Microsoft Word Christmas Wish List


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Microsoft Word Christmas Wish List

  1. 1. Christmas Wish List SAMARA ~ size 5 girls ~ fave colour now is purple ~ loves animals and crafts GIFT IDEAS: Educational computer games (for Windows XP) Board games (Guess Who?, Sorry, Pass the Pigs (not a really a board game)) Crafts supplies (markers, construction paper, etc…) Kid-sized snow shovel, rake Dress-up costumes Money contributions to RESP Money contributions to room décor GIFT CERTIFICATES: Zellers, Wal-Mart, Winners, Chapters ALIYAH ~ size 3T ~ she seems to have a variety of fave colours but leans towards pink, blue, purple ~ loves to do whatever her big sister is doing! GIFT IDEAS: Kid-sized snow shovel, rake Dress-up costumes Books that you can match the stickers to the picture (e.g. educational pre-school workbooks) Walkie-Talkies DVD sing along Christian music with actions to the songs Money contributions to RESP Money contributions to room décor GIFT CERTIFICATES: Chapters, Winners, Wal-Mart, Zellers ** Please feel free to use these ideas for my girls for their upcoming birthdays as well! **
  2. 2. JADA ~ size 3T ~ size 7/8 Shoes ~ size 2T for t-shirts, undershirts and things like that ~ fave colour is pink & purple ~ enjoys tricycling, brushing dolls’ hair, drawing, going to the park, and just running around being wild GIFT IDEAS: Mini Cabbage Patches (with hair to brush) Toddler DVDs Kids' video camera GIFT CERTIFICATES: Children's Place, ToysRus, Wal-Mart JESSIE-ANNA: ~ size 12-14 ~ fave colours are green and orange ~ likes frogs, horses, nancy drew books, hardy boys (has a lot of nancy drew but not many hardy boys) GIFT IDEAS: CD's : Bon Jovi ( we have Lost highway_) Taylor Swift (has Fearless) Blow up toboggan (Sears catalogue pg 18 "rotator") Pillows (Sears pg 14 page 27) Knit sock slippers (Sears catalogue pg 45) Walkie talkies GIFT CERTIFICATES: Greenhawk, Staples SHAY ~ size 10-12 ~ fave colours are blue and orange ~ likes horses and spy stuff GIFT IDEAS: Underwater clear plastic camera case Magnifying glass
  3. 3. 2 flashlights for spy kit Lego Ankle socks GIFT CERTIFICATES: Greenhawk NATALIE ~ size 8 ~ fave colour is blue GIFT IDEAS: CD's from Christian groups (e.g. "Zoe girl" or “Superchick” Walkie talkies DVD - 12 Dancing Princess or Mermaidia (Barbie) Remote control car GIFT CERTIFICATES: Wal-Mart TESSA ~ size 4-6 ~ fave colours are pink and purple GIFT IDEAS: Diapers for Baby Alive New Veggie Tale DVD (last one she has is Jonah and Esther) Horse stuff Books HILLARY I'm 5'4 formerly blond now redheadish, and I am medium shirt size. I have a shopping addiction, but love Roxy, Billabong, Hurley clothes, and LOVE LOVE Forever21 the store. I like going out for dinner, I like giftcards, I love the Jonas Brothers and would marry one if I could, I like going to concerts, I like music and my Ipod, I really enjoyed Pete's Dragon the movie, and The Brave Little Toaster, but you can never find those movies anymore, I would love to find Veronica Mars Season 3 on DVD, or Flight of the Concords... Hmm, I don't know quite else what to say!
  4. 4. MEGHAN ~ size small t-shirt ~ fave colours are blue, yellow and orange GIFT IDEAS: A yellow rainjacket with matching yellow sailer rain hat. (or just the hat). Stationary with stickers Picture stuff (picture frames, etc.) is always good too GIFT CERTIFICATES: No Frills CODY ~ size Large in t-shirts/sweat shirts ~ likes things from West 49, Hurley, DC. GIFT CERTIFICATES: Itunes gift cards or gift cards from Walmart or EB Games (he is saving for a few different games) LYNDSAY ~ size- L/XL ~ fave colours are yellow and turquoise GIFT CERTIFICATES: Walmart- so I can print my 1000's of pictures I have yet to print.. havent even done my Cuba ones! Treasure House - always love getting new CDs!
  5. 5. CARLY - have not received anything from her yet! CADEN ~ size 18 mos ~ fave colour – no preference GIFT IDEAS: Wooden puzzles Nursery rhyme book(s) GIFT CERTIFICATES: Walmart or any kids stores JOSH ~ size 3 ~ fave color – any ~ likes cooking and trucks GIFT IDEAS: Fire Truck GIFT CERTIFICATES: Wal-Mart or ToysRus KENZIE ~ size 7 ~ fave colour is pink ~ likes horses and Hannah Montana GIFT CERTICATES: Greenhawk (this is a horse store, wants to buy riding pants)
  6. 6. MICHAYLA ~ size - 24 months or 2T ~ fave colour is pink ~ likes princesses, going to the park, dancing GIFT IDEAS: Mega Blocks Princess set Rose Petal Cottage table and chairs or nursery set Princess sheet set (double) CD player Book on crafts for toddlers and supplies Play cooking set "Pretend" toys GIFT CERTIFICATES: 5. ToysRus, Gymboree, Wal-Mart KENNEDY ~ doesn’t really need clothes!! ~ fave color - she hasn't said yet ;) ~ likes breast feeding, sleeping during the day, keeping mommy awake all night GIFT IDEAS: Lamaze toys Developmental toys DVDs Robeez shoes GIFT CERTIFICATES: ToysRus, Wal-Mart ** Please feel free to buy my kids something from Kijiji, Once upon a child, etc.**