Lp10 making meaning


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English unit on short film

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Lp10 making meaning

  1. 1. IGCSEShort Film – Making Meaning
  2. 2. ObjectivesDevelop understanding of structure and meaningUse a range of techniques to convey ideasUnderstand how a text works
  3. 3. Two Cars, One NightSummarise the story in one sentence.Is the film simply the story of the meeting between thechildren or does it raise bigger issues about the culturethey are part of?
  4. 4. ContextThe DirectorWhat does this article tell us about the director and hisfilm-making career?
  5. 5. MaoriResearch the Maori culture and look at the meaning of thetattoos on the face of the warrior.
  6. 6. The Maori people are the indigenous people of NewZealand. They are Polynesian and comprise about 10% ofthe countrys population. Maoritanga is the nativelanguage which is related to Tahitian and Hawaiian. It isbelieved that the Maori migrated from Polynesia in canoesaround the 9th century to 13th century AD.
  7. 7. The Maori were ferocious warriors who used psychologyand intimidation in warfare - the peruperu (War dance,a.k.a. Ha-ka ) was intended to give the opposing force apreview of things to come - sometimes in the hope thatthey would give up and go home - and fierce facial tattooswere a sign of manhood and accomplishment amongstthe fiercest of warriors.The Hakahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BoNmpvkavo&feature=related
  8. 8. Application of knowledgeNow that you have read up on Maori culture can you nowlook back at the film with better understanding?What is the significance of the Maori warrior? Whatfeelings, attitudes, values does he represent?
  9. 9. Making MeaningBy and large, audiences like to be led towardssome sort of resolution at the end of a story.They like things to be worked out.In the way that things are resolved at the endof the story, we often see the writer/directorsending us a message of some kind.In the working out of the conflicts that havebeen set up during the course of the narrativewe can perceive meaning.
  10. 10. TaskUsing your notes from previous sessions focus on Two Cars, One Night, consider the film’s meaning and how this has been created Tie together your ideas about messages and meaning from previous sessions, including:• Narrative• Sound• Camera• Lighting and mise-en-scène• Setting• Character• Symbols• Audience and representation• You are to create a group presentation in a suitable form which will allow you to cover all of the required content.