Sharks in atlantis


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Sharks in atlantis

  1. 1. Menacing Sharks in Atlantis Lysander Borrero Recently there have been problems in the underwater city of Atlantis. For almost a year sharkshave been attacking the people and destroying the city. Many years ago, before these incidents,the people of Atlantis lived in harmony with all the sea creatures including the sharks. Everykind of animal has a position and opinion in the government of Atlantis. For example, whalesdemanded more plankton in the area, clown fish demanded more anemone to use as their homes,and so on depending on the necessity of the animals. Sharks are a very serious and hard workingspecies. In the last meeting in the city of Atlantis, the representative of the sharks, Mr.Hammerhead, was acting very strange during the meeting and he attacked one of the atlantianswhen the meeting was over. This attack was all over the news and caused a great hatred towardthe sharks. It was not long before other sharks came into the city and started destroying andattacking the people, ripping their arms and legs. This strange behavior was a shock to scientistseverywhere. No one ever thought that these animals could be so aggressive because they wereusually peaceful animals, only aggressive when they felt threaten. These attacks went on and onfor various months. Until four scientists were getting sick of the attacks, so they decided to takeaction and try to find out what was the problem with the sharks. The team of scientist consistedof two atlantians, a dolphin, and a whale. Their names where Dr. Mermaidman, Dr. Barnacle, Dr.Bottlenose, and Dr. Humpback. The first thing to do was to capture one of the sharks examine it,and do a bunch of tests on it to try and find what was the problem. They found the problemquickly; the sharks were suffering from Chondrichthyes cephalagia, in other words a massiveheadache. The scientists quickly knew that they needed pain relievers to battle this disease, whatthey didn’t knew was how to distribute this treatment in order for the sharks to receive it without
  2. 2. knowing or without having to risk their own lives. The scientists brain stormed for moths butdidn’t come up with anything. Until Dr. Bottlenose finally discovered something. Dr. Bottlenoseproposed that they used a polymer to encapsulate the pain relieving drug, also known asCondrichpirin, so the drug would be inside the sharks for a longer time, thus the headache wascontrolled for more periods of time. Now it was time to think how to get the polymer drug insideof the sharks. They tried giving the drug various forms and shapes. Until Dr. Humpback came upwith the solution of microspheres. Microspheres are in the form of dust and contain the polymerdrug. They sprayed all of the microspheres in the area and the drug entered through the shark’smouth because sharks swim with their mouths open. Eventually all of the chaos in Atlantis wasover. They scheduled spraying those microspheres yearly so the incident wouldn’t happen again.