HEED DatasheetI   rrespective of what hiring actions and plans we set, it will be in best cases structured as 20% top   pe...
Our ApproachO       ur approach and action plan is based on developing a complete understanding of our client’s       situ...
1. Build a Laser-focused sales strategy:                Nowadays in football, good managers could notreside on stars only....
Return on InvestmentB  elow is a list of few factors as per a study conducted by Accenture indicating the increase of  the...
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Heed presentation

  1. 1. HEED DatasheetI rrespective of what hiring actions and plans we set, it will be in best cases structured as 20% top performers, 70% middle, and 10% bottom ones. Jack Welch further insisted on the “act” part, asking managers to act according to this categorization: stars to be nurtured and given right incentives toexcel, the bottom 10% to be weeded out, and a smart act would be to focus on increasing theperformance of the middle 70%, since they make up the majority.Research showed that improving one’s strengths is less straightforward than fixing one’sweaknesses. What we mean by this is that fixing only 30% of the middle performers’ weakness willyield to a 55% increase on their sales performance. This sums up with at least 38.5% increase ofyour overall company’s sales performance.Accordingly HEED S.A.L came to fruition through the experiences and mentality of its partners. With oursolid experience and understanding of the society and the way of selling, we came to bridge the gap byputting science into the art of selling. Our intent goes by tapping into and unleashing the potentialwithin sales organizations, addressing the root causes of problems, the challenges and the capabilitieson the macro, processes and the people level. This will push the sales productivity curve to the right,thus driving tangible on-going results.How Can We HelpP utting science, processes and structure into the Art of Selling. This is the essence of our services in which all modules move around to orchestrate the success of this cultural change. In other words, it’s the methodology of not relying on the gut feelings and the natural sales talents ofindividuals and rainmakers only, but rather focusing on building a laser-focused sales organization,plans, processes that constantly develop the middle 70%. Further this facilitate in their supervisionand management, as they don’t dance anymore significantly through their peaks and valleys.Past time, the thoughts and attempts of putting science into the art of selling failed. This was due tomany factors mostly lying behind the belief that a salesperson is born. Today, debates circulate aroundwhich comes first, but what is obvious and could not be denied anymore is the importance, potentialand the necessity of such combination.
  2. 2. Our ApproachO ur approach and action plan is based on developing a complete understanding of our client’s situation leaving no stone unturned. This understanding is developed through identifying all challenges and capabilities. It goes through a thorough analysis of your sales data buildingdifferent metrics and analytical hypothesis while keeping an eye on all none quantitative sales variables(the art part). The latter could not be noticed without on-ground sales examination.Our clients have better insights and passion about their organization, people, and culture. Thus comingfrom different point of view and as process consultants we move shoulder to shoulder with our clients tofacilitate in building, developing and refining the sales organization.Execution shows how to link together people, strategy, plans and processes. It’s the discipline ofexecution which measures the success of any consultancy, and in execution we believe. We follow theprocess consultancy approach with a buildup-breakthrough flywheel model to insure consistency andcoherence until we guarantee the success of the project.SolutionThis is an interrelated combined solution where every step brings a humongous return on investment byaddressing every single aspect in the sales organization. Market Sales Strategy Customer Segmentation Targeted Offering Customer segmentation based on Product and service offerings for Internal Factors External Factors clients purchasing behavior each customer segment are specified Customer Needs Sales Model and Process Changing Mapping the sales cycle for every segment Environment Channels Competitors Sales Force Structure Sales Force Size § By territory, product or customer segment § # of salespeople of each type § Sales People type § How will sales effort of each type § Roles of salesperson be allocated to § Reporting relationships customers and products? Assignment of Responsibilities Sales targets by salesperson Sales force productivity
  3. 3. 1. Build a Laser-focused sales strategy: Nowadays in football, good managers could notreside on stars only. They should rather align their players, build the formation, and model along theirwinning strategy. The same in sales organizations, a well-developed customer segmentation with afocused targeted offering could be the key in orchestrating your sales performance. Such an exercisecoupled with the proper disciplined execution of the set strategy had more than 68% averageincrease in our clients’ sales figures within a 6 months period.2. Design scientifically the Sales size and structure: Some believe that clients prefer tohave a focal contact with their clients. Some believe they don’t have the luxury to implement a productspecialist sales structure. Designing a sales structure and size is a scientific exercise. Such exercise notonly had more than 53% increase on the sales figures at our client compared to last year. It furtheraided us in the execution of the set action plan to reach the sales objectives faster.3. Follow your clients continuously with the same process: Sales People askthemselves daily thousands of stuff that limit their performance. Do we follow up on the prospecttoday, tomorrow or later? Do we drop this prospect or keep persisting? With handful of sales people,depending on the hunch of the salesperson seems an adequate approach - As its hard to see thevariability. But analyzing enough leads and prospects continuously will draw a pattern of a process. Suchpattern when mapped, refined, and optimized with on-ground sales insights would then easily bridgethe gap between rainmakers and the middle 70%. Our cases have indicated that such standardizedstructured process had increased sales by 55% as average within different industries even whenrainmakers are in their bad days.4. Train and Develop the sales people measurably: Surveys showed that most candidatesare trained by being shadowed for few weeks with one of the companys top sales people. But this is nota teachable repeatable way to sell. Eventually this leaves the management with an only mean ofmotivating salespeople or firing the least productive and rolls the dice in hiring newcomers. HEEDbuilds and conduct a measurable sales development program circulated around the understandingof selling and how to follow a structured selling approach, rather than any egotistical motivationalstories. Such program could extend beyond three months duration including extensive coaching and on-ground insights and visits. Its outcome is extremely significant.5. Maintain the same sales productivity: There is magic when breaking down the salesprocess into small wins. Heed will run different rigorous analysis and review on the all salesproductivity figures in order to draw the trend for every individual that he/she must then follow.This helps salespeople to focus on understanding their prospect management ratios. Through thedevelopment program HEED will strive to implant a scientific selling mindset. A mindset that wouldget them to keep an eye on the objectives and milestones set for every step in their sales process ratherthan focusing on the end result. For ex: keep the sales team aligned in generating continuously thesame number of leads, conduct the same quantity and quality of calls, maintain a fixed number of newmeetings per week. This would help too in drawing an accurate sales projection.6. Hire the same successful sales people every time: The purpose of defining a detailedstructured hiring process in advance is to minimize the various challenges and errors most companiesface when it comes to hiring sales people or sales managers. This is due to very important hidden factorthat affects the hiring decision when it comes to interviewing randomly few people, while selection isbased on the gut feelings. HEED will map the profile of salespeople required to every position linkedto a structured recruitment methodology to follow.
  4. 4. Return on InvestmentB elow is a list of few factors as per a study conducted by Accenture indicating the increase of their efficiency. Each factor is a key result behind successfully planning and executing one or more of the above 6 solutions.