Allyson’s 2011 christmas wishlist


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Allyson’s 2011 christmas wishlist

  1. 1. Allyson’s 2011 Christmas Wishlist BY: Allyson G. Herman
  2. 2. IntroductionThank you for all the supportive stuff you do for me. I love how lots of stuff that’s in myPower Point’s show up as gifts. I hope that this helps you find an appropriate gift forme. Enjoy the show!!
  3. 3. HeadphonesI want headphonesbecause I want to listen tomusic in the car easier. Youcan find this item or clickon the picture of theheadphones.
  4. 4. iPod TouchI would like an iPod touchbecause it is helpful,cheaper than and iPadand does almostanything. (Note: thiswould count as a birthdaygift also.) Get the 8GBone. you can find this or clickon the picture of theiTouch.
  5. 5. iTouch CaseI would like an iTouchcase for the iTouch so thatif I accidentally drop itdoesn’t break(Note: Thiswould be part of mybirthday present alongwith the iTouch). You canfind this or clickon the picture of the case.
  6. 6. Fish TankI would like a fish tank sothat my mom doesn’talways have to clean mybeta fish bowl. You canfind this REALLY NEED!
  7. 7. Summer Delight(unframed print)I would like this print sothat when my room isfinished that I can hang itup and remember my lovefor horses. You can findthis or click on the horse.
  8. 8. Just DanceSummer PartyI would like Just DanceSummer Party because Iplayed it at Horse campand loved it. Also becauseit has some reallyawesome songs that Ihadn’t even heard before.You can find this or clickon the picture of thegame.
  9. 9. My Horse and Me 2I would like my horse andme to practice my horsecare and just for a gameto play on the Wii. Youcan find this or clickon the picture of thegame.
  10. 10. LIV wigI would like this wigbecause I want to redomy room the summer of2012 and would like partof it to be kind of girlyand having a hair partwould be AWESOME andit would be really fun. Youcan find this or clickon the wig. P.S. there aremany more on thewebsite.
  11. 11. CameraI would like a camera so Ican take pictures ofdifferent things. Thiswould be something Iwould really treasure. Ialready know how towork this because wehave one. You can findthis item or clickon the camera.
  12. 12. Memory CardI need a memory card forall my pictures. This isvery helpful and its Sonyso itll fit my camera. Youcan find this item or clickon the memory card.
  13. 13. Camera CaseI need a camera case formy camera so it doesn’tget damaged or anythingelse. You can find thisitem at click on the cameracase.
  14. 14. Show WhipI would like a show whipso that I have a fancierwhip to use for shows. Mytrainers would like me tohave a longer whip forshows anyway so that Ican get more out of myhorse. The whip should besize 36” and black, blackcolor. You can find this or click on the whip.
  15. 15. Cosmetic CaseI would like this case sothat I can have moremakeup and it has manyfun colors. I would usethis for shows and plusthen I can listen to musicwhile I apply my makeup.You can find this or clickon the case.
  16. 16. Aero ¾ TeeI would like this shirtbecause, again, I don’thave a ton of the longertype. You can find this orclick on the tee.
  17. 17. Aero HenleyI would like this shirtbecause I need more longsleeve shirts and most ofthe long sleeve shirts Ihave are to small. You canfind this orclick on the shirt.
  18. 18. Raglan TeeI would like this shirt towear for school and ingeneral. I have had myeye out for this and lovethe design and color to it.I need a size medium andthe Navy Heather color.You can find this or clickon the shirt.
  19. 19. RobeI would like a robebecause my old one isbecoming small and Ireally like the newdesigns. I need a sizesmall and the black polkadots. You can find this or clickon the robe.
  20. 20. SlippersI would like slippersbecause my old ones aretoo small and I LOVEAngry Birds. You can findthis at click on the slippers.
  21. 21. Bed SheetsI would like two sets(1 forChristmas 1 for birthday)of bed sheets because myHello Kitty sheets aregetting kind of babyishand I am growing up. Youcan find these or clickon the sheet designs. P.S.the sheet designs takeyou to the same place.P.P.S. My bed is a twinsize.
  22. 22. Sleeping BagI would like this sleeping bag because I am growing to old for the other Ariel one. I know thisis a large amount for a sleeping bag but it would count as my B-Day gift also. You can find thisat for the one on the left and for the one on the right orclick on either of the sleeping bags. P.S. I would like the pillow to go with the PB Teen one.
  23. 23. Bean BagI would like a bean bag toadd to my “new room”décor. I have alwayswanted one and now isthe time. I realize that it isexpensive so it wouldcount as my B-Day giftalso. You can find this or clickon the beanbag. P.S. Getthe small(36”) bean bagwith the slipcover andinsert.
  24. 24. MoneyI would like some moneyfor:•A Saddle•Show Pin•Jods (riding pants)•Saving for a car•Saving for a Beta Fish•Etc.
  25. 25. My SizesTops Robe Shoe Whip Bean BagAdult Adult 3½ 36” 36”Small small SmallKids XL14-16Questions? Contact my mom at orcall us at (262)-569-1318, or text me at (609)-372-2943(my Text Plus #).