Eclipse to EasySOA Core - Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble 2011
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Eclipse to EasySOA Core - Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble 2011



Going from design & development to live collaboration in the SOA Space, using Eclipse Mangrove and EasySOA Core. Shown at Eclipse DemoCamps Indigo Grenoble on June 28th, 2011 ...

Going from design & development to live collaboration in the SOA Space, using Eclipse Mangrove and EasySOA Core. Shown at Eclipse DemoCamps Indigo Grenoble on June 28th, 2011 (



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Eclipse to EasySOA Core - Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble 2011 Eclipse to EasySOA Core - Eclipse DemoCamp Grenoble 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Collaborative SOA from Eclipse to EasySOA Core Alain Boulze – EasiFab Marc Dutoo – Open WideEasiFab Eclipse DemoCamps Indigo 2011 Grenoble - XRCE Meylan - France
  • EasiFab Speakers Alain Boulze  Founder of EasiFab  25 years experience in IT for business Marc Dutoo  Head of R&D at Open Wide  EasySOA project leader
  • EasiFab Eclipse SOA tooling environment  BPMN for business process design  SCA for assembling the service architecture  JWT for implementation  … everybody and execution of workflows knows them, they’re world  and Mangrove as famous  a glue around it all
  • EasiFab The missing link ?  They give a pretty good picture of what is assembled in their target service oriented applications.  However, they are not about the applications that business users actually see and use everyday, and IT staff monitors  They are rather about their models in the development environment  Than about the live, executed architecture where the services live and strive  Too bad, these people are an important piece of the SOA puzzle !  …thats the place EasySOA Core expects to be in.
  • EasiFab EasySOA - Factsheet  EasySOA facts  5 partners  2 years, started nov. 2010  4m€ budget  System@tic label  And an ambitious aim…  Making Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) simple to use  And throttling up the SOA engine in the entreprise !
  • EasiFab EasySOA - Goal Developers Architecture EasySOA Light Core « Traditional » SOA middleware architecture, With or helped by EasySOA Integration IT Staff Users Governance Business use cases
  • EasiFab EasySOA - Goal  Add a lighter, agile SOA layer around « traditional » SOA  Thanks to an online, social, collaborative approach involving all actors of the SOA process  That helps gathering & online fast prototyping of business needs  On top of existing services and applications, without harming them  In order to detect the « best » needs, so they can be implemented in priority in the « traditional » SOA solution of choice  reusing produced mockups & technical test cases.
  • EasiFab EasySOA - Partners  Behind, French partners but also worldwide leaders  INRIA labs : service engine (OW2 FraSCAti)  EasiFab : SOA Modeling (Eclipse SOA) and monitoring (Galaxy framework)  Talend (ETL) : SOA and data connectors to connect to existing business – but also SOA – data and solutions  Nuxeo (ECM) : document management platform, to manage the SOA model, documents and artifacts  Bull (service provider and middleware) : SOA administration with OW2 Jasmine and use case  Open Wide : leader, global architecture and integration, BPM (with Eclipse JWT / OW2 Scarbo), use case
  • EasiFab EasySOA, Architecture
  • Eclipse X EasySOA CoreEasiFab Case Study  EasySOA Core extends the collaboration from the Eclipse SOA Modelling / Mangrove design environment  A shared and rich Repository with Features  Business Domain  Life Cycle Status  Author Info  Multiple enrichment and customization capabilities
  • Eclipse X EasySOA CoreEasiFab 1) Share Mangrove, BPMN step  Eclipse BPMN Editor  « Smart Travel » Business Domain  « Business Design » phase  « System Business Architect » author Share To EasySOA Core  EasySOA Core ECM  Web shared b/w Actors  Access rights & collaboration rules  Multiple views  Information Read/Write (Enrich)  Documents (Diagrams)
  • Eclipse X EasySOA CoreEasiFab 2) Share Mangrove, SCA step  Eclipse BPMN Editor  Generate SCA Design from Mangrove  Eclipse SCA Editor  Graphical rearrangement  « Smart Travel Orchestration » Appli Domain  « Architecture Design » phase  « System Architect » author Share To EasySOA Core
  • Eclipse X EasySOA CoreEasiFab 3) Stay in sync with evolving SCA  EasySOA Core  Import SCA (from file, SCM...)
  • Eclipse X EasySOA Core 4) Correlate with discoveredEasiFab services in the live application  EasySOA Core  Service Discovery by browsing  EasySOA Integration  Service Discovery by monitoring
  • EasiFab Looking for interested parties – uses & patterns Contact :