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Here you find a great Software to start your Online Business :

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Commision Autopilot

  1. 1. ==== ====A great Tool for generate traffic and Comissions you get here : ====You are probably reading this article now because you are considering joining the thousands ofothers who have set themselves free from the daily grind and have made money online by startingan affiliate home business of one type or another.Our affiliate home business report will help you decide which business is best for you:1. Do You Have Any Internet Marketing Experience?Its all very well deciding to start a business from home in internet marketing or more specificallyas an affiliate marketer but youre going to need to gain some knowledge in at least thefundamental skills of online marketing before you can expect to make a decent monthly income.You might have seen the many "sales pages" out there offering the latest piece of "just one click"software which makes you thousands each day without even having a website or any priorknowledge. But if you want my advice, stay away from those. If it really was that straightforward,wouldnt everyone be investing $39.00 to buy the software? The ClickBank screen shots you seeare actually their earnings from the thousands of sales theyve made from their $39.00 piece ofsoftware. In reality, you need to be prepared to invest in yourself and get trained in internetmarketing.2. Do You Own Your Own Website?Whilst it is possible to earn money with some affiliate programmes without, you will increase yourearning potential greatly by having your own website or blog with which to market the products orservices you are planning to become an affiliate of. Better still, you should look at creating awebsite in order to start promoting yourself, You Inc! If people come to know and trust you as anhonest genuine person (which I am assuming you are!) then they will be more likely to buy fromyou than the next person they come across who is recommending the same products as you!3. How Much Time Do You Have For Your New Business?Its important when you get started to know exactly what time you do have to put into your newhome business. Map it out in a DMO (Daily Method of Operation). Get a blank week view of adiary or calendar (you could create this in a spreadsheet). Plot your current commitments like yourjob e.g. if you work 9-5, mark out that part of your diary or calendar as JOB. If you have dinnerwith your family between 5-6pm, mark it on the diary. If you go to the gym every Wednesday afterwork, mark it in the diary. When you are finished, you should now have a clear view of how muchtime you have to spend on building your business. If you have very few time slots left on the diary,then you will need to consider whether you can sacrifice any of the other commitments in favour ofmore time for your business (I dont recommend you drop your family time!) or you will have to
  2. 2. market with more of the paid methods that take up less time but will of course cost you moremoney which brings me to my next point.4. Do You Have Any Money To Invest?It is possible to build an income online with very little marketing budget but you should be preparedto invest some money upfront whatever opportunity you partner with. The best affiliate businessesare the ones that offer top tier products of high value that people need and are interested in. Letme ask you this, would you rather try and find 100 people to buy a $40 product for a $15commision a time or sell one product and earn anywhere from $1500-$16000? I know which Iwould rather do. Find an affiliate business with high ticket items.5. Which Products or Services Are the Best to ReferWeve already covered this in part. Look for high value products, something that you would behappy to purchase yourself. Without purchasing and using a product yourself, you cant hope to beany good at referring it.. Would you refer a restaurant to a friend if you hadnt even eaten thereyourself? What about a film at the movies that you hadnt even seen? Find a product that is withina growing market or trend. In this economy more people than ever are looking for ways to makethe most of their money and earn more of it or have it working for them so financial products andwealth creation education is a popular trend. Internet marketing education of course is anotherhuge market.6. How Much Do You Want to Earn?Goal setting is important in any business whether you are working for a boss or running your ownaffiliate business from home. Even more so in the latter case because you are accountable to no-one but yourself. So if your plan is to replace your job income with your home business so that youcan sack your boss or pay off some debt then write it down and work the figures backwards so youknow exactly how many products you need to sell per day/week/month to realise your goal. Ofcourse if you are in a job earning $2000-$3000 per month and you have chosen a top tier directsales company to refer products for, then its not going to take many sales to quit your day job!Refer back to Point 47. Are You Serious About Replacing Your Job?Many people talk about quitting their jobs, escaping the rat-race but never actually do anythingabout it. Or they start a part-time home business but dont treat it seriously enough for it to grow toa level where they can comfortably leave their job. Whether its part-time, full time, home based ora brick and mortar business, building a successful business requires consistent time and effort.Put a plan together, create a DMO like we talked about in point 3, set some goals and work hard.The reason most people fail is because they just dont want it bad enough. If you want to "get out"badly enough, you will do whatever it takes.8. Have You Considered All The Options Out There?There are many options out there when it comes to earning money online but this article assumesthat you have made the decision you want to start an affiliate home business versus joining an
  3. 3. MLM for example or starting your own ecommerce site. So when it comes to affiliate marketing,there are hundreds of options out there. You can join marketplaces such as ClickBank and Plimusfor example and promote low cost items like digital products, ebooks etc. There are other networksyou can join to refer physical products. Many of these large marketplaces and networks have lowcost products and therefore the commissions per sale are small. A lot of large well knowncompanies are now using affiliate marketing to increase their exposure. On the other hand, youcan sign up with companies like Amazon as an affiliate. In fact, many of the services you mightbuy on the internet when you start learning how to market probably have affiliate programmesattached to them. Domain hosting, bookmarking services, article submission software, the listgoes on. Then of course there are the high value, top tier products from which to earn high upfrontprofits. This would be my recommended business model.9. Single Income Stream or Multiple Income StreamsOf course, you want multiple streams of income. If you have any kind of website where you offervalue that you use in your marketing efforts, why not have a Recommended Resources page thatlists all the tools you use to grow your business, with a link (your affiliate link of course) to the mainsales website for each particular product. Affiliate marketing in its simplest form! Banners on yourmain website for relevant brands work too. If you are building a list through your website, you canbroadcast offers of other related products to your subscribers as part of your marketing plan.10. Are You Up For It?It takes discipline, belief, desire and consistent effort to build a successful business. Three of thefour things I just mentioned are about having the right mindset. The other one is just about puttingit into practice. So working as hard on yourself as you do on your business is also vital to yoursuccess. If you are not prepared to spend time studying and reading to improve your mindset, thenyou may as well resign yourself to the 9-5 of your job for the rest of your working life! All it takes is15 minutes per day - so do you have what it takes to grow a successful affiliate home business?Karen Goulding wrote this article as a guide for those looking to create an income from home withan affiliate home business. Having spent more than 8 years in multi-level marketing, Ian andKaren Goulding are now home based internet entrepreneurs. Find out more about them and howyou can earn $5000-$10,000 with their recommended affiliate home business.Article Source:
  4. 4. ==== ====A great Tool for generate traffic and Comissions you get here : ====