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  1. 1. Fayetteville Free Library & CNY Heritage<br />Leah Sopchak<br />FFL Digitization Intern<br />
  2. 2. Fayetteville Free Library<br />A suburban member of the Onondaga County Public Library System <br />Local History special collection<br />Sought involvement with CNY Heritage to increase visibility & accessibility of materials in the LH collection<br />Role in CNYH project: providing the “manpower” to begin populating the site<br />
  3. 3. Staff Involvement<br />Director of Digital Initiatives<br />Oversaw intern, provide technical support, attended digitization training <br />Local History Librarian:<br />Helped with selection process and obtaining copyright permissions<br />SU Intern #1:<br />Helped develop project handbook, training materials, CNYH Metadata Style Guide, and CNYH wiki<br />Lots of research and documentation of the process<br />SU Intern #2: <br />Came on to start the actual work of populating the digital library<br />
  4. 4. Selection<br />Strongly utilized Local History librarian<br />Basic guidelines for the collections:<br />Should be of high interest to the FFL community<br />Should already be organized and have some metadata available or inherent<br />Must be in an appropriate format and physical condition for scanning<br />Must have rights and permissions for electronic distribution secured or securable<br />
  5. 5. Copyright<br />Copyright has proven to be a major issue for us in terms of the collections and items we’ve selected for our digital library. <br />Possession of originals does not equal ownership of copyright. <br />http://www.copyright.cornell.edu/public_domain/<br />http://www.llrx.com/features/digitization.htm<br />We worked with copyrights owners to:<br />Secure permissions<br />Choose the wording of the copyright statement<br />Determine how to handle requests for images<br />
  6. 6. Pilot Collection: Green Lakes I<br />250+ photos taken by the original superintendent of Green Lakes State Park in the 1920s-30s<br />Features images of the CCC, a public works relief program created under the New Deal<br />Digitized by his son, Richard, in 2003<br />Given to the library with a binder that attributed each photo with a caption<br />Given with written consent to be reproduced and published at will<br />http://www.cnyheritage.org/<br />
  7. 7. CONTENTdm<br />Used CONTENTdm collections management software that for the storage and retrieval of our digital objects<br />Used DM’s Project Client software to populate our collection<br />Attributed metadata to these objects using the Client, and then uploaded them to our collection on the Internet<br />Images needed to be converted into tiffs before uploading into CONTENTdm<br />Can be done through Adobe Photoshop<br />
  8. 8. Metadata<br />Utilized the CNYH Metadata Style Guide, which was based on:<br />The North Country Digital History Metadata Style Guide<br />The Hudson River Valley Heritage metadata elements<br />These, in turn, were based on the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)<br />A vocabulary of fifteen properties for use in resource description.<br />Ex: Title, creator, description, date statement, copyright statement, etc.<br />
  9. 9. Scanning<br />FFL bought an EPSON Perfection V750 Pro scanner suitable for scanning letter-size and smaller documents.<br />Standards for Scanning:<br />Referred to the CNYH Project Handbook, which has best practices based on BCR’s CDP Digital Imaging Best Practices Version 2.0<br />
  10. 10. Results<br />FFL Local History librarian has been able to utilize this collection for numerous reference questions<br />We’ve promoted CNY Heritage as a resource for our other reference librarians during staff training sessions<br />Pertinent materials from our local history collection are now available to our patrons at the click of a button<br />