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This is a manifesto that is meant to inspire all Industrial design alumni of the Delft University of Technology to join us in exposing the story of IO, while along the way creating a mythical design network.

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  1. 1. Timestamp: A Strong Design Network 26.05. 2010 www.ioalumni.nl 4000 STORIES ww w. i oa lu mn i.nl The blue Foundation 1 shared story of Design ALUMNI NETWORK 1
  2. 2. “Strength in numbers” There is an unseen link between any faculty and its graduates. In case Over the years the students of IO have found pride in their diversity. of the Alumni of Industrial design this link is becoming ever more It is a way to stand out in the crowd and be recognized for your unique important in a time where the term product is not nescessarily linked strength. But in its strength lies its weakness. It is difficult to descibe the to physical “industrial” products anymore. exact position of a unique point...especially when there are over 4000! This document is a BLUEPRINT that could open up the relationship All these points together form an area. A surface that covers more then between the Delft faculty of Industrial Design , its students, its just product design. It encapsules all forms of design that are true to academic staff and its Alumni. Hopefully it will inform them enough to the mission of a master of design. "Creating successful products people Why this document? inspire them to join the effort of finding the story of IO. Through this love to use " quest we validate the value of the Delft network of IO, secure the Now that the world is mutating towards specialized networks, the value position of future Alumni in the market place and open the doors to of our diversity comes into play. The shared area makes the sum of our collaborative initiatives... social, commercial & academic. experiences a source of incredible strength. The only task we have to perform is to expose the Area and find the comminalities that bind us IO has a 40 year track record of delivering qualified engineers to a in our shared story of design. demanding product driven market and ensuring the highest possible standards in design engineering. Over that time the curriculum has To fulfill this task is what this document describes. adapted to the needs of the time and of the specific job requirements By clearing the fog between the practitioner and the academic, they of a booming technological economy. can meet on that common ground we call IO... and on a large surface, After a festive year of looking back at 40 years of experience, it is time strength in numbers equals value. to stimulate the exploration of the boundaries of industrial design and see how they match with the ever growing market demands ! Read this document and contact us if you see your value in the creation What better way to start then by facilitating the collaboration between of a strong blue foundation. the people who have enjoyed a “blue foundation” in their personal & professional careers (the alumni) and the ever mutating faculty that “produces” them. Collaborative Design can be the all important key towards unlocking the basics of directing and managing change by design. 2
  3. 3. STUDENT demand connecting to market Awareness of your Design Purpose ALUMNUSk Giving back from a strong networ Who are we adressing? Do we all want the same things...no...! Knowing the value of our shared design story will lead to a notable effective network that nds its strength in the mutual dependancies between academics and commercial goals. Knowing how to use this connection will expose our common story and help to reframe the ambitions of IO. FACULTY ge. doors to knowledge exchan open Interaction with market and Industry Valorization of knowledge 3
  4. 4. Lets start by getting everyone together “Have you WHAT?...a NETWORK with available tooling: stepped ?” “IO has a linkedin group that will help YOU realize the potential of OUR design network and use it as an opertunity engine for a firm grip on todays DESIGN & up2date information on its development ” 4
  5. 5. Seeing the network Our design network is there...we just need to expose it to its members! IO ALUMNI, soon to be announced as 100% CYAN, will arise from the personal leadership of its ALUMNI reinforced by an active student body, making it a network that crosses of 40+ years of experience! In order for the network to form a cohesive whole that can materialize online discussion into offline events and collaborations, we need one place to comes together... 4000+ involved Alumni + student body + Faculty members need: What can we do? one place to share and where diversity merges into our common story one source of information... know what is happening at a glance! one point of entry for new initiatives and hard feedback one springboard for engaging news about your area of expertise one piggybank for events and valuable initiatives one transparent network of leaders that work on the same story one goal... with several solutions one network of experience in innovation with sharing as its main proposition one story to be distilled from the individual stories of 4000+ engineers 5
  6. 6. Now what? Council of DESIGN A crossection of the dutch design scene balancing what happends on the market and academic side of design LINK2NEWS COACHING be coached One on One TURN THE PAGE How do we do it? by an Alumni WEB PLATFORM SOCIAL NETWORK TUMBLR Inspirations ALUMNI TV Door 2 Collaboration Veel filmpjes van ALUMNI CASes on TOUR PRO die in 15 minuten vertellen wat ze doen High profile cases met IOers en ALUMNI Platform www.io-alumni.nl EVENT CALANDER Heritage NOW Trend Seminars, expositions, masterclasses MYTHICAL STORY 4000 stories distilled into one source4design 6
  7. 7. PLATFORM Who is going to pay the bill? @IOALUMNI ONE OPEN PLATFORM 1 - wat doe je nu? 2 - wat doe je met je IO kennis? http://delftdesign.tumblr.com/ www.ioalumni.nl TURN the PAGE Our regular spotlight on two alumni 100%CYAN a mythical storyline ACADEMIC COMMERCIAL 7
  8. 8. Shared Stakes EVENTS a found Valoriz ation COACH! ation Master classes Onderz oek ste un Life lon g Lear n in g STAKES We offer: STUDENT We share: ALUMNUS Demand COACH! reflect Bound by Sto SHARE! ry Platform = Info Broker opinion Market ers ctition g by pra Coachin ge nowled nce 2 k experie tion Explora STORY 8
  9. 9. Shared stakes STAKES 9
  10. 10. Shared stakes STAKES 10
  11. 11. “Materializing DESIGN...” EVENTS Seminars @ IO The materialization of what happens online is an essential part of Cases on Tour PRO Beste Idee van Nederland EVENTS showing the power of a network. When you can make things happen outside of the online platform, then people will know that everything is real! Locally sponsored Drinks The events we can organize directly are relativly small gatherings at inspiring places Like design firms, musea or small business centers. Exhibitions Dialogue They will give us the opertunity to test what people want to see and what will inspire them to organize the next event. These blue tribe meetings will start the impluse we need to go bigger and find the balance in between online and offline sharing. Masterclasses What we have learned so far is that any event has to given at a different location opening up the posibility for inspiring content. Events as thinktank Afterwards an online feedback report by someone at the event will create a viewable history for others to see. BNO and KIVI NERIA are possible partners in organizing larger events, but our strength lies in the smaller designfirms who want to share their vision on design and be part of the greater story. Materializer: ............... 11
  12. 12. “Reinforcing DESIGN” When Theory meets practice both sides profit! The students of todays faculty are hungry for the experiences of the Ping-pong practitioners of the present market. On the other side there are a lot of practitioners who want to give something back or who want to stay in touch with the minds of tomorrow. Setting up a coaching system would be the next logical step Rolemodels in fullfilling these needs. COACHing Coaching “Nurturing questions 2 vision” Female prof. We are fortunate enough to have a practioner in our network who wants to start up this mutual dialoque. Irma Verstraaten of WINITU (www.winitu.nl) has a personal Theory & Practice motivation to help bring the female component more into Social & Commercial the public eye. She is an entrepreneur who sees a chance in Academic & Societal bringing people together with the intend to share, learn and build. The combination of her insight matched with student and faculty assistent will materialze a COACHING program that will start this September. Hopefully we can soon match the questions of the different masters to the experience of suitable practitioners! For more information about coaching: irma@winitu.com Materializer: IRMA 12
  13. 13. “Telling DESIGN” What if you stumble upon a mythical storyline... a story so powerful that it could motivate 4000+ masters and a whole faculty to form a network of design that is globally respected for its numbers, its dynamic curriculum, its connectiveness with its graduates, its attention to its origin and the future trends in design... where would you start? STORY A Delft Blue Design Foundation In order for a lasting story to emerge from the many different sources in the network, we need 2 go on a quest. An endevour of mythical proportions... hard for just one man... A piece of cake for a strong network, some students and a network of Alumni... The Goal of the story is to expose our common ground and see what has happend (mutated) over the last 4 decades of design. Are will still an industrial design study or does the market demand a recallibration of our mission? It all starts with a clear link to your past and overview of what is out there. For more info on the story : dennis@visueeldenken.com Materializer: DENNIS 13
  14. 14. “SLING” EVENTS With some good promotion and motivated superpromoters COACH! we will have a good chance to make this network a reality. We are already growing day by day and figuring out how to Story Sling... sling yourself into existence coordinate everything together. QUICK WINS We will slingshot this network into existence... STORY Matching ambitions So what is IO alumni doing now? Motivating people to join a mythical network is a good of TU and Alumni Budget & sponsorship trigger... but after you get the attention a good story needs to follow. At the moment we are stimulating a more regular event calander and creting an easy to adjust webplatform. FOUNDATION In september we hope to have a coach program up and running with a database of about 40 coaches from the alumni side. Opertunity On the 8th of October there is an Alumni day for all faculties of the TU Delft. We will have a start of our story and will be in combination presenting it during the day. All the while we are infecting people and getting them to share their unique mutation... 14
  15. 15. “Our measure 4 succes” Levarage Because... There is a future, because there is a past Students and Alumni need to interact to ignite! Valorization is an act best shared with the market it is for... ...crossing theory and practice is a win win situation ...old and new need to mesh up for new knowledge to be created! ...our market driven economy is screaming for more engineers... we are the playground! 15
  16. 16. TRIGGER What inspires you to promote? key partners key activities value proposition customer relation customer segments COACHING EVENTS BUSINESS MODEL? key resources channels PLATFORM reprogramming the DNA of IO cost structure revenue streams DEADLINE 8th of Octobre 16