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KQA Cricket Quiz Prelims 2013
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KQA Cricket Quiz Prelims 2013


KQA Cricket Quiz conducted on April 29th 2013.

KQA Cricket Quiz conducted on April 29th 2013.

Published in Sports
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  • 1. 1. Identify this T20 world recordholder who shares his namewith a prominent quizzer.1.
  • 2. Arul Suppiah.World Record holder for best bowling in T20 cricket.He took 6 wickets for 5 runs
  • 3. 2. These are the only two people in this exhaustivelist. What list?
  • 4. Only two players to convert their only score of above50 into a double hundred.Brendon Kuruppu and David Lloyd
  • 5. 3. A one-off Test to celebrate Australias bicentenarycelebrations at Sydney, this match was memorable for Xstantrum when dismissed after a good hundred - he leftthe field to booing as a result of him demolishing hisstumps with his batWho?10.
  • 6. Chris Broad
  • 7. 4. This Pre-Hadlee New Zealand fast bowler wasdescribed thus:"His bowling is very much like his name. It is neitherhere, nor there."Who?3.
  • 8. Bob Cunis.
  • 9. 5. In 1996, England hosted an U-15 world cup. India emergedchampions with a team consisting of future internationals likeReetinder Sodhi and Mohammad Kaif.•In the semis, India defeated a South African team. Only onemember of that team graduated to play test cricket andcontinues to play international cricket today. Identify him.4.
  • 10. Jonathan Trott.
  • 11. 6.1997 - X2006 - Y2013 - Kushal Perera.These are the only three to be part of this exclusiveclub for Sri Lanka. India has nearly 40 entrants inthis club. Identify X and Y.5.
  • 12. Triple Centurions.X - Sanath Jayasuriya, 340 against IndiaY - Mahela Jayawardene, 374 against South Africa.Kushal Pereras 336 is the only triple century in the 75 year history ofthe Sri Lankan domestic competition.Salute Sir Ravindra Jadeja
  • 13. 7. Greg Blewett hit 169 in a tour game against thetouring Englishmen in 1998-99. This is significantas this was the first of something, that has nowgrown to more than 2000.Fundae please.6.
  • 14. Rob Moodys first upload.<0-< <0-<
  • 15. 8. Siddharth Monga while reviewing the 2012cricketing season, gave Peter Siddle the JavagalSrinath award.Why?2.
  • 16. Peter Siddle has become vegetarian.Javagal Srinath is of course the patron saint ofvegetarian fast bowlers.
  • 17. 9. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) arranged the Asia XI vs Rest ofthe World XI in april 2000 at Dhaka to round off the ICC CricketWeek.Asia XI led by Tendulkar‟s 80 posted an imposing 320. In responseRoW were in tatters at 196-7 in 37 overs. Then X hit a magnificent185 not out of 132 balls with 19 fours and 5 sixes to get RoW on thebrink of an improbable victory.With 6 to win off the last ball he hit a four and thus RoW XI lost byone run. They would have tied the game if Andy Caddick had groundhis bat at the non strikers end on the penultimate ball. Butunfortunately he was run out by Robin Singh.X?11.
  • 18. Michael Bevan.
  • 19. 10. X was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1991. He howeverovercame cancer and returned to his national side.Even though his career spanned 8 years he played only 29 ODIs. Hisdefining moment came in his comeback match when he scored abrilliant 169 off 143 balls not out against New Zealand. He also took3 for 32 and was adjudged man of the match.He now uses his celebrity status to promote cancer awareness.Who ?12
  • 20. Dave Callaghan
  • 21. 11. Jarrod Kimber has written these lines to describe whom?“He first appeared in front of me as a left arm spinner withlittle spin, flight or guile, and a front arm that refused to workat all. He was just the right guy in the right place who didn‟tuse his right arm at the right time.”14.
  • 22. Paul HarrisA
  • 23. 12. Identify the player.16.
  • 24. Rudi Van Vuuren•Only person to play 2 World Cups in 2 sports in 1 year.•He played the cricket world cup and the rugby world cup in2003.A
  • 25. Someone from the stand let loose a live duck onto the fieldreferencing Greg Chappells run of seven consecutiveducks.He made 38 this innings.Full video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95QpbTqaXNs
  • 26. 14. Who‟s name has been blanked out ?
  • 27. Dirk Nannes skiing career.
  • 28. 15. Piyush Chawla turned out for Sussex Sharks during the firstChampions League tournament in 2009. His teammates gave him anickname X.Chawla essentially replaced Y, who had retired earlier and isconsidered as a Sussex Legend. The nickname X is actually a tributeto Ys nickname.What was the nickname and who was the Sussex Legend?19.
  • 29. Pushy.After Mushtaq Ahmed, who was called Mushy.A
  • 30. 16. In a test match against New Zealand, Venkataraghavan took12 wickets in the game. In the process, he became just the 2ndperson to achieve this record. The first did so in 1956.•The record is now shared by 6 people. Contrary toexpectations, in 1999, X actually missed this record.•X? Record?15.
  • 31. •X – Anil Kumble•Record – Dismissing all 11 batsmen in a game.Kumble did not dismiss Waqar Younis in any of the innings. Thefirst person to achieve this was Jim Laker in 1956.A
  • 32. 17 What is unique with the third test of the 1984-85 seriesbetween India and England?•It is unique for the time period between 1978 and 1994.22.
  • 33. Kapil Dev was dropped.It is the only test match that he missed in his entirecareer.A.
  • 34. 18.Arkle was an Irishthoroughbred horse. The horsewon 27 out of the 35 races ittook part in.•The reason this is being asked ina cricket quiz is because acricketer was nicknamed „Arkle‟for his restless presence on thefield and his ability to lap overhis Nottinghamshire teammatesduring training.•Who?55.
  • 35. Derek RandallA
  • 36. 19. Sometime last year, Pradeep Ramarathnam (aka Conga)tweeted after an event.“Now bring on the Raghu Ramaiah trophy”Funda please…25.
  • 37. Sachin‟s Rajya Sabha nomination.•Raghu Ramaiah Trophy is the name given to the cricketmatch between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.A.
  • 38. 20. The blog from where Isourced this photograph callsit the creepiest image incricket history. Who is thisand why is it creepy?26.
  • 39. Steve RandellA.
  • 40. 21.This bat was made byGray Nicolls and given toa cricketer for his“legendary” batting skills.Who is the batsman?27.
  • 41. B.S. ChandrashekharA.
  • 42. 22. After the first time he thanked Ian Bishop, David Williamsand Ramnaresh Sarwan. The second time was when it wasbrought into spotlight. There was no commotion when ithappened the third time.•What?28.
  • 43. Denesh Ramdin test hundreds.A.
  • 44. 23. Cricketer in his new avatar. Who?29.
  • 45. Nathan Astle.•He is into his 3rd season of speedway racing in New Zealand.A.
  • 46. 24. Hit by a spate of injuries and missing players for internationalcricket, Bombay faced a formidable Karnataka side in the 1987-88Ranji Trophy pre-quarterfinal. Bombay recalled this player, 7 yearsafter his retirement. He promptly dismissed international stars -Binny and Viswanath to set Bombay on their way to victory. After awicketless quarterfinal, which Bombay lost, he retired again.Who is the Bombay legend?30.
  • 47. Padmakar Shivalkar.589 wickets in Ranji Trophy.A
  • 48. 25. On the left is an image from his debut match where in the first inningshe equaled a record held by X. In the second innings he equaled anotherrecord held by Y. (These records still stand today although other peoplehave equaled it)X and Y are related.Identify him and also X and Y.
  • 49.  Yajurvindra Singh On his debut, he set world records by equalling VicRichardson‟s (X) record for most catches in aninnings and Greg Chappell‟s (Y) record for mostcatches in a test.
  • 50.  26.Contd.
  • 51.  Identify the 3 people.
  • 52.  Clive Lloyd Sandeep Patil Syed Kirmani
  • 53.  27. Good enough to play over50 first class games.Remembered now as anumpire. According to Wisden, “Raisedumpiring to a higher levelthan had ever been known inthe history of cricket”. Identify.
  • 54.  Frank Chester Lost his arm in World War 1. We can clearly see hisartificial arm in the image.
  • 55. 28. Sachin Tendulkar is holdingthe man of the match award fora game that took place inChristchurch in 2002. Why is itdifferent to any other man ofthe match award that he haswon?
  • 56.  He won the award for a cricket max game. The onlyInternational cricket max game to have taken place.
  • 57. 29. In the 2nd test between India and Australia, a shotfrom David Warner was caught by X. Allan Border,on air called it “the miracle of Hyderabad”. A fewminutes later, the giant screen at the stadiumshowed no increase in the number of catches X hastaken in test cricket. Who is X? What happened?
  • 58.  Merv Hughes He caught the ball in the stands.
  • 59. 30. Most runs in a test series by an Indian Sunil Gavaskar - 774 Sunil Gavaskar - 732 X - 642 Rahul Dravid - 619 Rahul Dravid - 602Who comes in between the 2 batting greats ?
  • 60.  Dilip Sardesai. He scored 642 runs in the 1971 test series againstWest Indies including the first double hundred by anIndian abroad.
  • 61. 31. Identify him and explain what he is doing?20.
  • 62. Yohan Blake, ringing the bell at Lords to indicate thestart of the day of a test match.A.
  • 63. 32. "Pat the dog and screw the lightbulb". What isPaul Collingwood describing (on Twitter andduring commentary) here ?8.
  • 64. Bhangra.(Monty described it like this to his teammates)