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Savoy Studios Custom Hospitality Lighting
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Savoy Studios Custom Hospitality Lighting


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Published in: Design

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  • 1. S A V O Y S T U D I O S C U S T O M H O S P I TA L I T Y L I G H T I N G 13908 N Lombard, Portland, OR 97203 tel: 503.282.5095 • fax: 503.282.2183 e-mail: w e b : w w w. s a v o y s t u d i o s . c o m
  • 2. SAVOY STUDIOS Custom Hospitality Lighting Book 13908 N Lombard Portland, OR 97203 tel: 503.282.5095 fax: 503.282.2183 web: © Savoy Studios, LLC. 2013
  • 3. Savoy Studios is a world leader in design and fabrication for the hospitality industry with forty years of experience and clients throughout the world. We are deeply committed to extraordinary results and offer a highly personalized experience for our clients. We excel at supporting designers throughout every phase of the development process, from initial feasibility studies to fabrication. Our experienced staff will help you realize your design intent and then interface smoothly with your project management/purchasing company to delivery what you need, when you need it. Our mission is to help the designer/ architect create innovative, timeless, design solutions, of exceptional quality with a variety of materials. We have successfully completed many such lighting projects some of which are featured in this book. A hallmark of our process is quick and nimble reactions to the developing designs and conditions of our client’s projects. We recognize that within the hospitality industry, time is often of utmost importance, and fast accurate service is highly valued. Many of our design customers involve us early in the budget development phase where we can help guide a rough idea towards a fully buildable design solution We are proud of our continued exploration of new techniques and technologies, as well as our fundamental knowledge of the centuries old craft techniques passed down through the generations. We work hard to integrate these two worlds. In our studio today, advanced 3D computer modeling co-exists with these traditional skills. Every project, no matter the size or complexity, draws on this experience, and is built using these advanced technologies. Our skilled craftsman, dedicated project managers, versatile design staff, our fabrication partners world-wide, as well as the many allied technical support companies we work with, together form an unbeatable team for producing specialty interiors and sculptural forms. We are comfortable designing to international standards and local specifics such as voltage, lamp selection, ballast and transformer engineering. No matter where in the world you are working, we can help finish your design on time and in budget. Savoy specializes in both custom one of a kind large scale lighting features as well as comprehensive lighting packages for projects of any size. Over the years, Savoy Studios has worked with many international and celebrity clients, combining an unsurpassed level of service with the discretion they require. Our largest corporate clients are also some of our most loyal and represent a large portion of our repeat customers. We welcome each new project with the confidence that it will be realized just as you have envisioned it.
  • 4. From a sketch... Savoy’s design process. D REVISIONS 3/8" Threaded rod attached to primary structure by others (4X) 3/8" Threaded rod attached to primary structure by others REV. DESCRIPTION DATE B03 7/16" Flat washer Added mounting details for decorative pan 9/17/2009 3/8"-16 Hex nut A Ceiling pan Formed pan mounted to ceiling w/ 2" center hole for wiring 3/16 Savoy 2117 NE Oregon St., Portland, OR 97232 #10-24x3/4" Machine screw (4x) P 503.282.5095 F 503.282.2183 Formed pan mounted to ceiling pan Eye bolt 3/8x1" (Trimmed for length) Job Number 09-158 1/2"x0.065" Tube Bar Americain 65 5 " 8 72" 68 11 " 16 1/2"x0.065" Tube DETAIL A SCALE 1 : 2 General Notes Power cord Unless otherwise noted: Dimensions; all dimensions are in inches, all decimal dimensions may be rounded to nearest fraction for convenience in fabrication, and there are no standard tolerances. 109" Upper metal band Engineering; all structural engineering to the primary structure, if required, to be provided by others. Final stamp to be applied to as-built drawing set. Forged steel eye bolt Forged D-Shackle PAR16 lamp Upper metal band Steel bar support structure 1" Steel bar support structure Pendant is to consist of a large decorative steel cylinder with glass diffuser and zinc trim. Formed zinc surround 5" B Finishes; all finishes and the applicable surfaces to be determined by customer. Formed zinc Pendant is hung from a ceiling mount pan by steel rods, eyes, and shackles. 5" Attachment to primary structure by others. Lighting is to be from six (6) 60W bulbs and one 50W MR-16 bulb, 410W MAX DETAIL B SCALE 1 : 2 Exact pattern TBD 1/4"-20 Threaded rod attached to hex coupling nut welded to top support structure Pattern of decorative steel cylinder TBD. All finishes TBD. Estimated weight 150lbs. 42" 1/4"-20 Threaded rod 3/8 IP ADR Cluster body for 3/8 IP (3x) Medium base A lamp MR-16 down lamp Glass diffuser C Bottom diffuser Lamp Specifications D Acorn nut holds diffuser to threaded rod Input Voltage Isometric View Front View: DETAIL C SCALE 1 : 2 7 16 " 3 11 4 " 9" 3 33 4 " 6 (60A); 4 (60PAR16/HAL) 36" 25" 600 Sylvania 60A; Sylvania 60PAR16/HAL Tab is welded to lower ring of top support structure Tab is tapped for #10-32 screw 2" 12" 120 VAC Max Watts Lamp Lamp Qty SECTION D-D SCALE 1 : 8 Client: Mohegan Sun Project: Bar Americain Item Number: LGT-03 Item Name: Raw Bar Pendant Top View Structure Mount Pan Note: This is the template for hanging hardware 1 2" to an engineered drawing... Top View: Drawing Title: 09-158 Mohegan Sun Bar Americain LGT-03 Raw Bar Pendant 1 #10-32x1" Machine screw Sheet Title: Overview Detail of Decorative Metal Band Retaining tab SCALE 1:1 Exact pattern to be determined as supplied by others Drawn by: Eric Porter Native Size: Size Arch D (24 x 36") Qty: 3 Rev Item Scale = 1:12 Date: C LGT-03 9/17/2009 1/6
  • 5. to the final installation...
  • 6. Dos Caminos at The Palazzo Casino - Las Vegas, NV 2
  • 7. 3
  • 8. Lei Garden - Wanchai Lei Garden - Tsim Sha Shui 4
  • 9. Dos Caminos - Las Vegas, NV Lei Garden - Wanchai MGM Grand - Macau 5
  • 10. Serafina - New York, NY 6
  • 11. Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, NV 7
  • 12. Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge - Orlando, FL 8
  • 13. Savoy Note: Upper ornamental wood rings and flames install onto uppper riser weldment after themed wrap is applied onto vertical risers. Bolt complete upper assembly together at that time. 611 N. Tillamook, Portland, OR 97227 P 503.282.5095 F 503.282.2183 Job Number 07-305 DF3 Flame Theming derived from Blown Glass installed @ varying height along torchier top-refer to sheet 4 3 plc. General Notes 1 Fixture is to consist of 3 columns lit from within. Columns are constructed from steel armature, wrapped with a themed diffuser with a mud cloth pattern TBD. 134 " Internal framing is mild steel, primed and painted white. Columns are each topped with flared "bowl" with art-glass "feathers" mounted within. 95" 1 143 2 " Lighting spec supplied by LDA. Base is made to resemble carved wood. Internal steel structure provides support. The columns are secured to a steel plate, which bolts to a steel support structure. 2 The base support structure is secured to the steel base plate, which is bolted to the floor. The carved wood base is a non load-bearing cover for the steel support structure. The lamp assemblies are installed onto a yoke section at top and botom of columns to provide uniform lighting inside columns. The top yoke assembly is removable and accessable through a panel in the side of each "bowl". The lower yoke assembly is fixed with access through the 2 panels in carved wood base. Elevation View of min/max. heights Concentric rings welded at equally spaced increments along vertical portion to form structural columns, 3 plc. 3 REVISIONS REV. DESCRIPTION DATE B 9/16/2008 C 9/16/2008 D 61" E F 9/16/2008 Create addendum set of detail drawings for fabrication and structural engineering approval Per initial fit-up, added structural cross-bracing to Cages and structural base F04 9/16/2008 15 Oct 08 10/16/2008 Client: Disney Project: DF3 Unit Name: Stacked Hat Torchieres 07-305 DF3 Stacked Hat Torchiere Addendums ITEM NO. Plan View of area req'd 1 2 3 4 PART NUMBER Glass Torchiere Bowls Vertical Columns "Puppets" Structural frame assembly DESCRIPTION Weight QTY. Line Item Weights Themed Flame Elements 120 3 360 Riser, Vertical Structural Framing 95 3 285 Base, Steel Frame, Carved Themed Wood 200 1 200 Total 845 Sheet Title: Construction Details Drawn by:P. Bunten Native Size: Size Arch D (24 x 36") Qty: 2 Rev Item Scale = 1:32 Date: 10/21/2008 F04 DF3 1/9 9
  • 14. Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge - Orlando, FL 10 Private Residence Grand Hyatt - Guangzhou
  • 15. Phantom of the Opera Theatre at The Venetian - Las Vegas, NV 11
  • 16. Sushi Samba - Chicago, IL 12
  • 17. Trevi at Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, NV 13
  • 18. Payard Patisserie And Bistro - Las Vegas, NV 14
  • 19. Motre - Kyoto, Japan 15
  • 20. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 16
  • 21. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 17
  • 22. 18
  • 23. Bar Americain - New York, NY 19
  • 24. Rouge at MGM Grand - Las Vegas, NV 20
  • 25. Oriental Casino - Macau 21
  • 26. Emeril’s Tchoup Chop - Orlando, FL 22
  • 27. Emeril’s Miami Beach - Miami, FL 23
  • 28. Emeril’s Table 10 at The Palazzo Casino - Las Vegas, NV 24
  • 29. Emeril’s Fishhouse at MGM Grand - Las Vegas, NV 25
  • 30. Mesa Grill - New York, NY 26
  • 31. 27
  • 32. Moody Gardens Convention Center - Galveston, TX 28
  • 33. 29
  • 34. Resorts Casino - Atlantic City, NJ 30
  • 35. The Mix at Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas, NV 31
  • 36. City of Dreams - Macau 32
  • 37. Regent Hotel - Beijing 33
  • 38. The Venetian Macau Hotel and Resort - Macau 34
  • 39. Gaudi Bar at Sunset Station Casino - Las Vegas, NV 35
  • 40. Trump Taj Mahal Casino - Atlantic City, NJ 36
  • 41. Emeril’s Atlanta - Atlanta, GA 37
  • 42. Private Rsidence 38
  • 43. Private Rsidence 39
  • 44. ZED 451 - Chicago, IL 40
  • 45. Shangri-la Hotel - Pazhou 41
  • 46. Emeril’s Gulf Coast Fish House at Island View Casino and Resort - Gulfport, MS 42
  • 47. Shangri-la Hotel - Hohhot Shangri-la Hotel - Hohhot 43
  • 48. Shangri-la Hotel - Fatain MGM Grand - Macau 44 Shan Xi Project - China
  • 49. Manhattan Hill Residence - Hong Kong Great Hall of the People (Shanghai Room) Shangri-la Hotel - Pazhou 45
  • 50. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 46
  • 51. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 47
  • 52. 48
  • 53. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 49
  • 54. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 50
  • 55. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 51
  • 56. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 52
  • 57. 53
  • 58. 54
  • 59. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 55
  • 60. Private Residence 56
  • 61. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 57
  • 62. Arcata Airport - Arcata, CA 58 Private Residence
  • 63. Sheikh Hamden Mosque - Dubai 59
  • 64. Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 60
  • 65. Azhar Park - Cairo, Egypt 61
  • 66. Grand Maison - Beirut, Lebanon 62
  • 67. Azhar Park - Cairo, Egypt 63
  • 68. Ashraf Building - Cairo, Egypt 64
  • 69. Wind Creek Casino and Resort - Atmore, AL 65
  • 70. Sheraton Hotel - Abu Dhabi Madinet Theater - Jumeirah, Dubai 66
  • 71. Sheraton Hotel - Abu Dhabi 67
  • 72. MGM Grand - Macau 68
  • 73. Shangri-la Hotel - Pudong 69
  • 74. Shangri-la Hotel - Futain 70
  • 75. Manhattan Hill - Hong Kong Las Vegas Sands Casino - Macau 71
  • 76. MGM Grand - Macau 72
  • 77. Hard Rock Casino - USA Three on the bund - Shanghai Shangri-la Hotel - Shenzhen 73
  • 78. Shangri-la Hotel - Chengdu 74 Manhattan Hill - Hong Kong
  • 79. Megu Restaurant, The Elements - Hong Kong 75
  • 80. Shangri-la Hotel - Pudong 76
  • 81. Island View Casino and Resort - Gulfport, MS 77
  • 82. David Burke Steakhouse at Foxwoods Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 78
  • 83. 79
  • 84. Shangri-la Hotel - Futain 80 Private Residence
  • 85. Kingsway Hotel - Macau 81
  • 86. MGM Grand - Macau Shangri-la Hotel - Hohhot 82 Manhattan Hill - Hong Kong Nina Tower - Hong Kong Lisboa Casino - Macau
  • 87. Nina Tower - Hong Kong 83
  • 88. The Cove at Atlantis - Bahamas 84
  • 89. Trump Taj Mahal Casino - Atlantic City, NJ 85
  • 90. Grayz Restaurant - New York, NY 86
  • 91. 87
  • 92. Shangri-la Hotel - Baotou 88 Wynn Macau - Macau
  • 93. Shangri-la Hotel - Pudong Shangri-la Hotel - Pazhou Shangri-la Hotel - Hohhot 89
  • 94. Ameristar St. Charles Casino - St. Charles, MO 90
  • 95. Shangri-la Hotel - Wenzhou 91
  • 96. Shangri-la Hotel - Xian 92 Shangri-la Hotel - Pazhou
  • 97. Island View Casino and Resort - Gulfport, MS 93
  • 98. Shangri-la Hotel - Futain 94
  • 99. The Cove at Atlantis - Bahamas 95
  • 100. Lei Garden - Wanchai 96 Park Hyatt Hotel - Shanghai
  • 101. Park Hyatt Hotel - Shanghai 97
  • 102. City of Dreams - Macau 98 Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT
  • 103. City of Dreams - Macau One Central - Macau 99
  • 104. Private Residence 100
  • 105. Fisherman’s Wharf - Macau 101
  • 106. Park Hyatt Hotel - Shanghai 102
  • 107. Daniel Boulud Brasserie - Las Vegas, NV 103
  • 108. Ocean Center - Hong Kong 104
  • 109. Private Residence 105
  • 110. 106
  • 111. 107
  • 112. Park Hyatt Hotel - Shanghai 108
  • 113. Daniel Boulud Brasserie - Las Vegas, NV Park Hyatt Hotel - Shanghai 109
  • 114. Private Residence 110
  • 115. Dichroic glass chandelier - Private Residence 111
  • 116. Westin Hotel - Shanghai Shan Dong Restaurant - Hong Kong 112
  • 117. Shangri-la Hotel - Ningbo Aberdeen Marina Club - Hong Kong 113
  • 118. AVA Restaurant at The Mirage Casino - Las Vegas, NV 114
  • 119. Shangri-la Hotel - Shenzhen AVA Restaurant at The Mirage Casino - Las Vegas, NV 115
  • 120. China World Hotel - Beijing 116 MGM Grand - Macau
  • 121. Renaissance Hotel - Wuhan Park Hyatt Hotel - Shanghai Crown Casino - Macau 117
  • 122. Beijing Hotel - China 118
  • 123. Park Hyatt Hotel - Shanghai Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 119
  • 124. 42nd Ave Theater - Royal Caribbean Cruise Line 120
  • 125. Paragon at Foxwoods Casino and Resort - Uncasville, CT 121
  • 126. Westin Hotel - Shanghai 122 Aberdeen Marina Club - Hong Kong Mohegan Sun - Uncasville, CT
  • 127. Galaxy Starworld Hotel - Macau Shangri-la Hotel - Island Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, NV 123
  • 128. 124
  • 129. 125
  • 130. Mosque of Sayyida Nafisa - Cairo, Egypt 126
  • 131. 127
  • 132. Mosque of Sayyida Nafisa - Cairo, Egypt 128
  • 133. Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh 129
  • 134. Charlie Palmer Steak - Las Vegas, NV 130
  • 135. Private Residence Nansha Hotel - Guangzhou Park Hyatt Hotel - Shanghai 131
  • 136. Private Residence 132
  • 137. Private Residence 133
  • 138. Kahala Hotel and Resort - Honolulu, HI 134 Shangri-la Hotel - Beijing
  • 139. Seminole Paradise at Hard Rock Casino - Hollywood, FL Private Residence 135
  • 140. Private Residence 136
  • 141. Crystal Palace Casino at Hotel Lisboa - Macau 137
  • 142. Partial Project List Aberdeen Marine Club, Hong Kong Council Bluffs River Boat, Council Bluffs, IO Aladdin Casino, Sultan’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV Creator Lutheran Church, Sunnyside, OR Ameristar Casino, St. Louis, MO Crown Casino, Macau American Red Cross, Washington DC Daniel Boulud Brasserie, Las Vegas, NV ARC Light Design, Las Vegas, NV David Burke Steakhouse, Foxwoods Casino and Arcata/Eureka Airport, McKinleyville, CA Resort, Ledyard, CT Argosy Casino, Las Vegas, NV Desert Inn, Las Vegas, NV Arvida Water, FL Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo, Japan Ashraf Building, Cairo, Egypt Disney, Disney Vacation Club, Auberge Boulud Restaurant, NY Animal Kingdom Lodge, Orlando, FL AVA, The Mirage Casino, Las Vegas, NV Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt E.C. Company, Portland, OR Bally’s Atlantic City, Wild Wild West Casino, NY Emanuel Hospital, Portland, OR Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Biloxi, MS Emeril’s Miami Beach, Miami, FL Beijing Hotel, Beijing Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House, Las Vegas, NV Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV Emeril’s Table 10, Las Vegas, NV Beth Shalom Temple, Las Vegas, NV Emeril’s Tchoup Chop, Orlando, LA Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Restaurant, New York, NY Emeril’s TV Show Chandelier, Atlanta, GA Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Restaurant, Las Vegas, NV Empress Casino, Joliet, Il Boomtown Casino, Las Vegas, NV Fish out of Water, Seagrove Beach, FL Boulder Station Casino, Las Vegas, NV Fisherman’s Wharf, Macau Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV Flamingo Hilton, Laughlin, NV Camp David, Washington D.C. Four Seasons Resort, Lina’I at Manele Bay, Lana’I, HI Cana Realty, Vancouver, WA Foxwood Casino, Ledyard, CT Cascade lighting, Portland, OR Galaxy Starworld Hotel, Macau Chicago Brew Pub, Las Vegas, NV Governor Hotel, Portland, OR Charlie Palmer’s, Las Vegas, NV Grand Hyatt, Guangzhou China World Hotel, Beijing Grand Maison, Beirut, Lebanon Christensen Yacht Building Corp., Vancouver, WA Grand Victoria Casino, Elgin, IL Church Street Station, Orlando, FL Grayz Restaurant, New York, NY City of Dreams, Macau Guam Reel Hotel, Guam Cirques Theatre New York Casino, Las Vegas, NV Gustav’s, Clackamas, OR Clark College, Vancouver, WA 138 Disney, Disney World, Orlando, FL Guthrie Glass, Egg Harbor, NJ
  • 143. Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas, NV Moody Gardens, Galveston, TX Harrah’s Casino Hotel, Reno, NV Mosque of Sayyida Nafisa, Cairo, Egypt Harrah’s Casino Hotel, New Orleans, LA Motor City Casino, Detroit, MI Rio Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV Texas Station Casino, Las Vegas, NV Harrah’s Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ Motre, Kyoto, Japan Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Texas Station Steakhouse, Las Vegas, NV Horseshoe Casino, Shreveport, LA Nansha Hotel, Guangzhou Isle Casino Hotel Black Hawk, Black Hawk, CO New York Aquarium, New York, NY Jesuit High School, Portland, OR New York, New York Las Vegas Kahala Hotel & Resort - Honolulu, HI Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV Kansas City Station Casino, Kansas City, MO Nike Image Design, Portland, OR Kingfish Restaurant, Boston, MA Nina Tower, Hong Kong Kingsway Hotel, Macau Ocean Center, Hong Kong Kuwaite Ambassador to United Nations One Central, Macau Residence, New York, NY Riley Creek Visitors Access Center, Denali National Park, AK Celebrity Summit, Miami, FL Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Celebrity Millennium, Miami, FL The Centurion, NY The Cove, Atlantis, Bahamas The Mix, Hollywood, CA The Pallazzo Las Vegas Resort Casino, Las Vegas, NV Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, NV Serenade of the Seas, Miami, FL Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Voyager of the Seas, Miami, FL Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR Royal Caribbean International, Miami, FL Oriental Casino, Macau Russian Tea Room, New York, NY Lei Gardens, Hong Kong Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas, NV Ryan Gallery, Las Vegas, NV Loch Noche, New York, NY Palm Court Restaurant, Arlington Heights, IL Seminole Paradise, Hard Rock Hotel Casino, Lisboa Casino, Macau Palms A. Maloof Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV LRS Architects, Portland, OR Paragon, Foxwoods Casino and Resort, Ledyard, CT Temple Beth Israel, Portland, OR Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Eagle One, Miami, FL Las Vegas Sands Casino, Macau Lucier, Portland, OR Tavern on the Green, New York, NY Hollywood, FL The Venetian Macau Hotel and Resort, Macau Top Brass, Las Vegas, NV Treasure Island Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, NV Trump Entertainment Resorts, Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, NJ Trump Entertainment Resorts, Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ Trump Entertainment Resorts, Serafina, New York, NY Trump Marina, Atlantic City, NJ Shangri-la Hotel - Beijing University of Portland, Portland, OR Luxor Casino, Las Vegas, NV Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV Sheikh Hamden Mosque, Dubai UPS World Headquarters, Atlanta, GA Madinet Theater, Jumeirah, Dubai Park Hyatt Hotel, Shanghai Sheraton Hotel, Abu Dhabi Waikele Golf Club, Wiphau Oahu, HI Main Street Station, Las Vegas, NV Paulson’s Residence, Sherwood, OR Silver Legacy Casino, Reno, NV Washington State Capitol, Olympia, WA Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, NV Peterbuilt Motor Company, Newark, CA Sofitel Sherm El Sheikh Water Color Inn and Resort,Santa Rosa Beach, FL Manhattan Hill, Hong Kong Portland Convention Center, Portland, OR South Shore Harbor Resort and Hotel, Wells Fargo Bank, Portland, OR Mea Culpa, Las Vegas, NV Portland International Airport, Portland, OR. MGM City Center, Las Vegas, NV Portland Police Memorial, Portland, OR St. Charles River Front Station, St. Charles, MO Wildlife Conservation Society, New York, NY MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV Providence Medical Center, Portland, OR St. Joe Company, Jacksonville, FL Wolfgang Puck Restaurant, MGM Grand, Macau Red Lion Inn, Modesto, CA Stoel Rives LLP, Portland, OR MGM Grand Detroit, Detroit, MI Red Lion Inn, SeaTac Airport, Seattle, WA Stratosphere Casino Tower, Las Vegas, NV Woodland Dialysis Center, Singapore MGM Grand Foxwoods, Mashantucket, CT Red Lion Restaurant, Portland International Airport, OR Summit Casino, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Wynn Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV MGM Mirage, Las Vegas, NV Red Rocks Night Club, Dallas, TX Sunset Station, Las Vegas, NV Wynn Macau, Macau Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT Red Rocks Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV Sushi Samba, Chicago, IL Zazarac Restaurant, Tampa, FL Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV Redwood Capital Bank, Eureka, CA Taj Mahal Resort and Casino, Atlantic City, NJ Zed 451, Chicago, IL Johnson Space Center, TX Westin Hotel, Shanghai MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV 139
  • 144. SAVOY STUDIOS 11908 N Lombard Portland, OR 97203 tel: 503.282.5095 fax: 503.282.2183 web: © Savoy Studios, LLC. 2013