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  • 1. Clay vs. United States 1964-1971 Brandon Mitchell
  • 2. Draft In Effect
    • If Tiger Woods were to be eligible for the draft, and he appealed to it, what would you think ?
    • Would this be fair ?
  • 3. Background Info.
    • Cassius Clay was a great boxer. He then changed his religion to Islam ;and changed his name to Muhammad Ali, a more appropriate Muslim name. During the time of the Vietnam War; the draft was in effect. Ali being a Muslim it was against his beliefs, so he did not.
  • 4. Clay’s Defense
    • There are three tests for conscientious objectors; which means an excuse not to go to war. One of those test are based on if your religion prohibits war. Ali was a Muslim and war was against their beliefs.
  • 5. Prosecution’s Case
    • Cassius Clay failed the qualifying tests for the Military because of his poor spelling and writing skills. But then they Military lowered it standards and Ali was now eligible but did not enlist.
  • 6. My Ruling
    • I would have ruled in favor of Clay because of his religious beliefs. I do however understand by making this judgment some people might think it is unfair or everyone that does not wish to go to war will say they are a Muslim.
  • 7. Results
    • The Appeal Board did not have any reason to deny the conscientious objector of Clay.
    • Ali’s conviction was reversed and he was released.
    • June 28 th ,1971
    • .
  • 8. Bibliography
    • http:// /
  • 9. Rubric Points will be deducted for loud or goofy behavior You know what I’m talking about. Appropriate behavior in library ____ out of 7 Sources cited ____ out of 7 Make it look balanced and professional Visually appealing ____ out of 20 Good research and summary skills shown Accuracy and level of detail