Easier SOA with EasySOA - OW2 Conference 2010 – 23-24 November, Paris


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EasySOA teaser ! 5 partners, 4 m€ budget, 2 years, System@tic label, and an ambitious aim : making Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) simple to use, and throttling up the SOA engine in the enterprise.

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Easier SOA with EasySOA - OW2 Conference 2010 – 23-24 November, Paris

  1. 1. Official 2010 sponsor Easier SOA with EasySOA OW2 Conference – Marc Dutoo – 23-24 November, Paris
  2. 2. Introducing…Open Wide Group – Professional Open Source ~ 90 employees, in Paris, Lyon, Thalès spin off Integration & Support, Hosting, EmbeddedOpen Wide – Open Source integrator Portal, ECM, Business Intelligence, SOA… Introducing Open Source components and streamlining their uses of in large companies and public servicesMarc Dutoo – SOA / BPM / ECM architect Consulting, training, customer projects R&D Leader (EasySOA, Eclipse JWT, OW2 Scarbo…) 2
  3. 3. Open Wide – Portal, SOA customers ; R&DPortal (public / private ) Liferay expert, ezPublish partner Consulting, projects, up to supportSOA Consulting, technical support, prototypes Development, integration of external components «X» R&D : SOA, BPM, ESB OW2 Scarbo & friends (Bonita, Frascati) Eclipse SOA & JWT 3
  4. 4. OverviewEasy SOA – Factsheet, partners, ecosystemWhat’s SOA ? Application integration-aware IT managementSOA State of the Union – the good and the badEasySOA / light – how : the web, where, challengesEasySOA / core – reveal, link and document services and usesEasySOA / heavy – why, what, use casesWhat’s next ? 4
  5. 5. EasySOA - FactsheetEasySOA facts 5 partners 4m€ budget, 2 years System@tic labelAnd an ambitious aim… Making Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) simple to use And throttling up the SOA engine in the entreprise ! 5
  6. 6. EasySOA - FactsheetThe goal : a light platform that Builds on the simplicity and democratization of the web Eases and opens applications that are exposed as services to « non-technical users » Through approaches like ► Rapid prototyping, mashups ► Scripting, point and click, business standards and formats At low cost, without compromising the integrity of the Information System, but still getting along well with « heavier » SOA solutions 6
  7. 7. EasySOA - PartnersBehind, French partners but also worldwide leaders INRIA labs : service engine (OW2 FraSCAti), SOA Modeling (Eclipse SOA) and monitoring (Galaxy framework) Talend (ETL) : SOA and data connectors to connect to existing business – but also SOA – data and solutions Nuxeo (ECM) : document management platform, to manage the SOA model, documents and artifacts Bull (service provider and middleware) : SOA administration with OW2 Jasmine and use case Open Wide : leader, global architecture and integration, BPM (with Eclipse JWT / OW2 Scarbo), use case 7
  8. 8. What’s SOA ?What’s SOA ? Application integration-aware Information System managementIn theInformationsystem,Manage not onlyapplications,But their pointsof decoupledintegration 8
  9. 9. SOA State of the UnionThe bad After many entreprise SOA projects have been done these last years, there is a consensus : it’s too smart and complex for its own good – in a word, heavy ► For IT staff, developers and business users alikeThe good However, in the process, a lot of (web) services have been deployed and are now available in entreprises How to fully tap in this potential ? 9
  10. 10. EasySOA / lightThe main drive of computer science democratization ? Those last years : the web, be it google, 2.0, wikipedia, facebook, or even AppstoreEasySOA / light builds on it To democratize access to, and call of, existing entreprise servicesTechnologies REST, RESTful, javascript & JSON, XML - thanks to FraSCAti But also, further from code and closer to the business user : mashups, SOA scaffolding (“the Ruby on Rails of SOA”), point and click programming - or even Excel (data driven programming)... 10
  11. 11. EasySOA / lightComplements and adds value to « usual » SOA solutions It’s not a substitute to « traditional », « heavy » SOA solutions ► that address usual service bus requirements (protocol, routing, transformation) and meet strict production constraints (SLAs) Rather, it is complementary and adds around it a lighter SOA layer ► That is less critical and less constrained, at low costChallenges In no way impact the in place SOA runtime execution !! Know all the services - without inputting them « by hand » ! Don’t trash everything made with EasySOA / light when upgrading it to the « heavy », main SOA solution – rather, ease this transition 11
  12. 12. EasySOA / coreReveal, link and document services and uses The first step to use services : discover and make them visible And for business users, that means link them to business uses, And beyond : Document them ! ► with text, images, tag, but also SOA artifactsThanks to A light, non-intrusive SOA model based on INRIA and Eclipse SOA work, that only ties together existing SOA configuration elements Nuxeo’s metamodel-based document management platform 12
  13. 13. EasySOA / coreMake full use of this light SOA model In order to link together business users, developers and IT staff around the SOA evolution process Get information ► in from where it exists, using Talend connectors ► out to SOA management and runtime solutions, using also Nuxeo’s CMIS or FraSCAti services Make first class citizen of the SOA evolution process ► Out of developers, by integrating the EasySOA / core to the build process, continuous integration ► Out of business users : EasySOA / light, but also acceptance testing ► Out of IT staff, by linking the model to deployment environments 13
  14. 14. EasySOA / heavyWhy : demonstrate EasySOA’s « nice play » with, and added value to, a « classical » « heavy » SOA solutionWhat Eclipse-based tooling, notably comprising Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling, Eclipse SCA Editor, Eclipse Mangrove An execution and monitoring platform based on OW2 Scarbo, OW2 Bonita, OW2 Frascati, INRIA Galaxy, OW2 JasmineUse case Describe a Process (BPMN), integrate it graphically over EasySOA- known services, deploy it and monitor it up to the business layer 14
  15. 15. EasySOA Use CasesBusiness process-driven TODO list Idea : when you ask people a list of items to be done, that’s already a business process, but that can start as simple as a bulleted list Challenges : public online service, deeper integration with an information systemOW2 JASMINe integration OW2 Jasmine not only allows for design, configuration and deployment of middleware architectures, but also features a full SOA monitoring infrastructure EasySOA integration-ability will be showcased by integrating Jasmine 15
  16. 16. What’s next ? … Easier SOA !Looking for :Interested partiesUses & patternsOfficial kickoff : start of 2011Stay tuned ! 16
  17. 17. Contacts Q/A… Thank you ! Looking for interested parties – uses & patterns 14, Rue GaillonContact 75002 Paris Tél. : 01 42 68 28 00marc.dutoo@openwide.fr Fax : 01 40 07 54 86www.openwide.fr 17