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    • Lane Wilkinson Lane Wilkinson @Nathan Filbert The issue with interdisciplinarity arises within the scope of Meyer & Land's definition of threshold concepts as transformative, irreversible gateways into bounded disciplines. What I'm really objecting to is that TC theory takes an essentialist view of disciplines: these are the X number of concepts that delineate expertise in this discipline. It devolves into boundary policing. For what it's worth, there are several decades of research into how we acquire expertise or mastery of skills/concept/theories. It's a robust area of inquiry in educational psychology, cognitive science, and related fields. Threshold concept theory lacks the robustness, explanatory power, and holism found in other theories (Chi's "The Nature of Expertise" or Hmelo-Silver and Pfeiffer’s Structure-Behavior-Function theory or the Dreyfus model or any of a hundred alternatives.) More to my liking, these alternative theories attempt to understand how the learning process works and how the expert mind works. TC theory says "here's what experts have to know", other theories say "here is how experts think." To me, the latter approach is far less prescriptive and far superior.  3 months ago
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