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E Commerce Solutions and Web Development for your Business
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E Commerce Solutions and Web Development for your Business


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Looking for e commerce solutions and web development for your business then visit my slide share or www.ewaycorp.cpm

Looking for e commerce solutions and web development for your business then visit my slide share or www.ewaycorp.cpm

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. And Its E Commerce Solutions and Web Development
  • 2. Minor steps' effect web development problems
    • Small yet important errors are often the cause of company websites failing to appropriately engage visitors, a leading organisation has claimed. Whereas at the Technology for Marketing & Advertising event, Website Design USA highlighted the potentially wide-ranging problems caused by even tiny errors in website design. According to my opinion that problems can often stem from something that has been "totally overlooked". It might just be a very minor thing but its minor things that can.
    • For companies when they found that their website is not as effective as first measured. To combat this, Design USA recommends that businesses should "get some ideas for what's working and what's not working" at the early design stages for websites. Know details visit www.
  • 3. E-Commerce Website Maintenance
    • E commerce refers to a wide range of online businesses activities for products and services. E-commerce has completely revolutionize the system of contact and has transformed the way consumers buy goods and services. It helps to sell products and services economically. Continuous improvement and timely changes are essential to keep it up-to-date.
    • Shopping cart is like a storefront where you can use your products, catalogue, price etc. The visitor come to your store through website and selects the item which he requires and pays the amount for the item selected. He would be given an option for paying through credit card or pay pal and complete the transaction.
    • Once your site is up and running, regular maintenance will make sure that your systems operate efficiently and your online campaign operates valuably. You need to maintain the site, constantly review how well it is operating and consider new opportunities and ways of working.
    • The maintenance for e-commerce websites involves real time tracking of transactions, e-tailing of products using a robust and scalable backend module, secure electronic transactions and the remote management of logistics including the tracking of users, process and information.
  • 4.
    • To maintain your ecommerce site’s appeal and professional look, you need to establish credibility and responsibility. It includes-
    • 1. Be sure that the content of the site is accurate and updated regularly. This will help in promoting a positive image for the business and attracting visitors to the site.
    • 2. Customers are more interested in benefits verses features. Try to give information about products such as statistics, detailed descriptions etc.
    • 3. E-commerce websites have a lot of functionality behind them other than just shopping carts and checkouts, such as newsletters, featured products, specials, newly added items and other custom features depending on your online store. Updating and maintaining them in a daily basis is very crucial.
    • 4. Optimizing new products on the store and generating product feeds is also very important while maintaining the ecommerce site. 5. Protect your ecommerce website against threats posed by hackers, viruses and fraudsters. Identify the risks that they pose and implement appropriate security action to counter them.
    • 6. It is a good idea to include a privacy policy explaining your customers how to use and protect their information as well as a terms of service agreement, which outlines the details of services and products provided to the customers.
    • 7. Identify new opportunities like m-commerce to sell new services and to operate existing businesses more effectively.
  • 5. Do you need t o create a custom E commerce website?
    • Do you think build e commerce website for your business. You need help on how to get started? Want to save money?
    • Then you are in right path and try our custom e commerce services! We have a group of creative designers and highly technical well qualified developers. Our ardour to provide quality and skill to meet the project deadlines helped our clients meet their business objectives there by enabling us to construct long-term business relationships.
    • Our Technologies include Flash, Action Script, Photoshop designing, In Design, Dream weaver PHP, CMS like JOOMLA 1.5 & 1.0 ,Zen cart customization, JSP, ASP, .NET, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML,XHTML, CSS, XML, MySQL and we do Internet marketing also,
    • We have strong experience in Creating CMS applications using popular CMS Frameworks. Our ability to understand the Business has enabled us to carry world class e-commerce solutions.
    • Think today’s internet world how growing fast and analyze your business. If you need to different in business then we are with you. You can contact us on the below: eWay
    • 710 E 4th Street
    • Des Moines, IA 50309
    • Phone: 1-877-487-3929
    • Fax: 1-515-246-9920
    • If interested please send a mail.
  • 6. Tips for making in customer ecommerce web designs & E Commerce Software Solution
    • From plain vehicles to vend products online, custom ecommerce websites have been noticeably revolutionized by ecommerce website design USA both in terms of looks and features. Their Ecommerce business solution tends to furnish the best of designs with their online ecommerce services, as below-
    • * Product management through various catalogues, shopping carts, search options.
    • * Customer services via email notifications, newsletter information, and repeat customer recognition.
  • 7.
    • Administration and security through use of web based cart control, password protection, and back subsystems.
    • E waycorp one of the best Custom Ecommerce website design and e commerce software development company USA usually makes use of-
    • Customization – Custom ecommerce websites should not be like templates set on stone. The custom web site design USA offers for customization property through website builders using which the web developers can update the services available at any point of time.
    • Appearance of online products - A picture is value a thousand words”, and indeed in ecommerce web site development incorporating photos or videos of the products displaying their attractive features can fetch high dividends.
  • 8.
    • Eye-catchers – thoughtful use of colours, text styles and fonts can prove very helpful to a customer in need. For example you can say, the catalogue can use one kind of colour for the descriptions of their products and another kind for their prices. Moreover, special price discounts can be quite interesting to eyes when they appear suddenly as colourful pop-ups.
    • Easy navigation- Easy navigation is also important. A customer willing to purchase should not be found difficulty around the bush when searching for his products. Items should be well organized and tabulated in categories, through well-connected links.
    • Customer fulfilment – Customer satisfaction plays major role in your business. Most customers doubt the authenticity of the websites when it comes to monetary transactions over the web. Payments through the internet should be secure and confidential. Any hall marks, accreditation certificates etc must be displayed for the satisfaction of the customers.
    • I am the webmaster at - an Ecommerce website design USA company in USA offering various services, such as flash web development, customized applications and website maintenance services.