Agenda                                       GROSVENOR                                             GARDENS                ...
GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House                                                                      GARDENSLocation     ...
GROSVENOR Grosvenor Gardens House                                                                                         ...
GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House                                       GARDENS                                       HOUSE...
GROSVENOR Grosvenor Gardens House                                                             GARDENS The Scheme          ...
GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House                                                                                          ...
GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House                                      GARDENS                                      HOUSE  ...
GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House                                                                                GARDENS   ...
GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House                                                                                          ...
GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House                                                                                          ...
GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House                                          GARDENS                                         ...
GROSVENORRegeneration of Victoria                                                                                         ...
GROSVENORRegeneration of Victoria                                                                                      GAR...
GROSVENORRegeneration of Victoria                                                                                         ...
GROSVENORVictoria Development Pipeline                                                                       GARDENS      ...
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GGH (Grosvenor Gardens House) presentation


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Grosvenor Gardens House is located on the edge of the Belgravia estate, one of the most exclusive districts in Central London. Belgravia has enjoyed the acclaim of being one of London’s most fashionable residential areas since it was developed by Richard Grosvenor and is now under development.

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GGH (Grosvenor Gardens House) presentation

  2. 2. Agenda GROSVENOR GARDENS HOUSE London SW1  Grosvenor Gardens House • Location • Situation  The Scheme • Proposed Layouts • Area Schedule  Regeneration of Victoria • Overview • Victoria Development Pipeline
  3. 3. GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House GARDENSLocation HOUSE London SW1Grosvenor Gardens House is located on the edge of theBelgravia estate, one of the most exclusive districts in CentralLondon.Belgravia has enjoyed the acclaim of being one of London’s mostfashionable residential areas since it was developed by RichardGrosvenor, the 2nd Marquess of Westminster, during the early tomid-19th Century. At the heart of the Capital, the picturesquearea is built in the classic Regency style of squares, streets andcrescents lined with grand terraces of white stucco houses.Grosvenor Gardens lies adjacent to the major transport hub ofVictoria station offering excellent communication linksthroughout London and the South East. Victoria hasestablished itself as a key destination for major office occupiers,and also presents a wide selection of local amenities includingluxury hotels, theatres, premium retail, and a range offashionable bars and restaurants. The area also boasts largeareas of open spaces at the neighbouring Royal Parks of StJames’s Park, Green Park and Hyde Park. The nearby areas ofMayfair, Westminster, Knightsbridge and Chelsea are also withina short walking distance.
  4. 4. GROSVENOR Grosvenor Gardens House GARDENS Situation HOUSE London SW1Grosvenor Gardens House lies on the eastern Hyde Park Hyde Park Corner Park Lane Green Park Buckingham Palaceedge of the Belgravia estate and wasdeveloped by Thomas Cundy III in the mid1860’s as an extension to the Victoria Stationcomplex. Grosvenor Gardens enjoys adistinctive architectural character comprisingtall, grand terraces separated and softened bytwo triangular landscaped gardens.Grosvenor Gardens House occupies aprominent island site on the north side ofGrosvenor Gardens between Beeston Placeand Buckingham Palace Road, and boundedby Eaton Lane to the rear. The propertyenjoys excellent views over GrosvenorGardens to the front and the attractivelandscaped gardens of the Goring Hotel tothe rear.Directly in front of Grosvenor Gardens Housewith the Gardens between are 42-44 & 46-48Grosvenor Gardens, we own these buildingsand have recently completed an extensiverefurbishment on the commercial and Eaton Square 42-44 & 46-48 & 38 Grosvenor Gardens GROSVENOR GARDENS Victoria Underground & Mainline Stationsresidential units. HOUSE
  5. 5. GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House GARDENS HOUSE London SW1 The Scheme
  6. 6. GROSVENOR Grosvenor Gardens House GARDENS The Scheme HOUSE London SW1Grosvenor Gardens House is currently used for lowgrade office accommodation, our intention is tosympathetically return the buildings to its original use –a “first class” serviced apartment mansion block.The scheme calls for the formation of approximately 60apartments with a mix of different sizes and rangingfrom 1 to 4 bedrooms. There will be undergroundparking, a wellness facility complete with gym, sauna,steam room, treatment rooms and swimming pool.The building currently benefits from a retail paradefronting Grosvenor Gardens and this would be extendedall the way round the entire building opening newfrontage to Eaton Lane. The majority of the newdevelopment would focus on the rear of the buildingoffering a second frontage and a considerably moreattractive visual presence.As it did when first built, Grosvenor Gardens Housewould once again benefit from a dedicated restaurantwhose character would be contemporarily coloured byits past heritage whilst celebrating its future and thebuildings new lease on life.
  7. 7. GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House GARDENSThe Scheme HOUSE London SW1The scheme aims to restore the frontage and sides whilst redeveloping the rear of the building in order toimprove the internal space provided along with the outlook over Eaton Lane and the Goring Hotel Gardens.Eaton Lane, which is presently dark and uninviting and predominantly frequented by vagrants would benefitfrom a new retail parade of niche destination shops forming part of the new blocks facade with a substantialimprovement in aspect, lighting and local amenity.We believe the position and contribution of Grosvenor Gardens House within the local conservation area issignificant and that the comprehensive redevelopment required to achieve our proposed scheme gives us theopportunity to address numerous issues, not least the buildings poor state of repair. The redevelopment willmake it the focal point of the local conservation area and will reinstate a period landmark right besides the newregeneration scheme due to be untaken in Victoria. The stone, slate, lead and timber have received little or no New retail parade will add light and passing trade to a dark maintenance over many years and we have the opportunity to and unattractive street. restore the building back to being a popular landmark. The new facade will greatly improve the outlook from all We aim to illuminate the building in a tasteful manner but one visual vantage points and would benefit the area for all which would make it the centre point of the area. concerned.
  8. 8. GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House GARDENS HOUSE London SW1 Proposed Layout
  9. 9. GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House GARDENS HOUSE London SW1 Regeneration of Victoria Proposed Residential Retail in New Roof Terraces Circulation Core & Lobby Areas Port Couchere Retail in Existing Main Access Core, Lobby, Car Stacker Area Main Access Parking Retail in Existing Core, Lobby, Car Stacker Areas Electrical Substation Wellness (excl. Pool) Main Access
  10. 10. GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House GARDENSProposed Layout HOUSE London SW1The proposed re-development of Grosvenor Gardens House sees a mixture of high specification residential andup market retail. Associated with the residential is a residents wellness and spa centre located in the basementand housing a pool and other wellness facilities.The proposed luxury residential apartments are arranged over 6 floors. These are arranged around 4 separatecores with each lobby serving 4 flats per floor at most. Where possible, dual aspect apartments are envisaged.From first to forth floors the layouts of the floors are similar with flats ranging from 700ft² to 1700ft². This mixcan however be manipulated to suit.We anticipate the fifth floor will have a cut back from the rear facade but the number and arrangement of flatsbeing unaffected with apartment sizes ranging from 800ft² to 1500².The sixth floor will contain 4 penthouse apartments with private terraces serving each. These penthousesrange from 2000ft² to 2500ft². A double basement parking is proposed under the infill section to along EatonLane to serve the residential.A grand, plush, centrally located entrance will be provided from both Grosvenor Gardens and from Eaton Lane.There are at present 60 apartments being provided totalling circa 78,300ft².
  11. 11. GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House GARDENSProposed Layout HOUSE London SW1The retail space at ground and lower ground floor will remain largely as existing, albeit refurbished and re-tenanted along Grosvenor Gardens.New boutique retail space will be provided facing Eaton Lane which will have the added advantage of givinglife to what is now a hard edged, undesirable alley.The existing refurbished retail space along with the proposed Eaton Lane retail totals circa 16,500ft².10,500ft² of that retail space being at ground floor level.
  12. 12. GROSVENORGrosvenor Gardens House GARDENS HOUSE London SW1 Regeneration of Victoria
  13. 13. GROSVENORRegeneration of Victoria GARDENSSW1 HOUSE London SW1The regeneration of Victoria began approximately six years ago with the development of Belgrave House,Buckingham Palace Road providing more than 270,000 sq ft of Grade A office accommodation, 150m to thesouth of the subject property. This was followed by the completion of Cardinal Place, a landmark mixed usedevelopment by Land Securities. These important developments attracted an influx of corporate occupiersincluding Google, 3i, EDF, Microsoft, American Express and P&O taking occupation.Continuing the regeneration of Victoria more recently completed developments include The Asticus Building,129 Wilton Road and The Peak at 5 Wilton Road, which are within close proximity to the subject property,further enhancing the appeal of this location to a broad mix of occupiers.Cardinal Place The Asticus The Peak
  14. 14. GROSVENORRegeneration of Victoria GARDENSSW1 HOUSE London SW1Significantly the development pipeline showsthat many of the UK’s most prominentdevelopers are continuing to invest in Victoria.Land Securities is continuing its owninvestment in the location with theconstruction of 62 Buckingham Gate, theVictoria Transport Interchange and the currentGrade A refurbishment of 123 Victoria Street.Alongside Land Securities, other developersinclude British Land, Great Portland Estates,Hammerson, Heron and Terrace Hill.The proposed Victoria Transport Interchangescheme is located directly to the east of thesubject property and will greatly enhance thelocality. Planning consent was granted in 2009for VTI2, a 900,000 sq ft mixed use scheme ona 2.5 hectare site close to Victoria station. Theretail, office and residential accommodationwill be arranged over 6 buildings and the new Grosvenor Gardens Housedevelopment will incorporate public spaces Grosvenor Gardens VTI2and encourage pedestrian and traffic flow. Victoria Station 42-44 & 46-48 Grosvenor Gardens
  15. 15. GROSVENORRegeneration of Victoria GARDENSSW1 HOUSE London SW1Victoria Station itself will be developed as part of a mixed use scheme by Network Rail and Hammerson.Transport for London is planning a £500 million investment programme to upgrade Victoria Undergroundstation providing a new ticket hall, increased station capacity and new escalators. Further improvements tothe bus terminal and the public realm around Victoria Station, are due to be completed in 2016. These planswill have a significant impact on one of London’s most important transport hubs, providing a direct positivebenefit for Grosvenor Gardens.
  16. 16. GROSVENORVictoria Development Pipeline GARDENS HOUSESW1 39 Victoria Street Victoria Transport c. 76,000 sq ft Interchange Portland House Wellington House 40 Broadway c. 900,000 sq ft c. 300,000 sq ft 59 Residential Units c. 120,000 sq ft (Refurbishment) Grosvenor Gardens House 4 Victoria Street c. 126,000 sq ft Victoria Station Kingsgate House 123 Victoria Street Howick Place 62 Buckingham Gate Pre Planning c. 153,000 sq ft c. 140,000 sq ft c. 130,000 sq ft c. 270,000 sq ft