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Mlm Ship Jumpers

Mlm Ship Jumpers



Why do some people in MLM jump from one Company to another?

Why do some people in MLM jump from one Company to another?



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    Mlm Ship Jumpers Mlm Ship Jumpers Document Transcript

    • MLM Ship Jumpers Why do some people in MLM jump ship to other MLM Opportunities? Have you ever been in the situation where your MLM Upline leader is leaving to join another company & they have asked you to join them? What would you do if this happened to you? Are you thinking of leaving your current MLM Company for another? If so Why? I guess the answers to the above would probably depend upon several factors; Why did you join your current MLM Company, was it the products & services or was it to join your sponsor? Why is your Upline Leader leaving the company? What is so special about the company they are going to join? Has something fundamentally changed in your current MLM Company? What effects will your Upline leaving have on your business? If you joined your current MLM Company because of your love for the products or services then it’s unlikely that you will contemplate leaving simply because your Upline is leaving. Even if the new MLM Company has some great product or service is it really worth leaving your current company? I guess it will depend upon how big your team is & whether any of them want to join you if you leave. However you have to think about your credibility, you got people to join you because of your enthusiasm for your company, if you suddenly say you are leaving to join xyz company what will your team think? Has something fundamentally changed in your current business? Maybe the compensation plan or products on offer, if this is the case then there will undoubtedly be an argument for leaving & possibly your team will be of the same mind. Is it unclear as to why your upline is leaving? Maybe they are just bored & need a new challenge; this may be ok for them as they may have already made their fortune in this company. However this is hardly a good reason why they should expect you to follow. What effects will your Upline leaving have on your position? Unless they are taking a lot of your team with them, I suspect very little. Unless your upline has been responsible for coaching & driving your team forward then it’s difficult to see why they would leave you & go with your upline, unless of course they have not been very successful & think the grass is greener elsewhere – in that case do you really want them in your team or as your upline? The main reason people leave a particular MLM Company for another is that they have not been very successful & think that a change of company is the answer to their problem. However if there are lots of successful people in your current opportunity then why aren’t you, or members of your team or upline successful too? Everybody has the same products or services to promote, the same compensation plan, the same marketing materials & the same company training, as I wrote in another article “The Only Variable is YOU!” I’ve spoken to, & read about a lot of successful “MLMers” who tried 4,5,6 or more companies before they “made it”, however when they reflect back on why they weren’t successful earlier they say it was because they were not ready, they didn’t have the right mind-set, not because of the particular company they were with. In summing up, don’t become anMLM Ship Jumper, don’t go chasing after the shiny new object (new MLM Company) stick with the one you are with, remember you joined them for a reason!