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E Commerce Iws Mar 24 Technology In The Kitchen
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E Commerce Iws Mar 24 Technology In The Kitchen



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  • 1. Technology in the Kitchen
    How Geeks and Gadgets are Changing our Relationship with Food
    Marti McCaleb
    Washington & Lee University
    School of Law
    E-Commerce Practicum
    Ideas Worth Sharing
    March 24, 2010
  • 2. Top Kitchen Innovations
    Induction Cooktops
    electromagnetic current beneath the cooktop runs up through the pot, creating resistance in the pot’s metal, heating up the pot itself
    Induction cooktops transfer 90% of its energy to the cookware
    Electric cooktops lose 50% of energy before they ever heat your food
    Gas coils lose 60% of energy to the outside environment
  • 3. Top Kitchen Innovations
  • 4. Top Kitchen Innovations
    Speedcook Ovens
    Combines convention heat with microwaves and/or light waves to cook up to 15x faster than conventional oven
    $7,895.00 at www.turbochef.com
    The Jetsons, anyone?
  • 5. Top Kitchen Innovations
    VorwerkThermomix TM 31
    All-in-one countertop replacement appliance
    blends, steams, boils, grates, whisks, kneads, chops, and weighs
    $1,400 at www.ThermomixCanada.ca
    Will it do the dishes afterwards?
  • 6. Top Kitchen Innovations
    Online Groceries
    Fresh, local produce delivered to your door on 24-hour notice
    In NYC, Seattle and several other major cities
  • 7. Top Kitchen Innovations
    Microplane Grater
    This really did start out in someone’s garage
    Now, Microplane’s kitchen tools are chemically cut (not stamped) to provide the best slice available on the market
  • 8. Top Kitchen Innovations
    EpicuriousiPhone app
    Recipe book and shopping list all in one
    Never again do you have to come home from the store to realize you forgot that one KEY ingredient
  • 9. Top Kitchen Innovations
    Molecular Gastronomy
    Chefs (w/ PhDs in chemistry) started experimenting with the chemical processes that cause our taste buds to register flavor
    Now, you can try it at home—spherification, thickening, foaming agents
    $69.99 at www.thinkgeek.com
  • 10. Top Kitchen Innovations
    Sous Vide Supreme
    At home water oven
    vacuum sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very consistent low temperature over a long period of time
    Taste and texture of sous vide cuisine is largely unexplored; new creative opportunities
    $450; www.sousvidesupreme.com
  • 11. Not So Top Innovations
    Heat-sensing utensils
    Rubber sinks
    Talking oven mitts
    Self-boiling tea kettles
    Grocery-monitoring refrigerators
  • 12. Really?