Portfolio Keisuke Shingu 2010


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Generic overview of my past projects. Please ask me any details where you are interested in.

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Portfolio Keisuke Shingu 2010

  1. 1. KEISUKE SHINGU 2953 Wyandot street, Unit C, Denver CO 80211 720.771.1377 | keisuke@gmail.com | www.linkedin.com/in/keisukes/ Print Information Design Digital Signage + Trade Show Banner + User Persona|Story + Bergamot Cafe + User Task Flow Brochure VJ + Tutorial Template User Interface + Activity + Festivals + Interactive Designer + Wireframe|Mockup + Awards + iPhone Web + Website UI/IA + Flash e-card Interactive + Photo Japanesque
  2. 2. Print + Trade Show Banner Print - Tradeshow banners for Quark (Macworld 07) Designed trade show banners for Quark booth with multiple variations.
  3. 3. Brochure + Tutorial Template Brochure - Tutorial template This design template is bundled with Quark Interactive Designer to show the ability of Table, Drop Shadow, and Interactive Designer fea- ture sets.
  4. 4. Brochure + Interactive Designer Brochure - Quark Interactive Designer This design is for hand-off brochure at major tradeshows such as Macworld, Seybold, and Drupa.
  5. 5. Web + Front-end UI/IA Web design for Bergamot Cafe, Santa Monica Overall site design as an information architect as well as front-end designer. Worked with web developer and provided crystal-clear site structure with object names using multiple layers in Photoshop.
  6. 6. Web + Flash e-card Flash e-card Designed holiday e-card with 6 different language versions. Maintained marketing theme of clarity & elegance yet heart warming.
  7. 7. Interactive + Photo Japanesque Interactive - Photo Japanesque Managed entire project as an Information architect and a designer. The project was planned as a sam- ple project for the digital content display system of national museums by Ministry of Home Affairs in Japan and HDTV division of Panasonic.
  8. 8. Information Design + User Persona / User Story User Persona - UX research at Beatport Created user persona for potential user scnarios of Beatport functionality and UI improvements, and for profiling specific user needs for marketing programs and related products.
  9. 9. Information Design + User Task Flow User Task Flow - iPhone app Played a product manager role as well as information architect. Created user task flow diagram as a base of wire- frame/mockup, and consulted overall look & feel of user interface based on the scope of functionalities.
  10. 10. User Interface + Wireframe / Mockup Finalizer - prototyping wireframe/mockup for a movie editing solution Prototyped interactive mockup for a movie editing solution. Created user stories for all of features, UI dia- gram, and UI mockups.
  11. 11. User Interface + iPhone iPhone application - Image Transformer for Ken Ishii Played a product manager role as well as information architect. Created user flow diagram and consulted overall look & feel of design based on existing feature sets.
  12. 12. Digital Signage + Bergamot Cafe Digital Signage design for Bergamot Cafe in Santa Monica Designed 2 menu board as well as slide show. http://www.tadahcorp.com/index.php/light-panels/dynamics
  13. 13. VJ + Activities + Festivals + Awards VJ KSKA VJ KSKA synchs the visuals with the dynamics of the music, building on the excitement generated by audiences. KSKA's innovative VJ style is "synesthesia", providing audiences with a new audio/visual experiences. Resident VJ Club Viny, Saturdays 2005 - 2007 Club Church, Thursdays 2005 - 2007 Club Beta, Thurs, Fri, Sat 2007 - Present Events & Festivals Caffein, CO 2005 - 2008 Global Dance Festival, Red Rocks, CO 2008 - 2010 Skylab, CO 2007 - 2010 Redbull 3 Style DJ Chanpionship 2010 Winter Music Conference, Beatport stage, Miami 2010 Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Redbull Stage 2010 Awards Best Resident VJ by Club World Awards 2010 “For decades, scenarios where people can “see the music” have been proposed for entertainment, but few VJs take it to heart as much as KSKA does. DJs as diverse as Paul Van Dyk, Benny Benassi, and Claude Von Stroke have given props to this man’s ability to con- vert the frequencies of electronic music into quick-cut bits of digital synaesthesia.. JH, Club World Awards” clips coming soon...