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How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation  08 02-2011
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How to save fuel by M.M.Organisation 08 02-2011


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How to save fuel without gadgets or additives

How to save fuel without gadgets or additives

Published in: Automotive, Technology, Business
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  • 1. How to save 10% or more everyday on your petrol( gasoline) or diesel bill...?
    Maxwell Ranasinghe
    Managing Director
    A leading Toyota Parts Dealer in Sri Lanka
  • 2. Dear Driver, Get more power out of every rupee you spend at the pump and put money back where you want it (in your pocket)
    I do not promise 20% or 25% but just a 10% surely.
    Ssume you spend Rs. 15000 per month on fuel and save 10% of that ( 1500) you can grant a scholarship of Rs. 1000 to a poor students and still save Rs. 500 a month.
    If you like that ! Then read it. No additional cost.
  • 3. Am I talking about additives and gadgets ? No
    There are simple and effective ways to save money on your fuel costs without installing any gadget or adding anything to your fuel. The best Time to Start is NOW. Here’s the story.......
    There are so many additives and gadgets introduced to you these days said to do wonders in cutting down on your fuel costs and save you money.....yet the experience of motorists the world over is that these “things” hardly do any improvement on fuel saving. Some items like magnetizers, filters and octane boosters even claimed a 20% saving on fuel...?
  • 4. Although they did not deliver the promise, to the contrary, some have even affected vital fuel control and delivery systems in the vehicles and have reduced the engine’s fuel consumption to motorists much annoyance.
  • 5. If any one is going by the claims presented to them by a marketer who offers such fuel saving products, the first question he or she should ask them is why these products are not purchased by automobile manufacturers who spend millions of dollars in improving fuel efficiency on vehicles they manufacture..? or else why not petroleum manufacturers like British Petroleum – BP, Caltex, Esso or Mobil won’t buy these wonder products and mix with their fuel and offer to the market with the claim of saving fuel to such an amount.
  • 6. You may even inquire from your automobile manufacturer whether they recommend such a product for their vehicle. If these items are not effective as claimed - then what is all the “talk” about saving fuel?
  • 7. However there is a sure-fire way of saving fuel without any gadget or an additive....... first read these “tips,” keep it in mind and keep on practicing them while you’re on the road. Simply change your driving habit and maintaining your vehicle well.
  • 8. Avoid prolonged warming up of the engine even in cold mornings – 30 to 45 seconds is plenty of time.
    Eliminate jack rabbit starts. Accelerate slowly when starting from a dead stop. Don’t push the pedal down more than ¼ of the total foot travel. This allows the carburetor to function at peak efficiency.
  • 9. Exceeding 60 mph forces your auto to overcome tremendous wind resistance and keep windows closed when traveling at highway speeds because open windows drag could reduce your mileage by 10%.
    Think ahead when approaching hills, traffic lights and railway crossings. If you accelerate.... do it before you reach the spot – not while you’re on it?
  • 10. Drive steadily. Slowing down or speeding up wastes fuel.
    Regular tune-up ensures best economy. Check your user manual for recommended maintenance intervals.
    Inflate all tyresto manufacturers recommended pressure level and keep your wheels in fine alignment. Just a 10% low pressure on your tyres might decrease the fuel efficiency by 5%. So make a habit to check the tyre pressure every week.
  • 11. Remove excess weight from trunk or inside the car - the more load on your engine - the less miles per liter.
    Combine short errands into one trip.
    Check your Air filter – a dirty or clogged Air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine which reduces gaining the maximum power from the fuel consumed.
  • 12. Get back to nature – consider shutting off the air conditioner, opening the windows and enjoying the breeze while you drive at lower speeds where you’ll save fuel.
    Beware of modifications – flashy wheels and new tires may look cool and certainly improve on handling but it they are wider than the standard tires ... chances are that they’ll create more rolling resistance and decrease fuel efficiency.
    Avoid roads with heavy traffic to save on time and fuel.
  • 13. Get used to fuel Efficient Driving
    - If you have a vehicle installed with a meter which indicates the fuel consumption per liter (Instant Fuel Consumption Indicator), whilst driving, observe when it consumes more and when it consumes less and devise a method of driving through which you could gain maximum fuel efficiency. Most modern cars have this indicator. If you get trained to drive in this manner for few months, you will get used to fuel efficient driving without observing this meter.
  • 14. Don’t Drive
    – Not a popular thing to say I know but the fact is that if you can avoid driving- You’ll save on fuel. Take the train, consolidate your shopping trips... walking and biking is good for your health and wallet. So, before you get in your car always ask yourself: “Is this trip really necessary.”
  • 15. Use a lubricant that has the seal “fuel saving” certified by American Petroleum Institute (API) or SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).
    Now I come to the most important point this in this narration – if you after reading these “words of wisdom” just wouldn’t care to apply it whenever your driving... You have wasted your time by reading this….
    Your action is needed for your own benefit
    Maxwell Ranasinghe- Managing Director- M.M.Organisation
    Your Associate in Toyota Parts