DC SUN - DC nonprofit solar bulk purchase


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DC SUN - DC nonprofit solar bulk purchase

  1. 1. 2012 DC Nonprofit Solar Bulk Purchase
  2. 2. 1. DC Solar United Neighborhoods2. About 2012 Solar Bulk Purchase3. Looking For More Participants4. Benefits Of A Bulk Purchase5. Two Financing Options6. Pros & Cons of Financing Options7. Flexibility Of PPA Option8. How The Process Works9. Next Steps10. Important Internal Decisions11. Questions?
  3. 3. Making solar affordable and accessible for all of DC1. Umbrella organization for 11 solar coops in DC2. Provides information, support, & connections to expedite the solarization process3. Helps nonprofits use solar power to reduce utility bills & increase mission-basedContactspending | SolarCoop@Yahoo.com Florida Avenue Baptist Church’s Rev. Earl TrentWebsite | http://www.DCSUN.org
  4. 4. What is a Bulk Purchase?1. Group of nonprofits collaborates to acquire solar PV systems2. Collaborative pre-installation process supported by DC SUN3. Single installer4. Each participant receives its own system, and creates its own unique financing package
  5. 5. Potential Participating DC Community OrganizationsInclude:1. THEARC2. Bread for the City3. Center of Concern4. Georgetown Day SchoolLooking for other interested organizations
  6. 6. 1 2 3 Easier More Save Money Implementation Fundraising Process Opportunities Ability to utilize Guidance from DC Larger economies of SUN & other projects scale organizations attract press and donors Greater competition Collaboration between through support DC SUN will developers network of other supplement Bulk Purchase fundraising More participants efforts negotiating power
  7. 7. Full PurchaseNonprofits negotiate a bulk purchase of a solar PV system. Eachnonprofit pays for its respective portion of the system, and, inexchange, retains 100% ownership of (1) the solar system, (2) thepower the solar system installed on its property produces, (3) the SolarRenewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) that correspond to thatrenewable energy production, & (4) all other corresponding incentives. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)A project developer pays for, owns, and maintains a solar PV system foreach participating nonprofit. In exchange, (1) the nonprofits pay apredetermined, discounted rate for all power produced by the systemthroughout the life of the PPA contract, and (2) the project developerretains 100% ownership of all incentives associated with the purchaseof the systems.
  8. 8. Full PPA PurchasePros Pros1. Substantial & immediate savings on energy 1. Little to no upfront costs expenditures 1. Low risk1. Organization retains ownership of SRECs 1. No incentives are left on the table & all other incentives associated with solar 1. Organization is not responsible for general system installation & renewable energy maintenance & upkeep of the solar system productionCons Cons1. Significant upfront costs 1. Limited annual energy expenditure1. Depending on tax appetite, various savings incentives might be left on the table 1. SRECs and all other incentives associated1. Organization is responsible for general with solar system installation & renewable maintenance & upkeep of the solar system energy production below to the developer
  9. 9. 1. Regular PPA - $0 upfront, higher monthly $/kWh2. Prepaid PPA – Pay $ upfront for lower monthly $/kWhThe more money prepaid, the greater the savings:
  10. 10. 8-Step Process1. Sign up at http://bitly.com/bulkpurchasesignup2. Attend an informational meeting on Monday, April 23rd from 12:00 – 1:30 PM3. Sign a Letter of Intent by Friday, May 25th stating your organization would like to be included in the DC SUN 2012 Solar Bulk Purchase4. DC SUN will solicit bids on behalf of the group5. Collaboratively review bids & select best option6. Develop & implement a fundraising campaign7. Sign an individual contract with chosen installer & have system installed8. Celebrate & spread the word
  11. 11. Deadline Decision As an organization, discuss: 1. Intent to implement a solar systemToday – April 23 2. Preference for full purchase or PPA 3. What amount of capital, if any, your organization is willing and able to pay upfrontApril 23 Attend informational meeting from 12:00 – 1:30 PMMay 25 Sign a “Letter Of Intent”May 26 – June 8 Develop and initiate a fundraising strategyJune 29 DC SUN issues RFP on behalf of Participating OrganizationsJuly 21 Review bids and select best proposal
  12. 12. 1. Roofing – How old is your roof? What material is it made of? Are there any structural or shading issues with your roof?1. Decision Makers – Who in your organization will have to give the final “OK” on this kind of project? Who will be the primary contact for information about the project?1. Capital – Does your organization have capital that it is willing to commit upfront to this project? Are you interested in putting together a fundraising campaign, in collaboration w/ DC SUN, to reduce the overall cost of the project?
  13. 13. Questions?For more information visit: https://sites.google.com/site/dcsolarunitedneighborhoods/key-issues-and-committees/2012-
  14. 14. Visualization of Energy Expenditure Savings Energy Expenditure SavingsPros | (1) Substantial & immediate savings, (2) ownership of SRECsCons | (1) Significant upfront costs, (2) tax-based incentives left on table, (3) responsible for upkeep
  15. 15. Visualization of Energy Expenditure Savings Energy Expenditure SavingsPros | (1) Little to no upfront costs, (2) low risk, (3) not responsible for upkeepCons | (1) Limited annual savings, (2) incentives go to developer