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Along The Right Lines
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Along The Right Lines


Published on

A little slideshow from a small green online business doing its best.

A little slideshow from a small green online business doing its best.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. Along the Right Linesgrowing a little business through a recession
  • 2. Necessity is the mother of Invention
    When we are challenged we develop our ideas and resources to overcome the obstacles in our path.
    We now have more opportunity than ever to get creative and diversify.
    If you can build something now it can really only get better.
  • 3. Working together gets results
    Build working relationships that have a forward-thinking attitude.
    Develop ideas that you love and inspire others through your passion and determination.
    Regeneration is vital, as is working with people who want to build and create.
    Be the one that says
    “alright, what’s next?”
  • 4. Moving towards world-friendly businesses
    There are a great many advantages to going green:
    save money
    help the planet
    develop a friendly, caring and responsible image
    Go easy on the greenery:
    Try online advertising and networking.
    Reduce the pressure on our planet through new technologies.
    responsible travelling
    carbon offsetting
    minimising waste
  • 5. Social Media Marketing
    Share ideas
    Push discussions forward
    Recruit colleagues and customers
    Free and easy
    Does no damage to the greenery
    Free advertising
    Tweet. Tweet.
    tweet. tweet.
    Tweet. Tweet.
    Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.
    Tweet. Tweet.
  • 6. Importance of Presentation
    Dress to impress
    Language is your best equipment so use it well.
    Share your ideas! How do you know it works if you keep it hidden?
    Put on your best words and try to avoid mistakes.
    Be clear about what’s important in your message.
  • 7. Importance of presentation 2
    We are not prescriptive little dictators of language.
    Yet we must reiterate the incredible importance of presentation.
    A great idea can be sunk and lost if no one sees it.
    A business that looks great and looks successful, is successful.
  • 8. Keep your market in mind
    Suit your words to the people you address.
    Sometimes a certain formality is required.
    Be aware of your jargon, if it won’t be understood leave it out.
    Get help speaking other languages.
    Don’t know what you’re saying? You’re saying the wrong thing.
    ‘Hands up if you understand what I’m saying.’
  • 9. Content
    Say something. Say something about your business and yourself through what you choose to talk about, but don’t talk about self.
    be appealing, satisfying, funny or useful.
    don’t say anything if you think it’s pointless or dull.
    try to share your ideas rather than sell your products.
    bad content is worse
    than no content at all.
    presentation is always as important as the message.
    Excellent content sells itself.
    What would you say?
    How would you say it?
  • 10. Don’t tread water
    If you are thrown a ball then throw it back.
    Get involved in discussion even when it gets a little sticky.
    Take the good points and hold onto them, bin criticism that’s going nowhere.
    Ask for help if you need it, give help to someone who needs you.
  • 11. Hope
    Look up.
    Move forward.
    Survive and grow.
    Do something that’s useful, something you love.
  • 12. The End
    This presentation was brought to you by the little grey bird.
    We are a small proofreading company
    working for all you pigeons, doves and chickens out there,
    whenever you get in a flap.