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i've been working on a version of this visionboard since 2007. Here's the current iteration.

I publicly commit to this, because I feel like it clarifies what to expect with me and how I approach new opportunities.

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Current visionboard

  1. 1. • Build communityMission • Foster connectedness • Use my skills to create a better world Empower, educate, and connect - work towards peace and Vision prosperity on our shared planet. Be the best I can be. • HonestyValues • Integrity • Compassion • Growth
  2. 2. Life iscompassionShow kindnessand respect to all. in memoriam 2007
  3. 3. updated dec 28 2012Personal Goals•Be truthful - Live my Truth•Activate/Achieve full potential•Dream Big•Stand for Education, Women, Families, Arts, and Self- Determination•Connect similarly-minded people•Build bridges between individuals and organizations
  4. 4. Princess Califia 2012Maintain a Positive Outlook Be cheerful.
  5. 5. ThanksgivingAtascadero 2012
  6. 6. Huntington Lake 2011
  7. 7. Christmas 2012 Wawona
  9. 9. Health and Wellness Optimal health + Exercise daily + Sleep well at night + Good nutrition = Appreciate my body
  10. 10. All is stardustHealing Energy We exist to share Move towards well-being
  11. 11. Owl Animal Kingdom = Family
  12. 12. Live with dignity, courage, andBe Strong respect for self and others.
  13. 13. Power Through Inner Peace contemplate ~~ activate
  14. 14. On one everlasting Whisper day and night repeated - so:"Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges -Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go!"
  15. 15. Connect to light and the planet
  16. 16. Fulfillyourpurpose~ do what you love ~
  17. 17. Papohaku 2005 Halawa 2005 Lookout 2005 ~ Live Aloha ~
  18. 18. Aina Momona plantAina Momonatend grow plant share tend walk in fields of gold grow share walk in fields of gold Garden at home, 2008
  19. 19. We are all meant to shine, aschildren do. We were born tomake manifest the glory ofGod that is within us. Its notjust in some of us; its ineveryone. And as we let ourown light shine, weunconsciously give otherpeople permission to do thesame. As we are liberated fromour own fear, our presenceautomatically liberates others. Marianne Williamson
  20. 20. connected always the web of life
  21. 21. patterns within patterns
  22. 22. belonging - our home
  23. 23. hear the message ~ learn ~ strive for understanding
  24. 24. Yazd 2000Make Time to Unwind Reflection, introspection, meditation
  25. 25. drawing by Maia 2012 Cherish Children
  26. 26. Gus Lodise 2007 Our planet is healthy,World Peace whole, and supportive of all species.
  27. 27. Behold the Wonder
  28. 28. I asked for strengthand God gave me difficulties to make me strong. I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve. I asked for prosperity and God gave me brawn and brains to work. I asked for courage and God gave me dangers to overcome.I asked for patience and God placed me in situations where I was forced to wait. I asked for love and God gave me troubled people to help. I asked for favors and God gave me opportunities.
  29. 29. Oakland garden 2006‣ Interact. Impact. Support. Elevate.‣ Vision. Contemplation. Action.‣ Remain Positive. Leave the World a Better Place.hhhfhhh
  30. 30. dMake Room“Theres always roomfor beauty - in theworld of magic” Yazd 2000
  31. 31. Strive to Imagine the City on the Hill
  32. 32. Make it SpecialCreate happy, healthymemories for familyand loved ones Ualapue Christmas 2011
  33. 33. Kamakou 2006Seek and Understand find truth in nature
  34. 34. To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower,Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour. - William Blake
  35. 35. Kamakou 2004 Halawa 2005Halawa 2005 k Intuition Follow the still, small voiceAbide in happiness, joy, and love Cortona 2001
  36. 36. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. - William Shakespeare
  37. 37. Appreciation there is always more to learn Appreciationthere is always more to learn
  38. 38. Odysseus, by Gus 2008Adventure Strive to live each day with purpose and passion.
  39. 39. Barra de Navidad 2005 the spoken word, the sped arrow,Four Things Come Not Back the past life, and the neglected opportunity.
  40. 40. peace
  41. 41. Respect principles/elements/truths
  42. 42. beach. sky. mountain. forest. jungle. river. peace. tranquility. joy.Three palm trees, Paniolo Hale 2006
  43. 43. Huntington Lake 2011 Abundant. Calm. Refreshing.
  44. 44. Expand globalconsciousness.
  45. 45. My talents match the world’s needs.We are where we are meant to be. I choose to be content in any situation.
  46. 46. Live a good life.If there are gods and they arejust, then they will not care howdevout you have been, but willwelcome you based on thevirtues you have lived by.If there are gods, but unjust,then you should not want toworship them.If there are no gods, then youwill be gone, but will have lived anoble life that will live on in thememories of your loved ones.Marcus Aurelius
  47. 47. Dharamsala 1999The Wheel of Motion
  48. 48. Illiilliopa’e heiau 2003Life = Cycle Joy, pain, life, death, rebirth... e
  49. 49. pyramid outside Kaunakakai, 2003 respect the planetf Respect respect the land, sea, stars respect yourself
  50. 50. Appreciate the Planet This is our home. i
  51. 51. Tagaytay 2009Listen. Hear. Act. Respond. Create.
  52. 52. Beauty• Strive for beauty.• Accept and understand.• Be joyful.• Appreciate.• Trust. Papohaku beach, West End, 2006
  53. 53. Gratitude every day is a gift. that is why it is called “the present”West Oakland 2006
  54. 54. Seek Unity in Diversity
  55. 55. Love bears all things, BELIEVES all things, Corinthians HOPES all things,ENDURES all things.
  56. 56. John Keats - Addressed to Haydon Great spirits now on earth are sojourning; He of the cloud, the cataract, the lake, Who on Helvellyn’s summit, wide awake, Catches his freshness from Archangel’s wing: He of the rose, the violet, the spring, The social smile, the chain for Freedom’s sake: And lo!- whose stedfastness would never take A meaner sound than Raphael’s whispering. And other spirits there are standing apart Upon the forehead of the age to come; These, these will give the world another heart, And other pulses. Hear ye not the hum Of mighty workings? Listen awhile ye nations, and be dumb! Yosemite 2001
  57. 57. SB 2012 Faith, hope, and love - and the greatest of these is love. TogethernessWavecrest 2012 Tagaytay 2009
  58. 58. PatienceRome was notbuilt in one day.
  59. 59. Edamame, Molokai 2010Horn of Plenty year-round fruits and vegetables
  60. 60. Tagaytay 2009Relax Enjoy life.
  61. 61. Creativity Honor and energize creation in all forms. Kawela Plantation 2006
  62. 62. Live your Plan A
  63. 63. Trust The Universe guides us to fulfill our work.
  64. 64. Marriage SB 2001 Christmas 2011 Anniversary 2010✓ Receive love. Give love.✓ Commit to staying married.✓ Make plans and dream together.
  65. 65. Eternity. What we do in life touches eternity. Waterfalls, Maui 2008
  66. 66. The Light of Knowledge Shine your light. “Do not hideyour light under a bushel basket.” Yazd 2000
  67. 67. Molokai 2011FearNotEverything isunfoldingaccording toplan. Molokai 2011
  68. 68. Calmness Do not let your hearts be troubled.Murals - Barrio Logan, 1999
  69. 69. healthy respect for MysteryNazca Lines 1999
  70. 70. art by Donald DevineExplore the Galaxy Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein
  71. 71. Molokai 2012The River of Life Continues Onward. Flow.
  72. 72. always practice Hope
  73. 73. Alexandria 1999Legacy Use your unique gifts and talents to help the world.
  74. 74. • Encourage, Celebrate, and Support others • Create Tangible Action items • Follow Through 2010 2008• Be the Positive • Envision a Difference Great Dream of What Can Be• Turn Dreams into Realities • Create the Future Now 2009
  75. 75. Think Long- term The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second- best time is now.Oakland 2007
  76. 76. FoodAbundant food.Ever-present water.Sharing with loved ones,family, community,& those in need.
  77. 77. Garden GreensAsparagus, avocado, tomato, lettuces, carrots, peppers, green onions, green beans,eggplant, okra, sweet potato, potato, radish, garlic, ginger, kale, basil, parsley,soybeans, pomegranate, citrus, pole beans, squash, zucchini, & more...
  78. 78. Living AbundancePlant dark green-leafed plants. Enjoy bright, cheery flowers.Deep, nutritious compost. Mulch. Raised beds. Hundreds of varieties.There is plenty to share. Plant for future generations. Eat well.
  79. 79. Positive Impact
  80. 80. Hawaii 08• Plant trees.• Adopt rainforest, jungle, wilderness, & ocean preserves.• Encourage wild spaces. Protect the Planet
  81. 81. Make amends.Develop a Clear Conscience Set things right. Hold no grudges. Be patient with others.
  82. 82. Molokai 2007 Never feel lonely. Help and Support Always feel supported. Seek out others with whom to share.
  83. 83. Work inCollaboration• ideas• organizing• brainstorming• websites• books• panels• presentations Cortona 2001
  84. 84. The Cup-Bearer• Learn from individual knowledge.• Use knowledge in communities for the common good.• Practice generosity of spirit.• Cultivate innovation.• Meet the needs.
  85. 85. Dream Big• “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.• “Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”• Harriet Tubman Yosemite Christmas 2012
  86. 86. Mentoring• Be an active mentor to young people.• Witness and encourage demonstrable gains in family, finances, relationships, health, wellness, and community.• Make a positive difference in a young person’s life. Odysseus 2008
  87. 87. Provide a hospitable, stable, secure, loving, healthy environment . Teach peace, tolerance, respect, integrity, and fun.Happy Family, Happy Home Live aloha.
  88. 88. Your children arenot your children.They are the sonsand daughters ofLifes longing foritself.They come throughyou but not fromyou,And though theyare with you yet theybelong not to you. Kahlil Gibran
  89. 89. • Travel • Reading • Playing games • Going for walksat home, 2005 • Bicycle rides • Baking • Doing craftsat home, 2009 • Writing lettersFamily Activities • Volunteering
  90. 90. Mexico Trek 1999 Peace to You Relationships arepositive, mutually supportive, healthy, creative, abundant
  91. 91. It is easier to be a "humanitarian" than to render your own country its proper due; it is easier to be a "patriot" than to make your community a better place to live in; it is easier to be a "civic leader" than to treat your own family with loving understanding; for the smaller the focus of attention, the harder the task. - Sydney J. HarrisPearl Harbor, Honolulu 2007
  92. 92. Flower project 2001
  93. 93. Kaunakakai Wharf 2010
  94. 94. Kilohana Elementary, 2010 Build strong communitiesServe mesa verde ptsa 2012-2013 school community council, Kilohana 2011-2012 board member, KSCO 2009-2011 apa for progress, governing board 2004-2005
  95. 95. Invest in angel/venture capital forSupport Women women-owned businesses.
  96. 96. Many wonderful people come into my life.They stay as mentors, sources of support and connection,and friends over the years.
  97. 97. San Diego 2005SistersBe close to siblings and their partners.Spend time with them.Connect with them regularly. San Diego 2012
  98. 98. Baltimore 2011Cousins Appreciate the extended clan.
  99. 99. Longevity Live a good life. Be happy, proud, and grateful to know you do your best.
  100. 100. Meg Fox Sarah Mendonca McCoy F!ends Feleciai Favroth•I am blessed wi" f#ends wi" whom I $are my lif% Bessie William Smith Teresa Ellis Rob Seidenspinner Kevin Maes
  101. 101. The Odyssey World Trekkers 1999-2001Kavitha Rao, Jeff Golden, Abeja Hummel, Jasmine Chatman-Hamlett, Monica Flores, &Genesis Lodise. Not pictured: Jamila Banks, Winter Sullivan, Kevin Maes, Andrew Cote
  102. 102. TravelI travel with family and friends tovisit others around the world. Cortona 2001
  103. 103. St Peter’s 2001 I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life.Lightness of Being
  104. 104. Prosper the works of our hands Honor relationships with dear ones
  105. 105. Money comes easily & quickly, andMoney it stays with me to achieve positive outcomes for all = overall benefit and value.
  106. 106. Appreciate serene surroundings and organic gardens, flowers, and trees.Around Us garden Ualapue 2008 Everything seen nourishes self, family, and visitors. The visual environment brings joy and positive feelings. Lush and beautiful. Calming, tranquil, and refreshing.
  107. 107. garden Moloka’i 2008Beautiful FavoriteS My life is a garden FILLED WITH pleasure
  108. 108. Jaia Waits, Island Rising Support new andArt emerging artists.
  109. 109. Kilohana Kai 2011Honolulu Marathon 2007 Hawaii 2009
  110. 110. Appreciation! Craftsmanship! Quality! Heritage! Uniqueness! Beauty Esfahan 2000
  111. 111. peace of mind healthy living situationWishlist great relationships prosperity and abundance
  112. 112. Machu Picchu 1999 Find the peace thatOpen your Mind passeth understanding.
  113. 113. TedX Honolulu 2011 Grow and learn, improve and expand,Challenge share ideas and collaborate with others.
  114. 114. Halawa hike 2005 Paris 2001 Cortona 2001 hotel molokai 2003Take adequate time to nourish body andsenses. Leisure includes long nature walks,visits to botanical gardens, tours of temples,pyramids, and ruins, reading books, yoga,stretching, & meditating.Taking care includeshot baths, regular massage, beautifulbeeswax candles, delicious home-cookedmeals, many visits with friends and family, andtravel to beautiful, inspiring destinations. Cremona 2001
  115. 115. Meaning and Joy • 1) Be happy with work. Igniting San Diego • 2) Activities provide meaning, joy, security, and happiness on a daily basis. • 3) Make a positive difference in the world. • 4) Work with others towards continued success. • 5) Home, neighborhood, and community become better places because of day-to-day choices and actions.
  116. 116. Eternal, Powerful, Perceptive - 2006-2007 Positive, Proactive, Engaging - 2007-2008Annual Themes Clarity, Creation, Community - 2008-2009 Purpose, Intention, Connection - 2009-2010 Life is a Gift - 2010-2011 Be the Change - 2011-2012 Build our Shared Future - 2012-2013 Enjoy Life- 2013-2014 Potential Themes: - 2015 • Build Community - 2016 • Communicate - 2017 • Express Gratitude & Appreciation - 2018 • Learn, Teach, Grow - 2019 • Plant Trees - 2020 • Focus on the Future - 2021 • Invest in Women - 2022 • Be Good Friends - 2023 • Inspiration - 2024 • Mentoring - 2025 • Develop Networks - 2026 - 2027 • Create - 2028 • Clarify - 2029 • Invest in Values - 2030 • Practice Mindfulness - 2031 • Share with the World - 2032 • Appreciate Family - 2033 • Appreciate Love - 2034 • Adventure with My Husband - 2035 • Contribute to Community - 2036 • Be Close to Nature - 2037 • Travel - 2038 • Learn and Do Art - 2039 • Different Cultures - 2040 • Continuous Learning - 2041 • The Next Generation - 2042 • Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Math - 2043 • Intercultural Awareness - 2044 - 2045 • Respect - 2046 • Healthy Living - 2047 • Be Grateful - 2048 • Patience and Fortitude - 2049 Sunflower Molokai 2010 • Develop a Long-term Perspective - 2050 ... to be continued
  117. 117. A) Health & Wellness •Projects pay for all my familys needs H) Possessions Keep fit and fantastic - food, shelter, clothing, health, New Macbook Kayak / Bike / Run / Swim savings, supplies, education, Pandora Bracelet Gym 4 days/week personal development, trips, extras I) FinancesB) Education & Learning •Have ample time to do everything I Debt-freeLearn survival/DIY skills feel I must accomplish Money in the bankHam Radio Start angel fund for womenPlay didgeridoo E) Extended Travel 10% to charitable causesHave full conversations in French Stay in ParisReceive CPR Training recertification Visit Great Pyramids with the kids J) Nutrition Eat organic produce & whole foodsC) Relationships Portland Pay attention to what my body needs•Stay happily married !- AustraliaLove my husband, appreciate him in New Zealand South Island K) Community Buildingmy life, explore adventure, keep Yakushima forest in Japan Fulfill my duties on boardsphysically connected Alaska or Antarctica Support women through own fund Virgin Galactic•Hug my children daily - L) Exterior EnvironmentShare with my children/all children F) Personal Development Plan, build, decorate, landscape our Read at least two books each week! dream house•Visit grandparents frequently Take dance classesPlan out the trips and follow through Maintain circle of good friends M) Creativity•Tell friends & family how much I care Play 5 piecesabout them G) Spirituality Memorize 5 poems •Practice gratitude daily - !Appreciate Learn another Chopin piece•Connect with women of vision & everything in life through constantlyaction giving thanks N) Philanthropy/Legacy Support STEAM organization forD) Work and Career •Clarity, consciousness, hone intuition science, technology, engineering, art, math appreciation•Partnership projects are profitable •Create time for meditation every day 50things by 50 Tree planting - specific plan
  118. 118. “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in ones favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”Athens 1999 - W. H. Murray, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition