July 2012: Giving Them a Voice


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CTW's User Study of Undergraduate Students and eBooks

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  • Early Last Year, this group decided - for a variety of reasons – to find out more about CTW students’ use of, and thoughts about ebooks. We were lucky to have Trinity’s "Data Queen"– Rachael Barlow - in our group. She was instrumental in helping us: define & narrow our research focus, choose the best techniques to use, and develop the questions we would ask...
  • The transition toward ebooks is underway…In a few years? The acceptance of either format is likely to be higher. Students who clearly stated they preferred print ….really liked the ability to preview content online. And many who accepted either format…said that for in-depth, research purposes they prefer to use print when possible. The user experience will directly impact the future of both print and ebooks. IF platform developers, publishers and vendors don’t make changes that match expectations -- then for some students, print is likely to remain the format of choice for some time to come!
  • July 2012: Giving Them a Voice

    1. 1. Giving Them a Voice:CTW’s Study of Undergraduates and eBooks Image Source: http://allthingslearning.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/the-educators-voice.png
    2. 2. Kathy Gehring Ashley Hanson ConnCollege ConnCollegeKendall Hobbs Rachael Barlow CTW’s eBook Wesleyan Trinity Study GroupDiane Klare Rob Walsh Wesleyan Trinity Lorri Huddy Jennifer Van Sickle CTW Trinity
    3. 3. Why a Study abouteBooks & Students? Space Needs Discovery Layers eBook Readers Collection Decisions Image Source: http://www.mcccvoice.org/ebooks/
    4. 4. Can you identify the ebooks in your results?Are you aware What platform Whats an ebook?of the librarys features do you like Have you used ebooks? ...or wish to change? any? How often? ...You need eBooks for a class assignment. Where will you start? How will you find them?How do you open What do you If you wanted only wish you could ebooks, howthe ebook now do with that would you changethat you found it? ebook? your search? Which do you prefer: P or E? ...Why?Which ebook platform did What devices do you use? you like better? Why?? What else do you want to use?
    5. 5. “What?! …how to find ebooks?” The Discovery Process Image Source: AFP/Getty http://www.globalpost.com/photo/5675140/munch-the-scream/
    6. 6. Discovery Methods
    7. 7. Why?“It brings up a lot of options to start with. I may not find it there, but it will usually lead me to where I can find it.” “Google will show if the library has the book or journal.I use the library when I know about a specific title I need.“ “I always Google everything… I would use the library if I dont find anything.” Image Source: http://phandroid.com/2012/04/24/googles-terms-of-service-may-scare-users-away-from-google-drive/
    8. 8. Typical Catalog Search Results (from Wesleyan University) Keyword search "childhood obesity prevention"
    9. 9. Are We Speaking the Same Language? While students can define an eBook, there are deficiencies in their ability to recognize, access and use eBooks What makes sense to us doesnt necessarily have the same meaning for students.Image Source: http://www.civilsociety.co.uk/fundraising/news/content/10744/fundraisers_must_learn_to_speak_the_language_of_ceos_and_fds
    10. 10. “I cant get over the stupidity of this layout...but I really like the Bookshelf."Students Use of Specific eBook Platforms Image Source: http://hypenotice.com/design/invisible-bookshelves/15/
    11. 11. Students Use of eBooks: In Theory Convenient Good for the Environment Fast Access Cheaper than print?Image Source: http://www.ipdfconverter.net/green-economics-an-introduction-to-theory-policy-and-practice.html
    12. 12. Student use of ebooks: In Practice• “Frustrating”• Not comfortable reading a lot of text on a screen• Difficulty interpreting platform icons and language• Liked the "search within the book“ feature• Really, REALLY want to be able to download the entire ebook Image Source: http://mygrannygeek.com/ebook-info/i-need-your-help-please/
    13. 13. Ebrary Platform Issues Download feature added recently“InfoTools"not intuitive No scroll bar. Students prefer scrolling to clicking an iconMagnifying glass icons stumped most students.They thought these changed text size, not moved through search results.
    14. 14. Ebrary’s Search within the book was very popular,but easily confused with its Simple Search Chapter rankings were popular
    15. 15. MyiLibrary Platform Issues Not a search-within-the-book, its a chapter pulldown menu. "Ref Tools" not intuitiveNotes require settingup a user account Scroll Bars!!
    16. 16. MiL’s “Search within the Book” feature waspopular (once found), but perplexing…. Relevancy ranking?
    17. 17. "I kinda like it... except for the fact its online and I have to look at it on the computer." What We Learned: Assumptions vs. Reality Image Source: http://graphicdesignsiouxfalls.com/2012/lazy-eyes-how-we-read-online/
    18. 18. Some Observations on Student Use of eBooks• Academic vs. Leisure eBooks• Skim eBook, then find print version• Print or download and read later Image Source: http://allthingslearning.wordpress.com/category/classroom-teaching/
    19. 19. What do you think (or hope) eBooks will be like in 5 years?Photo by Todd Martin http://www.flickr.com/photos/tmartin/32010732/
    20. 20. Students’ “Wish Lists”Image Source:http://blacklifecoaches.net/2012/01/11/power-pollination/dandelion/
    21. 21. The Future: (Prematurely) Mourning the Death of PrintI think print will become obsolete and am upset about it - really sad about the idea of losing print (love getting newspaper print on my fingers and the smell of a library book). Everything is going to be online, and Im really sad about it.We are heading towards more electronic books, which is why I ditched my plans to go into the publishing business. Image Source: http://www.blackbookmag.com/nightlife/amazon-reveals-the-new-kindle-textbook-rental-program-1.24201
    22. 22. 71.4% Of the students had used eBooks ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 55.5% Stated a clear preference for Print 26% Stated a clear preference for eBooks 18.5% Seemed accepting of either formatImage Source: http://photoshopisland.drupalgardens.com/island-journal/print-reports-my-death-are-greatly-exaggerated