What my audience feedback has shown me

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  • 1. What my audience feedback has shown me.
  • 2. The Documentary. The audience noticed that a scouse voiceover was used and thought that it worked really well.This shows me that the audience may see some parts asrepetitive. Although this was not a popular criticism. This lets me know that I made an informative and entertaining documentary as I had planned.
  • 3. This has shown me that the audience have noticed the effort that I had made to not just include stereotypical scousers.The audience seem pleased that ascouse voiceover as used as this reinforces the subject matter The audience had also picked up on the lighting in the comedian interview although the reason for is that in conveys that the comedian is in a comedy club and as not many people had picked up on the lighting issue, I hope that others are aware of this.
  • 4. The audience have Most of the people noticed that we who gave feedbackinterviewed several have said that they interesting people will watch the whole documentary The audience have also noticed that all our interviews are framed correctly
  • 5. One member of the audience who gave feedback said that they thought one particular interview had shaky camerawork althoughThe audience also this was not mentioned noticed that the by anyone else.graphics on screenwere professional looking.
  • 6. The Print Advert. “the iconic view of the skyline let me know straight away that the documentary was about Liverpool and it attracted me into reading the text and made me want to watch the documentary”“anyone who has been to Liverpool has seen this sign and the factthat it has been put inthe Mersey in front ofthe Liverpool skyline is a very creative idea” “the slogan was funny because of the Harry Enfeild gag and so i know that the documentary will be funny”
  • 7. “the scouse accent isThe Radio Trailer. the best part about the radio trailer because the documentary is about scousers” What do you call a scouser in a suit? A successful business man from the North West. Over the years scousers have been portrayed as thieves, curly haired chavs and Liverpool is seen as somewhere that police sirens are heard just as often as the Beatles. Comedian Interview But in fact liverpudlians are renowned for their love of their hometown and the people in it “we’re most friendly in the country....” Bekkas friend Known for their sense of humour, “Born this way, natural comedians” old women their massive music scene and their iconic accent. Sound as a Pound is taking you on a journey up the Mersey to discover the reality of the place affectionately known as “the pool” and the scousers who live there. Calm down, calm down it’s only a documentary. Sound as a Pound Wednesday 8PM BBC 1 “the quotes from “there are only the actual TV opinions from scousers programme really so the whole get you keen to documentary and radio watch it” trailer is quite bias”
  • 8. Conclusion. In conclusion, the majority of the feedback which I received was extremely positive although there was a few comments that included constructive criticism. Overall, I have discovered that I can make a professional looking media text and that I can follow the codes and conventions of a TV documentary, a print advert and a radio trailer.