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  1. 1. Portfolio Lighthouse Svenska Björn (SE) Mediatheque Brussels (B)Luuc Rutgers KTH kick-off course TU Delft Public Building department team: Lledo Gas, Marek Martaj and Christian Madsen team: Michiel van der Loos, Paul Rietdijk, Luuc Rutgers four day workshop with an international team, design of a light- advisor: Sien van Dam house in the Baltic sea, with awarenesse of garbage disposal, the Urban intervention connecting two parts of the city and impact of materials and the use of energy. introducing a new scale in the environment.Living+ Rotterdam (NL) Urban sportsground Älvsjö (SE) Daycare center Lidingö (SE) G h H G h H h h g h h g G H g h G H g h H G h g H G h gTU Delft Dwelling department KTH advanced design department KTH advanced design departmentteam: Rosa Pieczulski, Wouter Moorlag and Luuc Rutgers advisor: Roger Spetz advisor: Johan Celsingadvisor: Aynav Ziv Transformation of a sportsground inclined between a suburb, Proposal for a pavilion in the woods, used by a daycareDevelopment of a 40x40x40 meter cube into comfortable dwell- highway and industrial buildings. By grouping the facilitating center. Located in a natural setting on the top of a hill,ings, each connected to several gardens with different qualities. buildings along the highway a strong direction is created on overlooking a lake and a playground.The gardens can be used by different houses at different times. both sides of the plot. Urban plan +Ornamatics Witte de With Rotterdam (NL) Comunity Center Deurne (B)TU Delft vormstudie department TU Delft Interiors, Buildings and Cities department TU Delft Hybrid Building departmentadvisor: Martijn Stellingwerf advisors: Heike Löhmann, Laura Alvarez advisors: Paul Vermeulen, Henk MihlDesign of a column and a tile with the aid of Split-level building containing two museums that share an au- Urban analysis and problem statement, followed by anpattern studies and 3D modelling software. ditorium and other facilities like a shop, a library, office space urban approach and location choice for the new districtFinal result printed with 3D-printer. and the museum café. house. Bottom up urbanism design considerations. Intended program combined with a sports hall and a library, connected through a gallery.
  2. 2. Between the islands of the Baltic ocean there is a need for a lighthouse to direct the ships.Lighthouse Svenska Björn (SE) This orientation point is mainly used to help the ships on their journey and therefore will only be experienced by the passing ships and some local inhabitants of the area like birds and fish. The identity is determined by the light that is specific for each lighthouse. The location demands for sustainableColaboration with Lledo Gas, Marek Martaj and Christian Madsen sollutions in both materials and the use of energy. Svenska Björn N5933 / O2001functions turbines water floor plan PENTRYresearch living services BED x2 TOILET SHOWER bacterial distiller threatment BED x2 MACHINE ROOM
  3. 3. This project deals with both urban and programmatical issues. The choise of the location is derrivedMediatheque Brussels (B) from the qualities and opportunities of that exact spot. For instance, it provides a connection between the uppercity and downtown, creates a direct access from the parking and creates the possibility for the building to undertake the dialogue with its surrounding.Colaboration with Paul Riedijk and Michiel van der Loos The advantage of the programma is the ability to mix the functions. Therefor the visitors not only visitBrussel Locationcity structurecontiniuity street and monumental axe monumental square dialogue with surrounding
  4. 4. the function they want to in advance, but they also get a glimps of the other functions. The routing is tion of functions it is totally covered with corrogated and perforated steel panels, which can open up inalso used to emphasize this en give the visitors a tour of the abilities and functions. Light qualities play case of a facade-opening. This system also works as a natural sun shader and proides spaces wich cana big role in this project. Some areas need a lot of direct sunlight, while some spaces need ambient be used as a balcony, overlooking the terrace or the huge square. On top of the building, at the end oflight or are better of with artificial lighting. This alowed us to use different layers of transparency and the impressive stairs, a panoramic terrace can be found. This is a quallity derived from the location, putto come up with a smart sollution. In order to give the building a massive look insteadas on of a collec- in the building and lifted to a new dimension.longtudinal section terrace grand café club high exhibition exhibition low exhibition offices library reading room cinema internet café theater restaurant entrance foyer installations entrance loading bayFloorplan entrance middle terrace theater entrance foyer installations shop
  5. 5. Distribution of functions grand café, club, lounge restaurant, internet café voids theatre, cinema gallery terrace high exhibition hall club offices low exhibition hall reading room small void entrance entrance theater entrancesection mass section void exterior wall detail floor-facade 1. interior finishfacade system load bearing system 2. concrete load bearing wall 3. insulation 4. waterproof layer 5. aluminium facade panels 1800x3600 mm 6. corrugated and perforated panels on steel frame facade 7. trellis floor 16. aluminium windowframe 17. adjustable sunscreen floor 18. opaque glass for difuse light transmission 8. tiles 90x90 cm 19. ventilation inlet 9. concrete floor with floorheating 20. suskast 10. pressure absorbing insulation 21. ventilation duct- load bearing and partition walls - second skin construction - corrugated and perforated 11. hollow core slab 22. aluminium windowframe with doors- insulation, waterproof layer and facade panels 12. wooden framework 23. frame to open panelswindows 13. stucpanels 24. curtain- interior finish and exterior 14. interior finish 25. fencealuminium cladding 15. supporting system facade panels 26. handrail
  6. 6. exhibition halls library, reading rooms vertical circulation diagonal stairs sculpture gardenimpression exterior impression interiorInstallation system ARTIFICIAL LIGHT / DETAIL 1 MECHANICAL VENTILATION / ADJUSTABLE TO USE INSTALLATION ZONE BUFFER ZONE / WIND AND WATERPROOF DIFFUSE LIGHT / DETAIL 2 NATURAL VENTILATION TECHNICAL SPACE INTERIOR CLIMATE / ISOLATED AND CONTROLABLE NATURAL DAYLIGHT / DETAIL 3 COMBINED VENTILATION / PERSONALIZABLE SHAFTS Light Ventilation Installations Climate zones
  7. 7. The challange of this project was to create a context-less concept, which afterwards was tested on aLiving+ Rotterdam (NL) single location. This concept consists of multiple gardens which can be used by multiple users spread over time. These gardens are all different in terms of scale, light quality, vieuw and purpose. The build- ing envelope had te be 40x40x40 meters. To get a good balance between concept, different qualityColaboration with Wouter Moorlag and Rosa Pieczulski gardens, and project demands, huge envelope, we referred to a fractile. A fractile can be describedlocation impression exteriordiagram concept mass system G h G hH HG h G hH H h hh g h gh hh g h g 1 3 5 GH G g H g hG H G g H g h h h H G Hh G h g g H G Hh G h g g 2 4
  8. 8. best as a repitition of shapes in different scales, successing each other. The smallest scale used is a 4,5 The cirulation uses the same concept as the fractile. There is one big entrance entering the centralmeter cube to keep dwelling qualities possible. To achieve a varriation of inhabitatants three types of void, which leds to a hallway connected to 3 levels which leds to the units themselves.units are developed. These three are a unit for a single inhabitant, a unit for a couple and a family unit. The facade is kept fairly simple. The outside of the cube is made of white concrete, which creates aThey consist out of 3, 5 or 7 cubes connecting 2 or 3 floors, and sharing 3 till 7 gardens with different big contrast with the different gardens and creates hirarchy between the dwellings and the differentqualities. gardens.floorplan impression interiorunit typologysingle unit couple unit family unit construction installations60 m2 80-120 m2 100-140 m2acces to 4-5 gardens acces to 5-7 gardens acces to 6-9 gardens
  9. 9. In this junction between two neighbourhoods, an industrial area and the big exhibition zone a proposi-Urban sportsground Älvsjö (SE) tion is made for an urban sportsground. Due to its infrastructural borders with a regional radiation, the sportsground attracts a lot of people with interest in different sports. The location transforms into an entrance to the neighbourhoud. Instead of the gap it is now, it becomes a place with a body and com- pletes the strip of bigger scale structures that runs along the highway.location floorplanurban implementation diagrams of circultation and func- parking kiss ‘n ride bikes
  10. 10. The complete area contains four tennis courts, one multifunctional square with a basketballcourt The sportsground is making the connection with its surrounding without losing it’s own identity. To theand an icerink, joggingtrack and two footballfields, one with a running track. Indoor you can find a outside it looks closed, like the industrial buildings that surround the location. Openings in the struc-sporthall, shops, and a fitness/gym area that is connected by a restaurant to an icestadion with icerink ture are inviting to the multifunctional square where a new world is created and sporting, recreationand cafe. and people meet. The connection between the square and the buildings is emphasized by seats and other functional spaces in different scales.chessseat 1:50 impressionsection
  11. 11. Surrounded by the nature of northern Stockholm this daycare centre lies secured in the woods. TheDaycare center Lidingö (SE) planes of the sedum covered roofs make a gesture towards this surrounding and thats what connects the program with the building. The idea of the daycare centre is focussed on playing and learning outside. Unfourtunaitely, that is not always possible so the children can cover under the roof or find a comfortable place inside. A’location floorplan office toilets kitchen play n ge vä ea Sv B B’ main space entrance Djupad alsväge n Asection A-A’ section B-B’
  12. 12. From the moment you arrive by the site a pattern of light and a border of rocks guide you to an em- In terms of materiality the building is a contrastmaker between the regular playing area and the undis-bracing but formal entrance, which leads you to the entrance hall anex playing area. This overlit foy- covered nature on the east. Where on the north and east bricks are dominating the vieuw of the build-erspace leads you to the middle of the building where you enter the main space. The roof opens up ing, on the south and west the main focus is on wood and glass to create a friendly and easy to accesstowards the main playing areas, both inside, covered and outside. daycare center.impression approach impression interiorelevation Sveavägen elevation Djupadalsvägen
  13. 13. The Witte de Withstraat in pre-war Rotterdam is a lively street with a lot of shops, gallery’s and otherWitte de With Rotterdam (NL) crowd-pullers. There is a big variation in visitors and the use of the street can be considered dynamic. Especially during the evening there is a lot to do and the crowd gets alive. The Witte de With centre of contemporary art would like to atract a lot of these potential visitors and in order to do this they opted for a new building with multiple functions. By creating an big collective area this scheme provides interaction between these functions in orderlocation functions t hstraa e Wit te d Tent exhibition space Witte de With exhibition space Wit Boo mg aar dss traa t Collective space Library and offices section B-B’ section A-A’
  14. 14. to make the users aware of the existence of the other functions. Not only will this provide interaction second floor 1:500 third floor 1:500between user and function, but also between the different users.The position of the building will maintain the blocks original courtyard typology and the continuation ofthe street. However, a clear entrance will apear and introduce the visitor to the building where they willfind an inviting mixture of culture, progressive art and a meeting place for the people of Rotterdam.ground floor 1:200 impression interior
  15. 15. Grid Construction Stability Climate zones Ventilation system4,5x4,5 meter Load bearing walls and collumns Together with the floors, the Different functions with their Exhibition spaces ventilated from the central core, connect- bring down the forces from the cores maintain the stability of own specific climate and sepa- ed to the technical space with a heat exchanger. floors and beams the building rated systems. Offices and library with a natural ventilation system.Facade Witte de withstraat Boomgaardsstraat
  16. 16. The goal in this study was to focus on smaller buildingparts and to obtain knowledge and a position inOrnamatics computer generated building parts, aswell as the assembly and construction of the parts. Ornament as we know from the greeks costs a lot of labour, which is quite expensive. Therefore we can make use of modern techniques like cnc-milling, lasercutting and 3D-printing to create buildingparts or molds to produce parts. This is the result of an exercise in using moder techniques.2d-tile columnelevation tile elevation column
  17. 17. The general question in Deurne is the lack of public space for interaction. The streets are dominated byUrban plan Deurne (B) cars, which demodtivates people to walk around. This is one of the instigators that creates a deterio- rated shopping street. A small urban intervention creates a new square on one of Deurnes primary axis, the Turnhoutsebaan. This square becomes the urban generator and stimulator for new interventions and atmosphere along the Turnhoutsebaan. The aim is to regenerate the existing, and to capture the possibilities for new qualities that improve the situation.Antwerp Mental map Deurne center Breda [NL] Luik Gent Brussel BrusselDeurne center Entrance of Deurne Urban plan >>> Hof ter Loo Turnhout Antwerp | visual and physical connection Castle Sterckshof
  18. 18. Frank Craey Lakborslei Hallershofstraat b eckxlaan at tra lts ve Coe 3 2 Turnhoutsebaan Koraalplaats in Sta le lins lsp tra ge at Co He 4 5 6 rts tra at Hoo Gra phe ftvu uss tra nde t a rlei a an 1 tseb u ho rn Tu 277 parking lots Schijnnumberof floors1 1 Current district house; transformed into hotel and congress centre (8.750 m2)2 2 Shops (650 m2) and dwellings (1100 m2)34 3 New square (950 m2) N.5 4 New comunity centre (7.350 m2), including districthouse, library and sports hall6 5 Reorganization of the collective space creates a square (1.600 m2 + 600 m2)7 0 5 10 25 50 1007+ 6 Abri + Kiosk (50 m2) 1:750
  19. 19. Due to a merger of the eight villages and cities around and including Antwerp in the early 80’s into aComunity Center Deurne (B) unified Antwerp, the existing governmental facilities became the new districts district houses. This merger changed the way the district council and staff is organised dramatically. A new approach for the way a district house is organised should be envisioned within Deurnes fragmented context.Floorplans first floorground floor Function distribution Urban response transforming in scale creating a portal to Deurne district house sports hallComunity centre combined with cities new vision on a district house exhibition coridor libraryMental development: Library Social development: Foyer Physical development: Sports hall
  20. 20. The site is located on a junction between hugh appartment towers, the historical center of Deurne andthe old church and vicar.A small urban intervention creates a new square on one of Deurnes primary axis, the Turnhoutsebaan.This road is connecting Deurne physically and visually with Antwerp, creating a symbolic gesture to-wards the district house and its city. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 roofsecond floor interior impression front officeurban background mimicking extensions extending the ring around the church
  21. 21. Sections Floor plans B-B’A-A’FacadeVicar garden Schijnexterior impression entrance Schijn district house ventilation and heating stability core enhanced strip ring beam library sports hall exhibition space ventilation and heating enhanced strip with column boiler pier Construction Construction Circulation Installation tower
  22. 22. C-C’ D-D’Cogelsplein LakborsleiExterior impression Cogelsplein | Lakborslei