trailer was from the Inception trailerFrom around half-way through the soundtrackto the end, it begins suspense and slowly endswith a sound effect, then it does a “bang”uncomfortable sound. These ideologies withinthe soundtrack is set to scare and shock peoplewith its hazardous slow tempo up beatingsound. This fits perfectly within our trailer asthe middle consists of suspense rising andcutting off at the end.
  • 4. The team has decided to add a split-screen effect just similar to Kill Bill and the TVseries 24. We suggested it adds to the suspense of the trailer with straight quick shotsof each split-screen.
  • 5. The team decided we should use two soundtracks from the movie Inception as thesuspense in the soundtracks change regularly which is what is needed for our trailer.The BASS is what makes the soundtrack frightening. Every two seconds there is certainkick in the music increasing to one second per kick raising the suspense. This willincrease the effect of the audience wanting more from the trailer.