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With our rich expertise, Life Health Energy Center is actively engaged in offering Sri Vastu Kalli photo, Scanntenna, Bau-max Pyramid, Mini-Max Pyramid, Geo-Maxi Max Pyramid,Rose Crystal Wand, Chinese Yin & Yang Health Balls, Saturn Pyramid, Vastu Allah Pyramid, Vastu Wish Pyramid, Gesus Wish Kit,7 Force Vastu Kit, Child Birth Pyramid, Geo Reverser, Lucky Bamboo Plant, Money Builder Kit, etc. These products have healing properties and help our clients to avoid vastu dosh, health related problems and bring positive energy to their homes. These services are offered by our highly experienced team of vastu consultants and many leading companies and individuals based across the Indian subcontinent have benefitted by our consultation.

We are able to provide products, which suit the requirements of our clients in the best possible manner and our vastu consultancy services are provided to our clients without doing any unnecessary changes in their present homes or work places. Further, we are also involved in planning and designing the buildings and structures as per Vastu.

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Life health-energy-center

  1. 1. 08376807159 A Member of Life Health Energy Center We offer Healing Crystals, Health & Healing Tools, Vastu Power Pyramids, Vastu Kits, Vastu Shastra Photos, Wealth Vastu Tools and Vastu Cds. Moreover, we also provide Vastu Consultancy services.
  2. 2. A Member of A b o u t U s Established in the year 1990 at Chennai, (Tamil Nadu, India), w e , Life Health Energy Centre, are well-established and trustworthy, we offer products like Pyramid Rose Quartz Lover's Stone, Granthra -your Chackra Protection Pendent, Ketu dosha parihar yantra Pyramid, Wish Pyramid -Vastu, Sree Swarnagharshna Bairavar, Alla Wish Prayer Kit and Vastu Prabhu Shanthy Mantra. These products are highly appreciated in the market for positive energy, attractive & decorative looks and reliability and are helpful to our clients in preventing the negative energy to enter in their minds and homes. Moreover, we also offer our clients Vastu Consultancy Services, which includes 7 Force Vastu Kit, Child Birth Pyramid, Geo Reverser, Lucky Bamboo Plant and Money BuilderKit. These services are highly acknowledged among our clients for superior quality, reliability and are helpful preventing vastu dosh & health related problems. Further, we are also involved in planning and designing the buildings and structures as per Vastu. Our clients can avail our entire product range and services as per their requirements at the most affordable prices. With our research for the last thirty years on Pyramidology, Crystal & Gem secrets, Yantra therapy, Mantra science, Five elemental balancing techs of Indian Vastu and Chinese Feng shui, Aura photography, we were able to keep creating and manufacturing different kinds of Energy Vastu Dosh Nivarthy pyramids (both industrial & Residential units), Grahadosha Parihar Pyramids, Prayer kits, Vastu shastra photographs, Dowsing tools, Scantenna the latest & highest version of all kinds of divination tools etc. Every vastu dosh has some remedy and if taken properly, the happiness and peace comes back in the life again.
  3. 3. A Member of POWER PYRAMIDS Our offered Power Pyramids are designed by our expert professionals, who are in this domain for years. These pyramids can protect your house, shops or offices from the evil energies and these can also safe- guard your car. Saturn Power Pyramid Rahu Dosh Parihar Yantra Pyramid Brahmasthan Vastu Pyramid Bau Mini Max Energy Vastu Plate - 81 Pyramids Products
  4. 4. A Member of VASTU PYRAMIDS We bring forth splendid range of Vastu Pyramids, which is known as a scientific art to harmonize - mind, spirit and environment. These show great results if these are placed at appropriate location as per the vastu suggestion and are used to improve health, wealth, happiness, family harmony and business. Ganesh Ji In Vastu Pyramid Vastu Pyramid - Dhanvantri Yantra Business Success Vastu Pyramid Vastu Pyramid NE Cosmic Yantra Products
  5. 5. A Member of VASTU SHASTRA PHOTOS Backed by highly experienced and qualified team of vastu experts, we are able to offer premium quality collection of Vastu Shastra Photos, which includes paintings and idols. These can be used as decorative items for the interior of homes and offices and also bring prosperity and happiness in life. Sree Vastu Iswarya Kaali Photo Vasthu Kali With Hi Power Reflectors Sree Vasthu Iswarya Kali Photo -English Shree Lakshmi Kubera Temple's Photo Products
  6. 6. A Member of VASTU KITS We are recognized in the market of Vastu Kits, which includes diverse colored pyramids related to elements effecting all the eight directions. These are used to bring the positive energy to the surrounding and help to get rid of vastu defects from the life. Vastu Wish Pyramid Kit - Christians Main Door Vastu Remedy Allah Wish Prayer Kit Products
  7. 7. A Member of VASTU COURSES We offer several short courses on Vastu and Allied Sciences. These Vaastu Courses are meant for acquiring the knowledge of the background, history and fundamentals of vastu shastra. They are best suited for people who want to gain detailed knowledge on vastu shastra as a hobby or for personal use. Money Success Course Online Tarot Card Prediction Newlife Reiki Course Products
  8. 8. A Member of WEALTH VASTU TOOLS With our expertise, we are offering our clients large collection of Wealth Vastu Tools, which is used bring wealth and prosperity to place, individual life and in family. These are designed by our adroit team of vastu experts using the best grade factor inputs and latest technology. Akshaya Bowl Feng Shui Tortoise Crystal Sree Lakshmi Kubera Temples Money Pyramid Boxes Sree Lakshmi Kubera Temple's Feng Shui Crystal Mandala Products
  9. 9. A Member of HEALING CRYSTALS AND JEWELLERY We have gained high popularity in the market for our offered wide range of Healing Crystals, which is used for healing purposes and brings positive changes in mind and body. These stones are supposed to carry vibration rates, which are used for changing the vibration rates of the aura where they are used. Tiger Eye Lucky Pendant Navaratan Mala Rose Crystal Wand Pyramid Rose Quartz Lover's Stone Products
  10. 10. A Member of HEALTH & HEALING TOOLS We are offering services of Health & Healing Tools that is using optimum grade basic material and latest technology in compliance with the defined quality standards. These are very helpful in healing the health related problems and through out the negative energy from the mind and body. Chinese Yin & Yang Health Balls Sree Lakshmi Kubera Temple's Karya Siddhi Crystal Mandala Accupressure Finger Massage Ring Emotional Imbalances Bach Flower Remedies Products
  11. 11. A Member of VASTU DEVICE Prominent & Leading Service Provider and Trader from Chennai, we offer Vastu Device such as The Scantenna Vastu Energy Scanner Workshop, Pyramid Pendulums, Dowsing L Rod, Dowsing Spring Rod By Expert Dowser and Tower Pendulum -Dowsing Course. Vastu Pyramid Pendulums Dowsing Spring Rod Tower Pendulum - Dowsing Course Products
  12. 12. A Member of FENG SHUI GADGETS AND BOOKS Service Provider & Trader of a wide range of products which include Feng Shui Gadgets & Books such as Crystal Pagoda Feng Shui, Gold Bars and Laughing Buddha Set. Feng Shui Crystal Pagoda Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Set Feng Shui Vastu Book Products
  13. 13. A Member of VASTU WORKSHOPS We are a leading Service Provider & Trader of Workshops such as Crystal Energy Secret Workshop, Dowsing Foundation Course, Past Life Regression Workshop, Vasthu Feng Shui Workshop and U Can Dowse from India. Crystal Energy Secret Workshop Tarot Card Reading Workshop Dowsing Foundation Course Past Life Regression Workshop Products
  14. 14. A Member of MEDITATION COMPACT DISC Our product range includes a wide range of Meditation Cds such as Chakra Meditation, Energy Breathing CD, Super Brain Power CD and Vasthu Dhyanam -Guruji Dr.V.Sukumaran. Chakra Meditation Energy Breathing CD Vasthu Dhyanam CD Super Brain Power CD Products
  15. 15. A Member of TREATMENT THERAPIES Leading Service Provider and Trader from Chennai, our product range includes Treatment Therapies such as Energy Breathing Sessions, Rebirthing Sessions -Removing Blocks, Tantra Yoga Meditation, Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation, Newlife Reiki Meditation, Soham Mind Cleansing Breathing and many more items. Energy Breathing Sessions Rebirthing Sessions - Removing Blocks Tantra Yoga Meditation Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation Products
  16. 16. A Member of OTHER PRODUCTS: SW Telluric Pyramid Evil Eye Protection Pyramid Floor Max - An Industrial Vastu Unit Four Corner Correction Pyramids Products
  17. 17. A Member of OTHER PRODUCTS: Kethu Dosha Parihar Yantra Car Protection Pyramid Marriage Matching Pyramid Vastu Pyramid Bau Maxi Max Products
  18. 18. A Member of OTHER PRODUCTS: Vastu Allah Pyramid Vastu Wish Pyramid Main Gate Vastu Pyramids Geo Max Vastu Pyramid Products
  19. 19. A Member of F a c t s h e e t Year of Establishment : 1990 Nature of Business : Service Provider, Trader Total Number of Employees : Upto 10 People
  20. 20. A Member of CONTACT US Life Health Energy Center Contact Person: Mr. Shanthy Sukumaran No. 23 A/ 5 - A, Govindan Street, Ayyavu Colony, Aminjikarai, Nea M. R. Hospital, Adjacent Golden Temple Chennai - 600029, Tamil Nadu, India 08376807159