How-to Twitter / Facebook Ads Presentation


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How-to Twitter / Facebook Ads Presentation

  1. 1. Montreal. Paris, Mexico, May 2012
  2. 2. • Login to the Facebook account you will be managing the ad with • Click on “Advertise” to get started2
  3. 3. Click “Create an Ad”3
  4. 4. • You can make an ad for a specific website, or a Facebook Page you are administrating
  5. 5. The number of people your ad may reach5
  6. 6. You can target specific ages, genders, workplaces, etc.6
  7. 7. Please note: You can only set your currency and time zone ONCE. Please chose wisely. Set your budget: The amount you want to spend for the lifetime of your campaign Schedule the length of you campaign Switch to Advance Mode, and set a price before hitting “Review Ad”7
  8. 8. CPM: Cost per thousand impressions CPC: Recommended particularly during the testing phase of any ad campaign. Over the long term, CPC can be very cost-effective as your click price drops when your ad is very popular. • I recommend bidding CPC when conversion is your goal. If you’re interested in having people click through to your website or Facebook page, then CPC is most likely going to work out best for you.8
  9. 9. Once your account is set up with its first ad, click here to access itClick on your account name to view your ads
  10. 10. • Easy way to change your budget• See your campaign schedules, how much you’ve spent and keep track of your remaining budget
  11. 11. You can see how many people your ad is reaching How much you’ve spent The amount of “Actions” your ad receives is a good indication on how well the ad is doing If you’re ad isn’t doing well, hit “Edit” to change your ad
  12. 12. It is important to remember that Twitter is primarily a networking tool.The amount of followers you have is seen as a status symbol in somecircles. Here’s a step by step guide to easily increase your Twitterfollowing:The sign of a good tweeter is the number of times he gets retweeted.Retweeting is often more powerful as it acts as an accreditation byother users, who are in turn recommending the tweet to their followers. • Find topics that are close to your industry • Retweet them • Respond to them to get involved in the action
  13. 13.• Search for “energy” or “oil and gas” or “natural gas”• Follow the people on the top of the list most relevant to the industry: • former employees and executives • news groups and journalist • energy companies
  14. 14. The goal is for them to mention you in their tweets and ultimately follow you in return. We suggest: • Create lists of people to monitor • Retweet your favorite people • Replying to their tweets • Select one power tweeter a week to monitor • Be as helpful as you can by giving constructive advice and comments to their tweets • Answer questions they might have • Linking out to informative articles • Giving thoughtful opinions in a wider discussion
  15. 15. You can use Tweekdeck to schedule tweetsThe times to tweet in order to acquire thebest engagement would be: • @Questerre_Utica: Between 11am and 1pm MDT as well as 5pm MDT • @Mrbinnion: Between 12am and 1pm MDT as well as 3pm or 6pm MDT
  16. 16. Tweepi can analyse any Twitter user and point out show you which of their followers you should be following • We suggest paying for an account to gain access to the full features of Tweepi • When using free Tweepi, remember to click on “load score” and sort by “klout” to determine those you should follow • Use the “Follow Friends” feature to follow the people power tweeters are following • You can easily unfollow all the people who haven’t followed you back • You can follow all those people who are following you
  17. 17. • Tweet Beep is a very effective tool that sends you alerts for a range of specified keywords. This will ensure you never miss an opportunity to join or reply to a conversation. • Type in keywords or phrases you would like to get alerts for, like “shale gas” or “fracking” • You can also get alerts for specific users being mentioned, or hashtags • Hit “save alert”, and you’ll receive an email everytime someone uses your keywords in a tweet.
  18. 18. It displays in real-time the words which are buzzing right now on Twitter• Look at the word cloud on the right hand side• All of those words are currently being used on twitter• Use those words when composing a tweet to get the most exposure possible that day
  19. 19. If some users you are following have not yet followed you back, consider deleting them and repeating the previous steps• Click on the “Not Following Back” • Select all the people you would like to tab on the left hand side to show unfollow all the people you are following • Then hit the “unfollow” tab on the who are not following you back right hand side to unfollow everyone you have selected
  20. 20. Contact VP, Social Media Parta Dialogue Inc. @: Tel.: 1.514.771.51207900, Boul. Taschereau West, suite A-207 63, bis Boul. Bessières San Francisco 715Brossard, Quebec, Canada, J4X 1C2 75017, Paris, France Colonia del Valle, Mexico, D.F. 03100Tel.: 1.450.466.7275 Tel.: +33 142 717 709 Tel.: +52 55 5687 8811@: @: @: