Developing your semester or yearly plan for units you want to teach


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  • Go back to unpacking document. Generalizations in that doc are reference/examples only. You can come up with more! MSL’S WILL BE BASED ON STANDARD NOT GENERALIZATIONS. Generalizations guide instruction!
  • Transition slide. First step: start with standards! So you know what you want to target
  • RULE OF THUMB. Developmentally appropriate and whatever schema you have chosen
  • Thoughts for this slide: Teachers will now work together in groups to develop come up with what they think 3 good units. Doing only 3 for the sake of time so make sure to stress to the participants why they are only doing 3. Tell them not to worry about the conceptual lens just yet. We will focus on that as soon as they have worked with organizing units and deciding what these units will focus on as far as learning. Share out through GoogleDoc-articulate your thinking (why?)
  • Thoughts for this slide: Have two to three groups share their work before moving to the Conceptual Lens piece.
  • Developing your semester or yearly plan for units you want to teach

    1. 1. ORGANIZING UNITS OF INSTRUCTIONIdentify the state standards for the grade level or coursefor which you will develop units. For Example: 6th Grade ESSENTIAL STANDARDS
    2. 2. YEARLY/SEMESTER PLAN OUTLINES Grade level/Course: __________________ NCSCOS Major ConceptsUnit Unit Title Clarifying Objectives Create an outline of units you may teach for the entire 1 year or semester. 2 3 3 to 4 units for grades K-3 4 4 to 6 units for grades 4-6 5 to 8 units for grades 7-12 5 6 7 8
    3. 3. SAMPLE YEARLY PLAN OUTLINES Grade level/Course: Third Grade Clarifying Conceptual Lens(s)Unit Unit Title Objectives 3.C&G.2.1, 3.C&G.2.2, How Do We Meet Our Basic 1 Needs? 3.G.1.1, 3.G.1.3, 3.E.1.1, 3.E.1.2 3.G.1.1, 3.G.1.2, 3.G.1.3, 3.G.1.4, Where in the World are 2 You? 3.G.1.5, 3.H.1.1, 3.H.1.2, 3.H.1.3, 3.C.1.1, 3.C.1.2 3.C&G.1.1, 3.C&G.1.2, Understanding Your Local 3 Government 3.C&G.1.3, 3.C&G.2.1, 3.H.1.1, 3.H.1.2, 3.H.1.3 3.H.1.1, 3.H.1.2, 4 Variety Is the Spice of Life 3.H.2.2, 3.H.1.3, 3.H.2.1, 3.C.1.1, 3.C.1.2
    4. 4. Sample Civics & Economics Yearly/Semester Plan Outline Grade level/Course: Civics & Economics ConceptualUnit Unit Title Clarifying Objectives Lens (s) Principals and Practice: The CE.C&G.1.1, CE.C&G.1.2,CE.C&G.1.3, CE.C&G.1.4, CE.C&G.1.5, CE.C&G.3.1, CE. C&G.3.2,CE.C&G.3.3, CE.C&G.3.4, CE.E.1.1, CE.E.1.2, 1 Foundations of American CE.E.1.5 Political & Economic Systems CE.C&G.1.1, CE.C&G.1.3, CE.C&G.2.2, CE.C&G.2.3 , CE.C&G.2.4 2 The American Idea of CE.C&G.2.5 , CE.C&G.2.6 ,CE.C&G.2.7, CE.C&G.2.8 CE.C&G.4.2, Constitutional Government CE.C&G.4.3, CE.C&G.4.4, CE.C&G.4.5, CE.E.2.3, CE.E.2.4 CE.C&G.1.4, CE.C&G.2.8 CE.C&G.4.1, CE.C&G.4.2, CE.C&G.4.3 3 Active Citizenship: Local, CE.C&G.4.4, CE.C&G.4.5, CE.PFL.2.5, CE.E.1.6 , CE.C&G.3. State, National, & Global CE.C&G.2.4 CE.C&G.2.5 , CE.C&G.2.6 ,CE.C&G.2.7, CE.C&G.2.8 CE.C&G.3.1, CE. C&G.3.2,CE.C&G.3.3, CE.C&G.3.4 CE.C&G.3.5, 4 Political & Legal Systems: CE.C&G.3.6 , CE.C&G.3.7, CE.C&G.3.8, CE.PFL.2.1, CE.PFL.2.2, CE.PFL.2.3, Balancing Interests CE.E.3.1 , CE.E.3.2, CE.E.3.3 , CE.C&G.5.2, CE.C&G.5.3 CE.C&G.5.4 CE.C&G.5.5, CE.C&G.5.1 CE.C&G.2.1 , CE.C&G.2.2 ,CE.C&G.2.3 , CE.C&G.2.4 CE.C&G.2.5 CE.C&G.2.6 ,CE.C&G.2.7, CE.C&G.2.8, CE.C&G.3.1, CE. Decisions, Decisions, C&G.3.2,CE.C&G.3.3, CE.C&G.3.4, CE.C&G.3.8, CE.C&G.4.4, CE.PFL.2.1, CE.PFL.2.2, CE.PFL.2.3, CE.E.3.1 , CE.E.3.2, CE.E.3.3 , CE.C&G.5.3, 5 Decisions: Civics, Economics CE.C&G.5.4 ,CE.C&G.5.5, CE.PFL.1.1, CE.PFL.1.2, CE.PFL.1.3, CE.PFL.1.4, and the Real World CE.PFL.1.5, CE.PFL.1.6,
    5. 5. Your TurnGrade level/Course: __________________ Clarifying Conceptual LensUnit Unit Title Objectives 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    6. 6. Sharing From The Groups Conceptual Clarifying LensUnit Unit Title Objectives 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8