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Cricket quiz finals at ISB


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Cricket quiz finals at ISB

  1. 1.  Quiz has eight rounds – 7 with 12 questions and 1 with 10  Shall follow infinite bounce. Subsequent team starts each round.  Six teams in finals. Top three win prizes (4k, 2k and 1k)  Audience goodies are on too.  Rapid-fire round – my decision on who went first is final.  Points from prelims carried forward to final.  That’s about it – have a good innings guys!
  2. 2. The Best of Tests After the legendary quick-fire innings played by Gilbert Jessop (100 in 75 minutes), England needed 15 to win the 1902 Oval Test with the last wicket in hand. There is an apocryphal, yet famous story of one of the partners telling the other – ‘We’ll get them in singles’. One of them went on to become England’s opening batsman a few years later. Who are the two players?
  3. 3. Wilfred Rhodes
  4. 4. The Best of Tests This famous Australian mystery spinner was quite a rage (and success) till the South African tour of 1969-70 when his variations were easily decoded by Barry Richards, who was making his debut. The bowler was subsequently handled comfortably by most South African batsmen. Who is the bowler being referred to?
  5. 5. John Gleeson
  6. 6. The Best of Tests In the Lord’s Test of the classic 1972 Ashes, X made his debut and stunned the world with an outstanding bowling display that crushed the home side. In the same game Y played an innings of 131 that is widely regarded as his greatest ever (in an illustrious career). X’s performance was so good that Y’s classic effort is often forgotten. Identify X and Y.
  7. 7. Bob Massie and Greg Chappell
  8. 8. The Best of Tests In the 5-Test series between West Indies and Australia played in the Caribbean in 1984-85, WI won 3-0. This result in itself was not a surprise considering the team WI had. But what about the performance was extraordinary?
  9. 9. WI never lost a single 2nd innings wicket in the series
  10. 10. The Best of Tests In just his second Test, this left handed batsman made an unbeaten 214. However, he soon fell out of favor with the selectors and ended his career with just nine Tests and a solitary century. He has since forged a career as a fairly successful coach and later commentator. Who?
  11. 11. David Lloyd
  12. 12. The Best of Tests Australia have been known to end up on the losing side in close encounters. They have been involved in both ties and in 1 run, 2 run, 3 run and 5 run defeats. The first three came against WI (Adelaide), England (Edgbaston), England (MCG). What about the fourth (5-run loss) – opposition and venue?
  13. 13. South Africa, SCG 1994
  14. 14. The Best of Tests On 14 of the 16 occasions this dashing batsman scored an ODI century, his team won the game. He is also the only player to score a double century in the fourth innings in a losing cause. Identify him.
  15. 15. Nathan Astle
  16. 16. The Best of Tests Bowler X had a fairly ordinary debut but went on his first tour overseas (India) and rattled the home team with more than 30 wickets in the series. He then proceeded to torment Australia at Perth in the single game his team won on that tour. Who is this bowler?
  17. 17. Andy Roberts
  18. 18. The Best of Tests This highly talented Pakistan batsman made his debut against Sri Lanka at the P Sara Oval in 2009. He went on to score a brilliant second-innings 168 out of a team total of 320. However, he was dropped after just his third Test and has never played since. Who is this unfortunate batsman?
  19. 19. Fawad Alam
  20. 20. The Best of Tests Batsman X averaged more than 70 against the mighty WI of the 1970s including two excellent double centuries, one of them coming against the rampant Michael Holding at The Oval in 1976. However, this batsman had an attack of nerves whenever he faced up to the duo of Lillee and Thomson. He barely averaged 15 against Australia and was dismissed for a duck seven times in 11 matches. Who is X?
  21. 21. Dennis Amiss
  22. 22. The Best of Tests Bradman-inspired Australia came back from 2-0 down to beat Gubby Allen’s England 3-2 in the 1936-37 Ashes. This remains the only such instance of a recovery from 2-0 down. India however threatened to do so twice only to lose the final Test and the series 3-2 after making a comeback to 2-2. One was against WI in the home series in 1974-75. Against which team was the other and what was unique about this series?
  23. 23. Bob Simpson led Australia in 1977-78. Packer defections weakened the team
  24. 24. The Best of Tests After a major struggle against the pace of Ray Lindwall and Keith Miller, this top batsman was dropped for one Test. However he was quickly brought back and responded with scores of 81, 57, 64 and 30 (out of a team total of 52). Who is this batting great?
  25. 25. Len Hutton
  26. 26. Legends and Records This outstanding Australian batsman (X) is widely regarded as perhaps their finest despite averaging just over 38. Before Tendulkar and Dravid batted together in England in 2011 and claimed the record for the world’s top run getters batting together, X and Clem Hill had held the record for a 100 years. Identify X.
  27. 27. Victor Trumper
  28. 28. Legends and Records This great patron of the sport was one of the weirdest characters. He tried to divide the Indian team and once threw Lala Amarnath out of a tour for opposing him. He went on to become a notable commentator in later years. Identify.
  29. 29. Maharajah of Vizianagram or Vizzy
  30. 30. Legends and Records During a warm-up match (before the 1990-91 Ashes) against Queensland in Carrara, X and Y flew a Tiger Moth plane over the ground. The England management failed to see the funny side and X was not picked for any of the Tests, and indeed no more after that. Y however played on and retired a few months later. Identify them.
  31. 31. David Gower and John Morris
  32. 32. Legends and Records This terrifying fast bowler was proving to be a menace for most opposition batsmen. He was feared the most for his ‘beamers’ – full tosses directed straight at the batsmen. Despite being warned by his captain, he refused to lie low and bowled another beamer after being provoked. This led to his exit from Tests. Identify.
  33. 33. Roy Gilchrist
  34. 34. Legends and Records This exceptional spinner was born in Otago, New Zealand. However he went on to play for Australia. He made his debut aged 34 but went on to become the quickest (and first) bowler to the 200 wicket mark. He ended with 216 wickets in just 37 Tests. Who is he?
  35. 35. Clarrie Grimmett
  36. 36. Legends and Records Before this cricketer died in 2003, he was the oldest surviving player. He played in one Test (India’s first). He also featured for the Indian hockey team and had an option to play either cricket or hockey at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. In his memory, Madras and Ceylon (later TN and Sri Lanka) contested a trophy. Who is he?
  37. 37. M.J Gopalan
  38. 38. Legends and Records These two great players, popularized heavily by Lord Kitchener and later by Lord Beginner in their calypsos, held records for bowling 98 and 95 overs respectively in an innings. Who are these players and what is the famous Calypso line that is dedicated to them?
  39. 39. Sonny Ramadhin and Alf Valentine
  40. 40. A batsman who lost his wicket to X described the bowler as some bloke called 'Robinson Crusoe‘. The name Crusoe thus stuck to X throughout his life. X went on to forge a great career as a cricket correspondent and writer. He suffered from depression and ultimately committed suicide. Who is X? Legends and Records
  41. 41. R.C Robertson Glasgow
  42. 42. Legends and Records As is evident again from the current Test series, Australia and South Africa are likely to provide exciting contests for a while. In the past, three of their famous match-ups ended with a six hit to win the game. While Ian Healy did so first at Port Elizabeth in 1997-98 chasing 270, Mark Boucher enabled SA seize one win in Durban in 2002 chasing 335 (the last time this happened). The only other time a player hit a six to win a Test, he also completed his century with the shot. Who was the player and where was this game played?
  43. 43. Ricky Ponting – Cape Town 2002
  44. 44. Legends and Records X who took a record 640 wickets in the Ranji Trophy, India's national competition, never had the opportunity to play for the country, apart from one unofficial Test against Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) in 1964-65. Had he been born in any other era, he would almost certainly have got a break at the highest level, but Bishen Bedi's presence ended X’s chances. Sunil Gavaskar lists X as one of the finest bowlers he ever faced. Who is X?
  45. 45. Rajinder Goel
  46. 46. Legends and Records Identify the connect and complete the sequence Kapil Dev : Rumesh Ratnayake :: Shane Warne : Jacques Kallis :: Glenn McGrath : ?
  47. 47. 300th wicket – Brian Lara
  48. 48. Legends and Records In the Sydney Test of 2005-06, Ricky Ponting became the only cricketer to achieve the rare feat of scoring twin centuries in his 100th Test. However, there was an even more interesting record set in the game 0 something that has happened only twice so far (and once before that game). What are we talking about?
  49. 49. Graeme Smith declaring in both innings and losing – Only Sobers in 1967-68 at Trinidad had done so earlier
  50. 50. World Cup glory Bowler X created a sensation in the 1987 WC when he bowled his team to two thrilling last-over wins. It was X’s first ever World Cup. He also went on to snare a crucial wicket in a later edition to help his team sneak through a difficult knock-out fixture. Who is X?
  51. 51. Steve Waugh
  52. 52. World Cup glory Sri Lanka - Old Trafford, Zimbabwe - ?, Kenya - Pune, Bangladesh - Northampton, Ireland - Jamaica. In the context of World Cups, what is this sequence all about? Find the missing bit.
  53. 53. Trent Bridge 1983 when Zim beat Australia – first win for associates over a Test-playing team in WC
  54. 54. World Cup glory Player X’s first WC century came in a match played in India. He also scored a century in his final WC game, which was also played in India. However, on both occasions, his team suffered defeats batting first. Who are we talking about?
  55. 55. Ricky Ponting
  56. 56. World Cup glory In the unforgettable 1999 tied semi-final, this player dropped Kallis and later Klusener. In between he dismissed Jonty Rhodes and ran Steve Elworthy out. While batting, he was dismissed bowled. Who is this ‘influential’ player?
  57. 57. Paul Reiffel
  58. 58. World Cup glory This fast bowler picked up a five-wicket haul in both the semi-final and final of a World Cup tournament. He also had a vital cameo batting performance to take his team through a tense, low scoring semi-final game. Who is he?
  59. 59. Gary Gilmour
  60. 60. World Cup glory X, who was the leading run scorer of that particular WC tournament, was forced to sit out (injury) when his team took the field in the semi-final. He had earlier fallen short of a superb century when the team batted. Y took over from X as the captain but lacked the imaginative captaincy skills that his predecessor brought. The team which had dominated the tournament superbly until then lost out in the crucial game. Who are X and Y and which is this team/match?
  61. 61. Martin Crowe and John Wright
  62. 62. World Cup glory This batsman made one of the slowest centuries (102 off 158 balls with 4 fours) as his team crashed to a ten-wicket defeat. His moment of retribution came a few days later however when he settled under the catch that was to win his team the WC. Who is this player?
  63. 63. Rameez Raja
  64. 64. World Cup glory In a particular WC tournament, team A became the first to score over 300 in a WC game (50 over matches) when they thrashed team B by 191 runs at venue V1. A few years later, in another WC tournament , A shocked the world by upsetting the favorites in a knock-out game. B went on to register perhaps their most famous win at venue V2 (in same country as V1). In the first tournament, at the same venue (V2), A lost a vital game by one wicket and were eliminated before the semi finals. ID the teams and the venues.
  65. 65. A- WI, B – SL, V1- Karachi and V2- Lahore
  66. 66. World Cup glory From this photo, identify the wicket keeper and the batsman run out. Clue – this batsman was running for another player, who ended up being the top scorer for his team.
  67. 67. Lee Germon runs out Mike Atherton who was running for Graeme Hick
  68. 68. World Cup glory This bowler became the first to pick up 7 wickets in a WC game (during the 1983 WC). He was later paralyzed after falling off a tree. ID him.
  69. 69. Winston Davis
  70. 70. World Cup glory One of the many lives that Tendulkar had during his knock of 85 in the semi-final against Pakistan was an LBW reprieve off Saeed Ajmal. Who was the umpire whose decision was overturned by the DRS?
  71. 71. Ian Gould
  72. 72. Picture perfect This spinner made his Test debut in the Ashes and picked up an impressive six wicket haul. His performance however was completely overshadowed by just one particular delivery bowled by another spinner. Who is the bowler in the picture?
  73. 73. Peter Such
  74. 74. Picture perfect It was often very difficult to spot the difference between the two twins. The one on the right played Tests and was one of the country’s finest fast bowlers. The one on the left did not quite make the cut in Tests but had a great FC career. Who are the two players?
  75. 75. Alec Bedser and Eric Bedser
  76. 76. Picture perfect One of his country’s finest Test batsmen. Five of his six Test centuries were scored against Australia. After an extremely successful series against them in 1969-70, his career ended abruptly owing to off- field controversies. ID him.
  77. 77. Eddie Barlow
  78. 78. Picture perfect Spot the connect among the four images. Need complete connection.
  79. 79. Indore – Tendulkar 10000, Sehwag 200, Dravid birth and Compton, stationed there During WW2, became only foreigner to play final of Ranji trophy and scored 200
  80. 80. Picture perfect ID this legendary Australian commentator after whom an award (medal) is named. The medal is awarded to the best Australian player chosen by the commentary team. The most recent recipient being Michael Clarke. This Aussie commentator famously left the commentary box to take a flight when Australia were nearly out in the 1960 tied Test only to reach his destination and figure that he had missed an immortal ending.
  81. 81. Alan McGilvray
  82. 82. Picture perfect Can you connect the three?
  83. 83. Zoe Goss dismissed Brian Lara stumped. It was a Bradman memorial game.
  84. 84. Picture perfect Despite not playing much for the WI in their peak owing to the strength of the squad, this terrifying fast bowler was known for his hostility and volatile temper. He was known to have broken a helmet, snapped a glove and is also infamous for having flung a brick at an annoying spectator. He also dismissed Sunil Gavaskar five times despite playing India in very few Tests. ID him.
  85. 85. Sylvester Clarke
  86. 86. Picture perfect ID this cricketer and give me the interesting connect between this player and the duo of Ian Healy and Adam Gilchrist.
  87. 87. Phil Emery
  88. 88. Picture perfect A very interesting/funny WC episode involves these four players. What is it? (Need who they are first).
  89. 89. Tom Graveney, the match referee awarded the MOM to Sarfraz Nawaz assuming that WI lost from 166/8. WI won by one wicket thanks to Deryck Murray and Andy Roberts.
  90. 90. Picture perfect What is all this? A truly unique connect. Get it!
  91. 91. Gavaskar batted left to counter the vicious spin of Raghuram Bhat. Bombay drew the game with one wicket in hand but Karnataka went through to the final which they won.
  92. 92. Picture perfect After a knock on the head by Lindwall, this express bowler turned the Ashes series around with 27 wickets to enable England come back and win 3- 1. He is also known to have quoted Shakespeare and Wordsworth when he sledged batsmen. ID him.
  93. 93. Frank Tyson
  94. 94. Picture perfect These three great all-rounders achieved a feat (in order) in 1960-61, 1979-80 and 1982-83 against WI, India and India respectively. ID the one in pic 1 and tell me what is the feat?
  95. 95. 100 runs and 10 wickets in the game
  96. 96. Watch and listen! • Please listen/watch the clip carefully. • Will not play twice unless there is a genuine reason. • Question needs to be answered completely for full points. • If the question passes on, the video/audio clip cannot be played again
  97. 97. 1. ID the context and the second commentator.
  98. 98. Shane Warne bowls Basit Ali off the last ball of the day SCG 1995-96. Greg Chappell.
  99. 99. 2. What on earth is happening? Give full fundae.
  100. 100. Ian Botham out hit wicket. Jonathan Agnew uses the term ‘failed to get his leg over’ – a term used to refer to having sex. Considering the context and reference to Botham, who had a colorful life, Johnston is in splits.
  101. 101. 3. This batsman doffed his hat off to Lillee after a splendid spell. He went on to score a magnificent 4th innings century in a fantastic chase. Who is he and which is this game?
  102. 102. Derek Randall – 174 in the Centenary Test at the MCG 1977
  103. 103. 1. ID the context and the second commentator.
  104. 104. 4. What’s happening here? Context.
  105. 105. Dennis Lillee using an aluminium bat. Mike Brearley protested that the use of such a bat was damaging the ball.
  106. 106. 5. What exactly happened here? ID the batsman and tell me why this incident is famous.
  107. 107. Ewen Chatfield – swallowed tongue. Rescued by England physio.
  108. 108. 6. One of the craziest episodes. ID the commentator and context. If you can get the name of who he is referring to – bonus 10 points.
  109. 109. Lord’s 1975 – Michael Angelow streaks across the field and hurdles the stumps. Arlott doesn’t know the term streaker and instead says freaker.
  110. 110. 7. ID the batsman and the knock being described. What transpires immediately after the innings?
  111. 111. Kim Hughes – magnificent 100 out of 198 after coming in at 8/3. Lillee bowls a brilliant spell to reduce WI to 10/4 – Richards bowled last ball of the day. Aus win the Boxing Day Test. One of the Wisden top 10 knocks.
  112. 112. 8. ID the batsman and the knock being referred to.
  113. 113. Roy Fredericks’ 169 at the WACA in 1975-76. Century off just 71 balls. WI won by an innings, their only win in the series.
  114. 114. 9. ID the fielder and why was this a controversial moment.
  115. 115. Gary Pratt, a substitute. England kept giving breaks to bowlers and bringing subs on. Ponting was furious.
  116. 116. 10. ID the batsman. Why’s the episode famous? There’s an interesting connect with the umpire in the video – bonus 10 points for getting that.
  117. 117. Roland Holder – bowled decision referred to third umpire. Hero Cup final 1993. Karl Liebenberg, the umpire, was the third umpire when the first ever decision was made a year earlier – Tendulkar run out at Durban.
  118. 118. 11. ID the bowler and the game.
  119. 119. Kirti Azad – WC semi final 1983
  120. 120. 12. What just happened in this game?
  121. 121. Crowd invaded the pitch – Guyana 1992-93 WI v Pak. Match declared as a tie by match referee.
  122. 122. Miscellaneous He made a remarkable debut in the Centenary Test hitting Tony Greig for five fours in an over. In a FC match, he smashed a century off only 34 balls. However, after taking a bad hit in a World Series game, his form fell away rapidly and he never quite turned out to be a success. Who is this player?
  123. 123. David Hookes
  124. 124. Miscellaneous A former Somerset captain. Also the author of ‘In it to win it’ and ‘Sometimes I forgot to laugh’. He also wrote the foreword to David Frith’s acclaimed book ‘Silence of the heart’. ID him.
  125. 125. Peter Roebuck
  126. 126. Miscellaneous X was an Indian socialite and cricket connoisseur who is hailed as the 'father of south Indian cricket'. Two of his sons also played for India. An annual tournament is played in his honour. Who is X?
  127. 127. Buchi Babu Naidu
  128. 128. Miscellaneous Marsh to Inverarity - hello, this fellow (X) is not as good as they're all saying he is. That evening when Lillee bowled the last ball of the day, X simply walked down the wicket, drove the ball back past him to the sight screen for four, and without breaking stride continued towards the pavilion: 325 not out. Inverarity turned to Marsh, with remarkably quick recall, and commented cryptically: "I suppose he can play a bit.“ Now who is X?
  129. 129. Barry Richards
  130. 130. Miscellaneous X was hailed as the 'greatest batsman' by Garry Sobers and 'the best batsman around' by Frank Worrell. He was accused of murdering his wife but was later acquitted. He went on to settle in Singapore (captained Singapore and Malaysia in addition to his national team). ID the player X.
  131. 131. Mahadevan Sathasivam
  132. 132. Miscellaneous Sure, they've got a couple of fast bowlers, but really I don't think we're going to run into anything more sensational than Thomson and Lillee and so really I'm not all that worried about them. You must remember that the West Indians, these guys, if they get on top are magnificent cricketers. But if they're down, they grovel, and I intend, with the help of X and a few others, to make them grovel. This rather infamous statement by Tony Greig prompted a lethal retaliation by the WI in 1976. In his statement, who is X?
  133. 133. ‘Closey’ – Brian Close
  134. 134. Miscellaneous X is probably one of the few who witnessed both Sobers and Ravi Shastri hit 6 sixes in an over. He formed a famous commentary pair with Vijay Merchant. X also wrote a bio of squash legend Jahangir Khan, and wrote for The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. X died recently (less than two years ago). ID X.
  135. 135. Dicky Rutnagur
  136. 136. Miscellaneous In 1969 WI (with Sobers and others) played a tour (FC) game against a team and fell to 12/9 before recovering to 25 all out. Which is the opposition?
  137. 137. Ireland
  138. 138. Miscellaneous During a discussion with a fan, X was asked if he was a part of Bradman's final Test. When he replied in the affirmative, he was also asked if he did anything effective at all in that series. X had scored a century in the Bradman 'duck' game and was also the highest run getter in the series. In the Leeds Test, he had added 301 with Bradman in the then record 404-run chase. Who is X?
  139. 139. Arthur Morris
  140. 140. X played an outstanding knock of 139* as his team fell agonizingly short by just 2 runs in one of the greatest Ranji Trophy finals. X was also one of India's most successful Test batsmen. Identify X and the teams that played in the final. Miscellaneous
  141. 141. Dilip Vengsarkar – Bombay v Haryana
  142. 142. X made a century in a session on two different occasions including once famously at the WACA in 1975 by hitting Bob WIllis for a six off the last ball of the day. Known for his fondness for a beer and smoke any time of the day. Who is this guy? Miscellaneous
  143. 143. Doug Walters
  144. 144. Miscellaneous West Indies gave a debut to Kenny Benjamin, instead of the local boy Cummins. The match was boycotted as a result, and one banner - "No Cummins, no goings" - summed up the mood. Which historic match are we talking about?
  145. 145. Barbados 92- SA’s first Test post readmission
  146. 146. Choose the right ball Scandals/Controversies Cricket writingLeading the way Arenas Rearguard efforts World CupCrazy Dismissals Turn to Spin Number sequence Unbeatable record? Not just cricketUmpires
  147. 147. This umpire was involved in a major controversy in the Dunedin Test in 1979-80 between NZ and WI. After a series of questionable decisions, Colin Croft barged into the umpire during his bowling run-up. Who is this umpire?
  148. 148. Fred Goodall
  149. 149. Tony Greig had a knack of attracting attention and courting controversy. In one instance, he ran out a WI batsman who was leaving the field assuming that it was the end of play. The crowd reacted violently and the batsman had to be recalled the next day. Who was the batsman?
  150. 150. Alvin Kallicharan
  151. 151. Guyana 1991– Dean Jones bowled off a Courtney Walsh no- ball. He does not hear the call and starts walking off. Allan Border, the non strike batsman alerts him but its too late. Carl Hooper removes the stumps at the strike end and the umpire (incorrectly) gives Jones out. This creates a massive controversy and the umpire’s effigy is burnt in the stands. Who is this umpire?
  152. 152. Clyde Cumberbatch
  153. 153. One of the finest spinners to play pre-war. He tormented Bradman and dismissed the great eight times. The war however changed everything. While serving in the war, this player in question was captured and died in an Italian POW camp. Who is this player?
  154. 154. Hedley Verity
  155. 155. The 1960-61 series between Australia and WI has gone down in history as perhaps the finest contest of all time. After the first Test was tied, the two teams won one each and WI were poised to win the fourth in Adelaide. However X and Y (the last pair) fought the mighty bowling of Hall, Griffith and Sobers for 110 min and earned a draw. Who are X and Y?
  156. 156. Lindsay Kline and Ken Mackay
  157. 157. In 1992, Australia toured Sri Lanka. In one of the Tests, they fell behind by a massive 291 runs in the first innings with Asanka Gurusinha, Arjuna Ranatunga and X (on debut) scoring centuries. Australia however fought back to win a nail biter by 16 runs with Shane Warne coming up with a spell of 3/0 at the end. ID X and the venue.
  158. 158. Romesh Kaluwitharana and SSC
  159. 159. In the 2003 WC, nobody really gave too many teams a chance against Australia. However, the defending champions had got out of jail on two occasions – against England and NZ. When they played the semi-final against Sri Lanka, the 1996 champions had a great chance on a slow, low pitch. Who top scored for Australia to set a total that proved well beyond SL’s reach? And where was the game played?
  160. 160. Andrew Symonds – Port Elizabeth
  161. 161. This former captain of England once performed the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the team – that of dropping himself from the team. He later went on to become a match referee. He is most well known for officiating in one of the most controversial Test series in the last decade.
  162. 162. Mike Denness
  163. 163. Player X did play Test cricket for England but was far more successful and acclaimed as the team manager years later. He also had a distinguished career with Surrey. Perhaps even more interestingly, he also played professional football for Charlton Athletic. Who is this player?
  164. 164. Micky Stewart
  165. 165. He formed one half of perhaps cricket’s greatest opening partnership. In a great career, his average never dropped below 60 throughout. He represented Yorkshire. Who are we talking about?
  166. 166. Herbert Sutcliffe
  167. 167. Now for a sequence 216, 236, 307, 309, 355, ? What is this sequence? Plug the missing number too and ID the names that matches with the numbers.
  168. 168. 383 – Botham 216 – Grimmett, 236- Bedser 307 – Trueman 309 – Gibbs 355 - Lillee
  169. 169. One of the better known books by a foreign writer on Indian cricket is X’s ‘War minus the shooting’ which is a sort of diary during the 1996 World Cup. Who is X?
  170. 170. Mike Marqusee
  171. 171. Power play This ground has the pavilion end to the north and the Brian Statham end to the south renamed after the great England fast bowler. Which ground?
  172. 172. Old Trafford
  173. 173. Power play This cricketer started with 4 and 3 on Test debut against India but went on to become the joint highest centurion against India (8 centuries). Who?
  174. 174. Viv Richards
  175. 175. Power play Who said this - "I Invented and designed Cricket Max because I felt it was time to provide to our spectators and TV viewers a game of cricket that was short in duration, very colourful, kept some old traditions and highlighted the best skills in the game."
  176. 176. Martin Crowe
  177. 177. Power play With 14 wickets, who bowled Australia to a famous 7-run win at The Oval in 1882 thus spawning the Ashes contest?
  178. 178. Fred Spofforth
  179. 179. Power play He was the first cricketer to win the Arjuna award. He starred with Parveen Babi in a movie. Was famously known to hit a six on demand. Who?
  180. 180. Salim Durrani
  181. 181. Power play Which wicketkeeper famously dropped Lara on 18 and rued ‘hope he doesn’t make a century now’. Lara in fact went on to make 501*?
  182. 182. Chris Scott
  183. 183. Power play This famous British logician and philosopher is believed to be the inventor of the first bowling machine. Who?
  184. 184. John Venn
  185. 185. Power play X's last Test was G.R Vishwanath’s first. X is the only Indian cricketer to be born in Rio De Janeiro. Who?
  186. 186. Ashok Gandotra
  187. 187. Power play A famous early tournament played among the Europeans, Parsis, Hindus and Muslims. Which one?
  188. 188. Bombay Quadrangular
  189. 189. Power play Former Australian physio and trainer who famously became the man behind the 1980s WI's extraordinary fitness levels. Featured in Fire in Babylon.
  190. 190. Dennis Waight