Subject(reg280) android1


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Subject(reg280) android1

  2. 2. ABSTRACT:The unveiling of the Android platform on Handset Alliance, a group of more than 30was announced with the founding of the mobile and technology companies workingOpen Handset Alliance, a consortium of to open up the mobile handset48 hardware, software, and telecom environment. Androids development kitcompanies devoted to advancing open supports many of the standard packagesstandards for mobile devices. Google has used by Jetty, and so, due to that fact andmade most of the Android platform Jettys modularity and lightweightavailable under the Apache free-software footprint, it was possible to port Jetty to itand open source license. so that it will be able to run on the Android Android is a freely platform.downloadable open source software stack This paper on Androidfor mobile devices that includes an deals with the history of the Android,operating system, middleware and key architecture and features of it and mainapplications based on Linux and Java. applications that were developed in mobile Google developed Android platform.collaboratively as part of the OpenIntroduction:Android is a software platform and this development path isnt officiallyoperating system for mobile devices, based supported by Google.on the Linux kernel, and developed by Android is available as open source.Google and later the Open Handset Google threw open the entire source codeAlliance. It allows developers to write (including network and telephony stacks)managed code in the Java language, that were not available previously, undercontrolling the device via Google- an Apache license. Certain parts that relatedeveloped Java libraries. Applications to a specific hardware cant be made openwritten in C and other languages can be and are not considered part of the Androidcompiled to ARM native code and run, but platform. With Apache License, vendors are free to add proprietary extensions
  3. 3. without submitting those back to the open to remain open-sourced, the branchessource community. While Googles could explode using varieties of licenses.contributions to this platform are expectedFeatures of Android: Handset layouts Android can Java Virtual Machine Software adapt to traditional smart phone you write in Java can be compiled layouts, as well other VGA, 2D, in Dalvik Byte codes (say that five and 3D graphics libraries. times fast. I keep ending up with "Danish light bulb".) These can Storage Android uses SQLite to then be put into a Dalvik Virtual store all its junk-- I mean, Machine. Basically more robust information. applications are supported than on some other Mobile Operating Connectivity Android supports a Systems. wide variety of technologies, including Bluetooth, WiFi, Media Support Android supports GSM/EDGE, and EV-DO. a wide range of audio, video, media, and still formats. MPEG-4, Messaging MMS and SMS are OGG, and AAC are just a few of available for Android, as well as these. Unfortunately the Media threaded text messaging. So you Player as its known right now is can send as many texties as you pretty basic, although more robust like. offerings on are the horizon from Web Browser Android comes pre- 3rd Party developers. loaded with the Web Kit Additional Hardware Support application. Remember, if you Got a touch screen you want to put dont like it, you can always switch to its full use? No problem. it out for something else later on Android is capable of utilizing thanks to the open source nature of outside hardware like GPS, the Google Android backend. accelerometers, and all that other fun stuff. Android Architecture:-
  4. 4. Applications:Cab4me:Utilizing Android’s Google Maps location of the nearest cab company, theapplication, cab4me lets users call a cab to application can initiate a call to the cabtheir location with a single click. By using company with a mere click on the map.GPS capabilities to locate not only the The application was developed by Konraduser’s current location, but also the Huebner and Henning Boerger.Advanced Task Killer Free:Advanced Task Killer Free is just what the the background, stealing bandwidth orname states, its a task manager for battery time. It has the following featuresAndroid. It gives you the power to easily besides the application settings menu:kill applications with one click, that run in Click to select or unselect the app Long press to activate pop-up menu
  5. 5. Menu>Settings>Notification bar icon, AutoStart, IgnoreASTRO File Manager:ASTRO File Manager is a very powerful comes to managing files on your sd card.file manager for Android. It really is a It’s packed with features, and here’s somemust on your Android device when it of them: Download any file with browser Send files as attachments Browse / create / extract zip files Thumbnails Back up and restore public Multi select applications to the SD card Search Create shortcuts Image, Text, HTML ViewersCommandro:Commandro shows where are your friends at the moment. We use GPS locationREALLY are and what are they’re doing information in order to make sure that you
  6. 6. and your friends have actually reached the location information with regards to yourplanned destinations, and, hence, will and your friends.display 100% true real-life event andASTRO File Manager:ASTRO File Manager is a very powerful comes to managing files on your sd card.file manager for Android. It really is a It’s packed with features, and here’s somemust on your Android device when it of them: Download any file with browser Send files as attachments Browse / create / extract zip files Thumbnails Back up and restore public Multi select applications to the SD card Search Create shortcuts Image, Text, HTML Viewers
  7. 7. Cooking Capsules:Cooking Capsules is the first smart phone short cooking show, “shop” with theutility of it’s kind. Cooking Capsules are grocery list, and “make” using the handyfor anyone who wants to simplify the step-by-step recipe directions.process of cooking. Simply “watch” a veryLive Chat:Chat, flirt and discuss with other users in your own chat groups and create a profilethis Live Chat application. You can create with photo.aTrackDog (SD):aTrackDog keeps track on what a pain, and here’s a easy solution. If youapplications you have installed and/or go to their website you can also see abacked-up on your SD-card and notifies overview over the 100 most popularyou in case a newer version is available. programs installed by its users, which is aManually checking the applications you really cool feature. The program also hashave installed for a new version would be some exciting features such as: Track new version for backed-up Export app list for sharing apps Browse top 100 popular apps Install, delete backed-up apps (already mentioned)
  8. 8. ShopSavvy:ShopSavvy is all about the deals. Enter a the product, searches the Web and localproduct name or barcode (using the keypad chain stores for the best prices, andor the camera), and ShopSavvy identifies collects reviews of the item.eBuddy IM:
  9. 9. Many want to stay connected on MSN or and easy to keep track of. Personally i likeFacebook chat while they are on the move, this IM much more than Meebo because Iwell now they can. With this eBuddy haven’t had any problems with it (yet).Android client one can stay online on And with Meebo i had connectivityMSN, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, problems all the time. Anyway, itsGTalk & MySpace accounts while on the features:move. The chat function is very organized Fast and reliable messenger All IM friends in one buddy list Chat with multiple MSN, Run in background Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Messages sent as data, not GTalk & MySpace accounts SMS/TextOne Nightstand Pro:One Nightstand is your new favorite timer that shuts off noises from your phonebedside clock, but it’s so much more than (all configurable) for a certain amount ofthat. One Nightstand features the usual time. In the free version, you can set the 1time and date functions, but also includes hour “Nap” timer, and in the full versioncurrent weather, upcoming calendar you can set from 1 to 12 hours of peaceevents, alarm, and the great “Let Me and quiet.Sleep” function that lets you set a sleepNetCounter:
  10. 10. NewsRob is a RSS/Atom reader that syncs sites, this is the perfect thing. Like Iwith Google Reader. If you’re like me and mentioned it syncs with Google Readermake use of public transportation to get to and we all know how we love Googleschool or work and would like to keep services. Some cool features are:updated with news from your favourite Two-way background sync Share article in Reader Download full & partial feeds Star articles including the web pages and Locale Integration images Hide and Auto-delete read articles Offline capable (You can download Supports your Google Reader your feeds via WiFi then read them categories and labels when not connected to the web Save fetched feeds and web pages Share link by on your SD card email/twitter/deliciousWaveSecure – Mobile Security:WaveSecure is the complete mobile of theft and enhances the possibility ofsecurity service that lets users protect recovering the phone. Track SIM changes,mobile data, ensures privacy in the event lock, backup, wipe & restore your data.Places Directory:
  11. 11. Yet another Google Labs product for see distance and directions to theAndroid. As the name implies, Places destination, and if you tap on the listing,Directory allows you to browse nearby it’ll show ratings and photos. You can alsoplaces in categories like Restaurants, call the business or view its location onMovie Theaters, Hotels and Banks. You’ll Google Maps. Mini-Map Photo Gallery Location Picker Compass Direction My Favorites Keyword SearchRingdroid:This application is actually really cool. It say you want the ring-tone to start 1minlets you manipulate song tracks, so that 30secs into the song, and last for 20you can use songs from your music library seconds (chorus maybe?), this applicationas ring-tones. Whats great about that? Well makes life easy for you. Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4, Song editing 3GPP and AMR files. Creating ring-tones (duh..)Spotify:You guessed it, its the official Spotify this application, but I’d say its definitelyclient which enables you to listen to your worth it. You don’t know what Spotify is?Spotify playlists wherever you go. You Then it’s time you came out of your caveneed to be a Premium subscriber to use and check out their website. The client has
  12. 12. all the features the computer client does (i offline, or have a 3G connection youthink), and as long as you’ve either should be ready to go.downloaded playlists to be available Stream your favourite music Share your favourite tracks with Store your offline playlists friends A pretty decent Home widgetThese are some of Applications in AndroidMobiles........Conclusion:Finally we concluded that the Androids order to develop these applications all theplatform which has developed by Google APIs are available and these APIs are asis going to play major role in Mobile same as java APIs which are easy toapplications because as it is an open source understand. In addition to these theseand it is also easy to develop mobile applications play a major role in Androidapplications using Android as because in mobiles.Bibliography: 1. Licenses Android Open Source 2. Open Handset Alliance (5 Project. Open Handset Alliance. November 2007). Industry Leaders Announce Open Platform for Retrieved on 22 October 2008. Mobile Devices. Press release.
  13. 13. general.html #c. Retrieved on 29 m/press_110507.htmlF:v@torv@t August 2008. orYSR Dt Retrieved on 5 5. Native C application for Android November 2007. Googles Android parts ways with android-native-apps Java industry group. 6. Applications of android Ultimate Useful Android Applications 13580_3-9815495-39.html Smashing Buzz.mht4. General Android 7. Android