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  • Good list of SMS providers, although a bit out of date now! We actually provide SMS marketing features, along with mobile messaging app integration, meaning you can send messages to your subscribers via Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Kik, etc. We'd love to make your list!
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Guide to sms marketing

  1. 1. find the best SMSmarketing companieslaunch your SMSadvertising campaignget to grips with SMS customerrelationship management
  2. 2. About this guide  SMS marketing is still one of the major channels for reaching Get in touch and interacting with mobile Feedback, questions? consumers.  Weve collected a list of all the +44 (0) 203 322 2945 top SMS marketing companies across the globe.  For more mobile marketing and mobile app industry resources @mobyaffiliates head to Mobyaffiliates2 Find out more about SMS Marketing at
  3. 3. SMS Mobile Marketing Companies Mobile Storm – Mobile marketing company that provides its own SMS marketing platform that allows you to send out mass SMS texts containing calls to actions. Snap Giant – SMS and social marketing platform that lets you send text ads to promote offers. Works with short codes that you invite users to sign-up with over social media. TXT Impact – SMS platform that lets you use short codes to build your mobile list and send leads special offers, contests, and mobile coupons. Tatango – SMS marketing company that provides the full range of SMS services, such as SMS contests, bulk broadcasts, SMS polls and autoresponders. Mobivity – SMS marketing service designed for local businesses, with an emphasis on restaurant businesses. Uses SMS polling, SMS customer feedback and QR codes. TextMarketer – UK-based SMS marketing company that provides low cost SMS software with no monthly fees or contracts, letting you use shortcodes and send bulk SMS. Signal – Lets you create mobile-optimised web sites, QR codes and coupons and then share them via its SMS marketing platform. Clickatell – Marketing company that offers a range SMS-related marketing tools including short codes and an SMS campaign manager. Aimed more at agencies.3 Find out more about SMS Marketing at
  4. 4. SMS Mobile Marketing Companies Wham Mobile – Mobile SMS marketing company that offers a range of SMS- services, such as SMS contests, SMS voting and SMS marketing with text coupons. Mfusion – SMS marketing platform that offers a range of features such as competitions, data lists, SMS to email, SMS coupons and more. Trumpia – Mobile marketing company that specialises in SMS. Offers the full range of SMS marketing services such as coupons, QR codes, and SMS voting. Text Magic – SMS platform that provides you with mobile sign-up forms for your website to help grow your SMS database. Also provides multi-lingual SMS text marketing. Firetext – SMS marketing platform that specialises in schools and nurseries, hotels and retail industries. Has big name clients such as Pizza Hut and Peugeot. Mobilla – White label SMS marketing and messaging platform for agencies. Lets you sell international SMS services using your own branding. Promo2Cell – US-based SMS marketing platform that offers mobile coupons, event invitations, mobile contests and alerts. Also offers white label service. Wire2Air - Mobile marketing agency that offers bulk SMS, email 2 SMS, polls and coupons. Specialises in health, finance and media industries.4 Find out more about SMS Marketing at
  5. 5. SMS Mobile Marketing Companies Oxygen 8 – SMS platform that handles targeting, delivery and analysis of messages. Offers all the typical SMS services and works with big name clients such as Unilever and Phones4U. Anchor Mobile – SMS marketing platform for enterprises that offers white label solutions. Operates in US, Canada, Mexico, Agentina, Columbia and Brazil. Brick&Mobile – Mobile technology providers that offers QR, mobile CMS and SMS platforms for agencies and businesses. CellTrust – SMS marketing platform that claims a global coverage of more than 200 countries and 800 mobile operators. Offers a range of services including 2 way SMS. GoTextTalk – US-based SMS marketing platform, offering messages from $0.02 and keywords form $20 per month. Clients include Burger King and Arby’s. Bulk SMS - India-based SMS provider that offers coupons, autoresponders, polling and other features for the Indian market. Bulk SMS Ghana – SMS provider based in Ghana, Africa. Doesn’t look like it offers much beyond basic bulk SMS services. TextNigeria - SMS provider offering bulk messages and short codes. Based in Lagos, Nigeria.5 Find out more about SMS Marketing at
  6. 6. SMS Mobile Marketing Companies Altiria Inc - Offers a range of SMS services, including bulk messaging, MMS, premium SMS, as well as other mobile marketing services. Based in Spain. High Connexion - Marketing agency based in France, offering SMS bulk messaging, campaign management, SMS coupons and other services. TextLocal – UK based and award-winning SMS provider offering bulk SMS and two SMS. No contests or polling features. SMS Gateway Center - Indian SMS provider offering bulk SMS services. Has a few big name clients including Samsung and the State Bank of India. One Way SMS – SMS provider based in Thailand. Offers simple one-way bulk SMS services. Media Burst - UK-based SMS provider offering 2 way bulk SMS services. Also offers email to SMS platform, letting you send messages via Outlook. HotBulk SMS – International SMS provider based in the US. Offers a range of services and includes a wide range of territories. Also touts its strong SMS encryption tech. Info2Mobi - International SMS provider delivering to over 200 countries and 550 networks. Doesn’t look it offers much beyond one way bulk SMS.6 Find out more about SMS Marketing at
  7. 7. SMS Mobile Marketing Companies SumoText - SMS provider based in the US and covering 98% of the US and Canadian population. Offers 2 way SMS and a free trial. Betwext – Broadcast SMS marketing platform based in the US. Offers prices from 1 cent per message and unlimited keywords. CRM Text Solutions – Provides broadcast SMS and two-way SMS for small and medium sized businesses in the US. Claims to have its own patented short code allocation tech. ExciteM – SMS provider that focuses on instant polling campaign, allowing companies to gather feedback from customers. Based in the US. Info-Beep – SMS provider that focuses on schools and non-profit organisations. Also offers white label reseller program. Based in the US. MindMe - SMS provider designed for SMEs. Offers broadcasts, coupons, surveys and two way messaging. Based in San Diego. Insermo – Offers email, social and SMS marketing services. Based in Melbourne, Australia. LimeCellular - Full white label SMS platform that features billing, mobile coupons, and advanced branding and themes. Based in US, with offices in UK.7 Find out more about SMS Marketing at
  8. 8. SMS Mobile Marketing Companies TextMarks – SMS marketing platform used by clients such as Microsoft and Ebay. Offers a free trial and is based in the US. Mailboto - Offers bot email marketing and SMS marketing services. Free trial of the platform is available. Based in San Francisco. Malvern – Offers a range of mobile marketing services including SMS broadcasts. Based in Chicago. SimpleTexting – SMS marketing platform offering coupons, bulk messages and other typical SMS services. Based in New York. Mobilitrix – SMS provider that specialises in providing reward solutions to your customers, such as coupons and gift vouchers. Based in South Africa. Mobilozophy – Offers text messaging services such as couponing and competitions, as well as other mobile services such as landing pages and QR codes. Based in US. Slick Text – SMS platform with a variety of features such as automatic opt outs and detailed analytics. Based in US. NatMobi – SMS marketing company focusing on SMS coupons. Also offers mobile website services. Based in US.8 Find out more about SMS Marketing at
  9. 9. SMS Mobile Marketing Companies 4Info – Mobile marketing company that also provides SMS services, such as coupons and bulk messaging. Clients include The Weather Channel and USA Today. Based in US. Squib – Provides “affordable” SMS marketing software for SMEs working with Mac OS. Based in Chicago. TellMyCell – Offers basic SMS services to small and big businesses. Has free trial. Based in the US. NumberText – SMS provider offering a variety of services. Also provides a free trial of the platform. Based in Utah. Panacea Mobile – Platform that lets you send bulk SMS from a traditional CMS as well as from mobile applications. Based in the US. ProTexting – SMS provider based in New York. Offers locations based texting, mobile texting, text-to-win and surveys. Ruxter – Mobile site creation tool that integrates SMS. Letting you market your site via text messaging. Based in US. SMS Global – SMS platform based in Melbourne Australia, with global offices. Offers two-way SMS, bulk messaging and other services.9 Find out more about SMS Marketing at
  10. 10. SMS Mobile Marketing Companies ShopText – Mobile marketing platform that focuses on SMS solutions for retail businesses, such as coupons and offer alerts. Based in US. Twilio – SMS API company that lets you build text messaging into your app. Supports analytics and unicode. Clockwork – SMS API that that lets your apps send texts from anywhere in the world. Used by Sky and Kellogs. Nexmo – Cloud-based SMS API that lets you send and receive bulk messages at wholesale rates. Offers free trial. SMSified – Lets you build SMS features into your applications with pay-as-you-go pricing. Clients include Comcast, HP and Pfizer. Tropo – API that lets you add voice and SMS support to your applications. Texts from as low as $0.01. Features a free trial.10 Find out more about SMS Marketing at
  11. 11. Your Next Step • To find out more about mobile marketing services and choose Get in touch from suppliers head on over to Feedback, questions? • We provide a marketplace for: +44 (0) 203 322 2945  mobile advertising,  mobile app marketing services @mobyaffiliates • You can also find a range of other mobile market guides to download for free. Mobyaffiliates11 Find out more about SMS Marketing at