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green tea, your body is getting the nutrients to support your abswhile keeping your calories to a minimum. Another aspect ...
Many of our customers and potential customers ask us “Whyshould I drink Shakeology every day?” While Shakeology’s benefits...
If you commit some of the aspects of this article to memory, thenthe next time someone asks you, “Why should I drinkShakeo...
with coconut flower nectar and luo han guo, two whole-food      superfoods that are so naturally sweet, there’s no need to...
leaf                   fruit                  sprouted   Astragalus             Cacao                  Gingko leaf   root ...
and for people who want the health benefits being represented bythe ingredients on the label. To really know whether a pro...
they also don’t contain the full profile of the recommended dailyallowance (RDA) for some vitamins and minerals, or whole-...
experience these advantages.Here are 5 reasons you should drink Shakeology daily: 1. Your cravings for unhealthy foods can...
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In today’s century being fit and healthy is what one needs. It’s a need of the hour because when you are fit then only you feel inner confidence and energetic and it keeps your mind and soul also fit. When a person is healthy and fit from inside then he is active by mind and body also and this is something that is very essential in today’s hectic life schedule. There are various ways that one can adopt to keep him or herself fit and fine, few are like working out in gym, aerobics, dieting, drinking protein rich shakes and drinks. Apart from this there are also few alternatives like ancient Chinese and Japanese form of martial arts like tie-chi, Indian yoga and even martial arts. All these techniques are very useful and give you positive results. Using protein rich shakes and drinks has become a common culture and you can find a many companies producing these products which are rich in protein.
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  1. 1. #SweatGram App #SweatGram Feed by GramFeed #Beachbody #Shakeology #UltimateReset AF Tracker Search... - ShakeologyShakeologyShakeology – The HealthiestMeal Of The Day If you have been trying to find a good meal replacement or a healthy snack then shakeology is a great choice. This superfood filled shake will literally change your life if you let it. There are countless stories about the transformations that have happened in people’s bodiesfrom adapting it into thier diets. I have done dozens and dozens ofhours of research and development about shakeology and it’sbenefits for you and I and I plan to not hold any of it back here foryou today. I believe in the products because of the results I havefelt with my own personal use as well as with all the differentsuccess stories that you will find online of people that gave it a tryand truly decided to commit and saw their lives change.Beachbody always says “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Did youknow that best way to get to your goal is to realize that yourresults and body are 80% nutrition and 20% Work Out!Abs Are Made In the KitchenYou’ve heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen,” but whatdoes that mean? The popular saying refers to the fact that whatyou eat has a greater impact on weight loss than any form ofexercise you do. But despite the popularity of this saying, manypeople still attempt to uncover their abs with endless crunchesand cardio while eating ‘cheat’ meals on the side.Now we’re not saying that cardio and crunches aren’t totallynecessary because they are, but the real trifecta is eating right,cardio and muscle toning…together! You won’t succeed if youdon’t have all these bases covered. So, if you’re eager to revealyour abs but can’t seem to shed that last bit of belly fat, askyourself if your diet is as clean as it could be. Chances are it’s not…What kinds of foods should you be eating to lean out? Regardlessof your goal, the foundation of your diet should always be fruitsand vegetables, lean protein sources, a blend of dietary fats andyour aim should be to keep your sugars to a minimum.Enter the new Shakeology Chocolate Superfood formula. This is aperfect meal for revealing your abs because with its lower sugarcontent, all of the greens and special metabolism boosters like converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. green tea, your body is getting the nutrients to support your abswhile keeping your calories to a minimum. Another aspect thatmakes Shakeology a great ab-revealer is the fact that it helpsreduce your cravings for junk food…aka the ab-ruiners. (Since absare all about diet, it’s pivotal that you have a squeaky clean dietand Shakeology really does help with this.)Another way you can use Shakeology to help reveal your abs is todrink it right after a tough workout. Rev Abs trainer Brett Hoebelswears by Shakeology because after a tough workout you need toreplenish your sugars. The healthy sugars in Shakeology will notonly help you replenish your sugar levels without the post-sugarhigh crash, but they will also as help to transport the protein intoyour muscles, hence making those abs poke through!Here’s your Ab-Ripping Checklist: Cut back on white flour and refined sugar Drink the new Chocolate Superfood Formula with less sugar Drink Shakeology as a post-workout recovery supplement Track your calories to make sure you’re eating less than you’re burning Add lean protein to your diet such as chicken and fish Increase your water intake Decrease alcohol consumptionThe bottom line: Multiple factors contribute to storing fat aroundyour belly, but focusing on these practices and techniques willmake it easier for your body to reveal the flat abs you’ve alwayswanted!Source: http://www.shakeology.com/web/shakeology/the-blog#lmp__shakeology_fatshredder_120919If you have been wondering what’s new in theChocolate Superfood Formula ofShakeology check this out:Why Should I Drink Shakeology?This question comes up in many different aspects of health andwellness. I found some great information on the Shakeology blogthat I wanted to share with you: I found this information here: (http://www.shakeology.com/web/shakeology/the-blog#lmp__shakeology_fatshredder_120919) Courtesy ofBeachbody converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  3. 3. Many of our customers and potential customers ask us “Whyshould I drink Shakeology every day?” While Shakeology’s benefitsare boundless, as we have heard by countless customers’amazing testimonials, here’s a short cheat sheet of universalbenefits you can pass along to curious friends asking you thesame question! Antioxidants. Shakeology contains some of the most potent antioxidants: flavonoids and phytonutrients such as spinach, blue green algae, carrot powder, strawberry powder, and vitamins E and C. These help to prevent free radicals from oxidizing and destroying cells. The ingredients in our antioxidant blend such as pomegranate, acai berry, camu-camu, goji, andblueberry also have powerful antioxidant effects to support your immune system and help protect your body from normal inflammatory response. Energy. Shakeology contains a range of B vitamins and trace minerals, likezinc and magnesium, from whole food sources that regulate metabolism and increase energy. Shakeology also contains maca root, an adaptogen herb known to promote endurance and stamina. Check out our Ingredient Spotlighton maca root to learn more. Digestion. The Shakeology non-dairy prebiotic and probiotic blend containsfiber and different enzymes like amylase, papain, cellulose, and lactase, which all support digestion. These ingredients aid in breaking down food molecules into smaller molecules that can be properly digested, so all of the nutrients can be absorbed into your system. Mood. One scoop of Shakeology provides 100% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin B12. B12 is often linked with good mood maintenance; B vitamins are also essential for the production and proper functioning of neurotransmitters like dopamine, crucial to the experience of pleasure. Shakeology also contains cacao, which is very high in phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA acts as a neuromodulator to enhance one’s mood. Detoxification. Many of the ingredients in Shakeology (spirulina, chlorella,flaxseed, barley grass, spinach) contain powerful detoxification compounds such as chlorophyll and alpha-linolenic acid. These ingredients may help rid the body of environmental toxins such as smog, heavy metals, herbicides, cleaning products, and pesticides. They also aid in liver detoxification. Shakeology also includes kamut grass, an ingredient coined “nature’s most powerful detoxifier.” This grass has been known to cleanse the body and detoxify the cells to restore health and vitality. Immunity. The antioxidants, bioflavanoids, and flavanoids in Shakeology work to support immunity. Some of these ingredients include ashwaganda,acerola cherry, rose hips, and goji berries. The goji berries in Shakeology are one of the richest sources of antioxidants; not only does goji berry promote eye, reproductive, and circulatory health, but it also supports your immune system and promotes longevity! Satiety/cravings. The protein, chromium, and nutrient- dense calories fromsuperfoods in Shakeology work to help decrease your appetite. Chromium is important because it helps maintain blood-sugar levels, which reduces sugar cravings and promotes fat metabolism. Plus, protein-rich meals are a great way to keep you feeling full, longer! Complete nutrition: Each Shakeology ingredient plays an important role in feeding your body on a cellular level, but it is important to remember that the synergy of the 70+ ingredients working together is what truly fuels your body to keep you looking and feeling your best. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  4. 4. If you commit some of the aspects of this article to memory, thenthe next time someone asks you, “Why should I drinkShakeology?” you’ll be able to provide them with more specializedinformation than, “It’s the Healthiest Meal of the Day®! It helpsyou lose weight, curb cravings, lower cholesterol, and increaseenergy.” This is all true, but at the end of the day, Shakeology isSO much more than that! Regular people just like you as well as fitness professionals (we can all be fitness pros if wanna be!) LOVE shakeology, here is a funny youtube video I found of a fan singing the Shakeology praises! LOL check it out. The intro of this video is prettyimpressive too with all the doctors that talk about how shakeology is good for you.If you are still not getting my point here on why shakeology is justthe best thing that you can do for your health and wellness therehere is another post from beachbody on the shakeology blog withthe top reason to try the VEGAN shakeology.Reasons to Try Vegan Shakeology® 1. It’s like your own personal cheat sheet. Get the benefits of a vegan diet without fully going vegan or even trying! The health benefits of a plant-based diet are well documented, from lower cholesterol and lower risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, to easier weight management and fewer digestive issues. But you don’t have to follow a 100% vegan diet to enjoy some of these health benefits. One vegan meal a day will put you well on your way to a healthier you! 2. No animals allowed. Chocolate Vegan is a completely plant-based formula with NO animal products. Give your system a break from heavy animal proteins by replacing one meal a day with Chocolate Vegan Shakeology®. 3. Superfoods to the rescue! Chocolate Vegan includes 5 new superfoods: moringa, coconut flower nectar, luo han guo, Himalayan salt, and konjac root. All of the key nutrients come from natural whole foods. There are no added vitamin or mineral isolates and no fortification. 4. Try all-natural chocolate for the first time. Ever wonder what cacao tastes like right out of the pod from the cacao tree? This shake is the way nature intended chocolate to taste. It’s rich, earthy chocolate taste is derived solely from whole-food ingredients with no additional flavoring agents. 5. It’s FREE . . . lactose free and dairy free that is! If you’re lactose intolerant or have trouble digesting whey protein, then this is the shake for you. Most people have trouble digesting dairy, whey protein, or animal proteins and don’t even know it, until they try a plant-based protein meal and they just feel the difference! 6. Fructose is a thing of the past. It takes all kinds of sugars to make the sweet world go round, but there are a lot of fructose haters out there. Chocolate Vegan is made converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  5. 5. with coconut flower nectar and luo han guo, two whole-food superfoods that are so naturally sweet, there’s no need to add fructose! We won’t get into the pros and cons of fructose, but suffice it to say that if you’re anti-fructose, then Chocolate Vegan or Tropical Strawberry are for you! 7. Protein PACKED. One of the first questions vegans get is “Where do you get your protein from?” Well, plants have protein in them too! And so does vegan Shakeology. 16 grams in fact. Chocolate Vegan and Tropical Strawberry are crafted from an easy-to-assimilate blend of whole, plant- based proteins including sprouted brown rice, pea, sacha inchi, chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth, and spirulina. Not only do they offer 9 essential amino acids, but together they are a complete protein source with sufficiently high levels of lysine and methionine, two important amino acids that are often a limiting factor in plant-based diets. 8. Kiss cravings goodbye. The new ingredient konjac root, in both Chocolate Vegan and Tropical Strawberry Shakeology, will help your cravings disappear! The fiber in this new wonder-food absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water, making you feel fuller, longer. No wonder places like Japan and China have been using it for centuries! Other perks include: help with regularity and healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 9. Take a bite out of the “Tree of Life.” Chocolate Vegan’s new ingredient moringa is called the “Tree of Life,” because it is one of nature’s most nutritious foods. This superfood contains 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants along with ALL of the essential amino acids. Plus, according to some studies, moringa can help boost energy, lead to faster recovery, and balance out blood sugar levels. 10. It’s got the stamp of approval. Chocolate Vegan Shakeology is another addition to the Beachbody Ultimate™ line, a collection of the highest-quality products Beachbody has to offer. We are committed to putting the most perfect whole-food ingredients at your fingertips so you can operate at your highest level of nutrition, health, and well-being!My good friend Beau is doing a 100% vegan diet and he has seensome really amazing results. I mean, like so good that he is backto his high school waist size. IMPRESSIVE!If all of the above information and facts are not enough for you, Ihave plenty moreHow Many Superfoods are inShakeology?Here is a list of the superfoods beachbody currently uses inShakeology. Try to incorporate some more of these in your dietthroughout the day along with Shakeology, and you’ll be feelin’super, super good! Acerola cherry Bilberry fruit Coconut Acai Blueberry fruit flower nectar Amaranth Brown rice Cordyceps Ashwaganda Camu camu Flax seed, converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  6. 6. leaf fruit sprouted Astragalus Cacao Gingko leaf root Chia seed Goji berry Barley grass Chlorella Green tea Himalayan pink salt Kamut grass Pomegranate Spirulina Konjac root fruit Stevia Luo han guo Quinoa Peas Maca root Reishi Tulsi (holy Maitake mushroom basil leaf) mushroom Rosehip fruit Wheatgrass MSM Sacha inchi Whey protein Oat grass Schisandra isolate Spinach Yacon rootI am sure that this list will grow, as the future comes upon us, butreally…where can you find all those superfoods in one greattasting shake? NO WHERE! I mean, think about your last trip to thegrocery store, if you were going to buy these superfoodsindividually it would cost you an arm and a leg. Beachbody andShakeology have made it more than affordable to have a shake aday and get the most nutrition you can on a daily basis from ashake. I know a big concern that I talk to people about when theyare thinking about commiting to change their bodies and gethealthy is…Shakeology is just too expensive,I cant afford it.If you are one of the people saying this, I will have to say that,honestly you cant afford NOT to. There are tons of costcomparison charts and studies that will show you how ANYONEcan afford to make shakeology a part of their well balancednutritional life. This chart below will really make you think twicebefore stopping through the drive thru of a fast food joint with theexcuse that you do not have time to eat healthy.How Do I Really Know If Shakeology® IsWorth the Money When Everything ElseCosts Less?There are many protein shakes and meal replacements that areless expensive than Shakeology. But comparisons based on thesimple “protein shake” or even “health shake” are usually off themark and don’t stack up to Shakeology.Shakeology was designed for people who want more than protein, converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  7. 7. and for people who want the health benefits being represented bythe ingredients on the label. To really know whether a productmeasures up to Shakeology, you need to keep some things inmind:How much is enough?We are proud of Shakeology’s 70+ ingredients. Other shakes willtrumpet the number of ingredients they have too. But are theingredients they are counting actually good for you? Are there anyartificial flavors or colors listed in those ingredients? Not inShakeology!Are they derived from whole-food sources? They are inShakeology! Too often the “magic ingredient” has been isolatedfrom the enzymes and phytonutrients that actually make theingredient useful when consumed.And does the competition formulate for the synergistic benefitsbetween the ingredients, or just slap together whatever is hot inthe media? Shakeology was specially formulated for the collectionof ingredients to work together like a symphony; this combinationis so effective, some people report dramatic benefits within thefirst week. Other supplements point to one or two individualingredients and build a “story” around their superfood attributes.ProteinPay attention to a product’s protein source or blend. Proteinsources like whey protein hydrolysate have been shown to triggera much higher insulin response in the body. That’s not an outcomewe would tolerate in Shakeology.Our protein source is whey protein isolate, which is more than 90percent pure protein. Plus, Shakeology is loaded with digestiveenzymes and lactase—that’s the enzyme that breaks down lactoseand is found in over-the-counter products like Lactaid®. Don’tconfuse whey protein concentrate with isolate. Whey proteinconcentrate is the least pure form of whey protein made. Thebenefit of isolate versus concentrate is that the fat has beenremoved to achieve isolate. The fat in whey protein is whatcarries toxins consumed by the animal. That’s the reasonShakeology can be used by so many people who are lactose-intolerant—because those toxins have been removed through theisolate process.For our vegan formulation, we use sprouted brown rice protein,not soy. Does the competition use ANY soy in their formulation?Soy protein contains estrogen, mimicking compounds that caninterfere with your hormones. On top of that, most of the soy inthe marketplace is GMO (genetically modified). These are twoimportant reasons why we don’t use soy in Shakeology.Glycemic index tested . . .In terms of sugar, many protein shakes contain 1 gram of sugar orless. This is because they are using artificial chemical sweeteners.(Check the label for sucralose, aspartame, or sugar alcohols.)Shakeology’s small amounts of sugar comes from natural sourcesand whole superfoods like coconut flower nectar and luo han guo,which are easily processed by the body and, in fact, have beentested and certified by an independent lab to have a low glycemicindex of 24—that’s lower than most fruits! (An apple is 36, and anorange is 43.)What’s not in the base, they may suggest youadd laterOther shakes don’t cost as much as Shakeology at first glance, but converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  8. 8. they also don’t contain the full profile of the recommended dailyallowance (RDA) for some vitamins and minerals, or whole-foodsources of antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogen herbs,prebiotics, probiotics, or digestive enzymes. We’ve seencompetitors make you buy a separate vitamin pack for $150 permonth! Once you add it up, this is hardly a “good deal,” and it’susually hardly even a good product.To achieve the benefits of Shakeology we’ve seen, competitorscharge between $250 and $335 per month! $120 doesn’t seemexpensive when you realize all of the benefits Shakeologydelivers.SUMMARY:Formula: 70+ of the healthiest ingredients from whole-foodsources from around the world VERSUS protein, fillers, artificialcoloring, and isolated glamour ingredientsWinner: ShakeologyProtein Source: Shakeology’s pure whey protein isolate or plant-based sprouted brown rice protein VERSUS soy, hydrolyzed whey,and/or whey concentrate blendWinner: ShakeologyTaste: Rich Chocolate, tangy Greenberry, or fruity TropicalStrawberry Shakeology VERSUS chemically-derived, artificially-flavored competitionWinner: ShakeologyPrice: $120 for Shakeology VERSUS—Oops! It’s impossible tocompare lesser formulations on price. But if you add in all theseparate vitamins and flavoring agents the other companies askyou to buy to match the benefits and nutritional content ofShakeology, you would easily spend over $300 every month—that’s 2 and half times the cost of Shakeology!Winner: ShakeologyBut the best comparison is results. From weight loss, toreduction in cravings, to regularity, to healthiercholesterol levels, to increased energy levels, to anoverall sense of well being . . . We give a bottom-of-the-bag guarantee on Shakeology because we KNOW peoplewill be amazed by how they feel. Shakeology is the winnerby a total knock out!Why Is Drinking Shakeology® DailyImportant?Drinking Shakeology is a lot like brushing your teeth andexercising—you’ve got to participate in these healthy habits everyday to see their benefits. The more you do it, the more you canexperience these advantages. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  9. 9. experience these advantages.Here are 5 reasons you should drink Shakeology daily: 1. Your cravings for unhealthy foods can eventually disappear —and be replaced by cravings for healthy choices. It’s true! 2. You can save time! Replace one meal a day with Shakeology and that’s one less meal to plan. Whip up your shake and go. It’s fast food that’s great for you. 3. You can save money! If you drink Shakeology instead of eating lunch or dinner, you’ll spend just $4 on your meal. 4. You can save money, the sequel! As Shakeology improves your digestion, boosts your energy, and keeps you lean, you’re bound to have fewer medical bills. 5. You can keep the weight off! Studies show that people who eat breakfast every day are less likely to regain the weight. Furthermore, a protein-rich breakfast helps you feel full and reduces the tendency to snack throughout the day.So start every day the right way by whipping up Shakeology! Hereare 3 unique and delicious recipes to keep things exciting. Chocolate “Mocha-CrËme Madness” Recipe: 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology ½ cup almond milk ½ cup coffee ¼ tsp. cinnamon 2 drops vanilla extract Greenberry “Piña Banana” Recipe: 1 scoop Greenberry Shakeology ½ banana ½ cup pineapple juice ½ cup coconut water Tropical Strawberry “Berry Blast” Recipe: 1 scoop Tropical Strawberry Shakeology ½ banana 1 cup berry medley 1 cup rice milk converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  10. 10. Why You Need Shakeology ShakeologyÆ Works Two Now!* WaysPhotos from Flickr converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
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