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Palestra entregue no evento de lançamento do Visual Studio 2012 em São Paulo

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  • Software delivery is a cross-functional team effort that requires diverse functions to integrate in delivering the value envisioned for software investments. The Visual Studio ALM cause is to enable organizations to integrate cross-functional teams in delivering a continuous flow of business value through software investments.
  • Modern apps.<NEXT SLIDE>
  • Always on, accessible anywhere,high scale data management, and constantly evolving are defining traits of modern apps. Enabling these traits without the right application platform and tools is a tough scale and complexity challenge.
  • Always on, accessible anywhere,high scale data management, and constantly evolving are defining traits of modern apps. Enabling these traits without the right application platform and tools is a tough scale and complexity challenge.
  • Accelerating business modernization with investments in systems of engagement (modern apps) isabusiness and technology decision maker priority.Software and app development investments are critical enablers of business modernization initiatives. Business and technology decision makers alike, are recognizing the opportunity to prioritize software and app investments that take advantage of advances in technology, to realize new value opportunities in scaling reach, and growing their top/bottom lines.
  • Gartner top 12 strategic technology article on role of CIOs in enabling systems of engagement (modern apps):
  • The most talked about modern app developers are coming out of startups. And why are they so successful? Because they have lean practices unencumbered by years of refined processes. The Learn Startup has intuitively found an optimal path to getting ideas developed, delivered, and refined. Ideas are developed and then released. They measure how their app is doing, collect the data, and then learn about what happened. Finally, they apply those lessons and update their product.The modern startup is lean.And being lean leads to<CLICK>
  • Modern apps take advantage of advances in technology (mobility, devices, cloud computing, the internet) to enable new value opportunities for businesses across all industries, to scale their reach and grow their top/bottom lines. Value opportunities that can be enabled by modern app investments are constantly evolving and require a continuous delivery cadence to realize the needed sense of urgency. GestãoModerna practices enable businesses to execute and deliver on modern app investments with a continuous delivery cadence that balances agility and quality.
  • Thisis a canonical architecture of modernizing an enterprise’s IT infrastructure and app investments, originating from baseline on-premise infrastructures.
  • By layering in the Microsoft Application platform offerings, the end-to-end integrated platform + development tools solution becomes visible and apparent.
  • Modern app lifecycle management practices help teams eliminate delivery impediments and deliver continued value with software. Modern app lifecycle management extends beyond source code management and version control to encompass full lifecycle practices that integrate teams and functions, eliminate waste, and reduce cycle times across every aspect of software development from ideation to production operations.
  • The Visual Studio GestãoModerna solution is Hybrid IT capable. Team Foundation Server on-premise and Team Foundation Service in the cloud, enable the modern app lifecycle management hubs that provide the services to enable the above described modern app lifecycle management practices through integrations with surround development tools and other Microsoft servers and services The Microsoft ALM solution components: Team Foundation Server: The ALM server/hub enabling end-to-end and integrated ALM capabilities for cross-platform development teams.The platform development teams for which our ALM solution is optimized and will continue to evolve to enrich.VS is the primary IDE for Microsoft Development. All VS tools (core IDE, MTM, Storyboarding, Feedback client) have built in ALM integrations to TFS. Team Explorer Everywhere (TEE) includes an Eclipse plug-in to enable TFS integration from within Eclipse for SCM and build automation.TEE also includes cross-platform command line tools to enable integrating with TFS from within environments where native IDE/tools integrations with TFS do not exist.The VS ALM Agile planning capabilities can be integrated with Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for formal enterprise project & portfolio management and enterprise collaboration.TFS <-> Systems Center Operations Manager integrations enable integrated DevOps incident management and work item tracking. Lab Management can utilize self-managed standard environments and virtualized environments managed by systems center virtual machine manager.The Build automation service can be configured to invoke build engines for cross-platform/heterogeneous code bases.The integrated reporting and analytics capabilities are powered by SQL Server Reporting and Analysis Services.
  • Transition slide – heard about business challenges and technology required to build out new competitive initiatives. BUT, there are no green-field companies unless a start up. They must have existing technology – much of this is deployed via some of these architectures such as, monolithic mainframe type deployments, client/server or possibly SOA/ESB. All 3 of these require modernization when trying to adjust infrastructure to support business initiatives.
  • Inefficient team integrations result in value delivery impediments that adversely impact the entire software lifecycle from defining application requirements to development, production, deployment, and operations. The net adverse impact is increased cycle time in delivering value to take the business forward at the needed velocity.
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  • Modernização de Aplicações

    1. 1. AlcanceAdapte-se amundança Márcio Sete @marciosete #VS2012BR
    2. 2. Partner of the Year 2012Application Lifecycle Management
    3. 3. Aplicações Modernas
    4. 4. Tendências Tecnológicas Valor Contínuo DispositivosPessoal & contextual Aplicações Sociais Conectados Big Data Ciclos curtos Serviços Contínuos Infraestrutura Hibrida
    5. 5. Motores de Negócio Modern workforce Direct-to-consumer Connected Commerce enablement Compete Velocity
    6. 6. Usuários de Negócio, B2B com Parceiros/Forncedores e Consumidores, Força de Trabalho Móvel, Novo e online Suporte do canal/Força de Vendas modelo de relacionamento com canal Sistemas de Registro: Aplicações de Negócio • Sistemas de Engajamento: Aplicações ModernasSystems of Record Characteristics Direct-to-Consumer • Moderate-long cycle times • Online B2B Pacotes comPlanned infrastructure scaling • customizações • Mobile workforceDiferenciação de marca • Traditional OLTP, DW, OLAP enablement • Macro-transactions • Gamification Longos ciclos de atualização latencies • Moderate to high • Consumer and Velocidade: Entrega contínua • Moderate availability requirements Audience • Moderate MTTR : hours to days Intelligence Escala corporativa Escala de Internet
    7. 7. 37% 58%
    8. 8. Lean Startups
    9. 9. DevOps-CommerceAplicações Gestão Data CenterModernas Moderna Moderno Melhor Mais ágil Custo
    10. 10. Ferramentas para desenvolvimento e gestão Federação Indentidade Web APIs (REST, ODATA) Gerenciamento Unificado
    11. 11. Visual StudioDispositivos conectados
    12. 12. Gestão moderna
    13. 13. Transição: modelo deserviçoVídeo
    14. 14. MSFT Java iOS Incl. AndroidVisual Studio Eclipse Team Explorer EverywhereFerramentas Visual Studio Team Explorer EverywhereTeam foundation server Integração e rastreabilidade fim-a-fimTeam foundation service Plajenamento Itens de SCM Testes Gestão de Automação de Relatórios e trabalho Laboratórios Build painéis de bordo APIs de Integração • Microsoft Project Server • Systems center Laboratórios Build multiplataforma • SQL Server Reporting Soluções de • Microsoft SharePoint Server operations manager • Ambientes padrão self-service (Ant, Maven, iOS) Services Parceiros • Ambientes virtualizados gerenciados por • SQL Server Analysis Systems Center Services
    15. 15. Business Alignment & ROI Maximization Continuos Continuos Continuos Advanced Continuos StoryboardingIntegration Deployment Feedback Testing Feedback DevOps Quality Enabled Continuous Value Delivery Acceptance Test Driven Development Agility Practices Lean Startup
    16. 16. Eliminar desperdício | Redução do ciclo | Integração & visibilidade Feedback contínuo | Qualidade continua | Entrega contínua
    17. 17. Requisitos não compreendidos Feedbak não gera ação Prioridades para desenvolvimento conflitantes Dificuldade para identificar causas raiz em incidentes de produçãoQualidade é uma fasepassagem de bastão entre desenv e testesIntegração de times multiplataforma Ferramentas e processos distintos Expectativas de usuários não atendidas Requisitos de produção não atendidos/estabelecidos
    18. 18. Desafios Solução ValorCapturar requisitos claros Recursos e ferramentas: Reduzir o tempo paraque motivem ação Storyboarding definição de requisitos PrototipaçãoLongos ciclos de entrega Modelagem Acelerar a entrada emSoftware entregue não Documentos de Requisitos mercados com um fluxoatende as expectativas Especificações contínuo de valor Participação ativa dos Software atende expectativas usuários e Stakeholders e adiciona valor aos negócios Pequenos incrementos, ciclos mais rápidos
    19. 19. Desafios Solução ValorBalanço entre qualidade e Pequenas entregas, porém Entrega contínua de valorvelocidade efetivas/eficientes com velocidade e qualidadeIntegrar times de ALM multiplataforma Software atende expectativasdesenvolvimento Desenvolvimento orientado de usuários e negóciomultiplataforma a testes Agilidade e GovernançaDescoberta tardia de requisitos Testes e Feedback contínuosSuperar impedimentos ao Usuários participando dolongo do projeto processo de desenvolvimentoAdotar práticas ágeis e Rastreabilidade fim-a-fimrespeitar governança integrados ao PMO
    20. 20. Desafio Solução Valor Definir e constantementeCriar software pronto para validar critérios de aceite de Entregar software prontoser colocado em produção operações para produçãoIntegrar times de operações Automatizar o gerenciamento Reduzir ciclos de operaçãoe desenvolvimento para dos laboratórios de testes Reduzir o tempo entre falhasaumentar a velocidade Integrar incidentes de produção e desenvolvimento Diagnósticos de produção que gerem ação para desenvolvimento
    21. 21. © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on thepart of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.