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  1. 1. JUDOBABY INC | 955 Charter St., Suite A | Redwood City, CA 94063 | f. 586-408-6575| w. 650.368.3499Jan. 10, 2011To whom it may concern:This is Jasmine Shih, Assistant Producer for JUDOBABY Inc. I have had the pleasure of managing a team ofart interns for our Jerry Rice and Nitus’ Dog Football, a Wii video game title.JUDOBABY, INC., led by a veteran management team with over 100 years of accumulative professionalexperience in game development, including design, art, programming and production, herein introducesthe Official Pet Sports League line of fun, humorous, “pick-up & play” products that innovatively blendstogether two of everyone’s all-time favorite amusements, pets and sports.Josue Portillo was one of the interns on this project. He had created in-game texture maps forcharacters (7 breeds of dogs), including Color maps, Bump maps, Gloss maps, AO maps, and blend maps;all hand painted details. During which time, he had also textured these dogs according to conceptprovided by the art team. Additionally, he had made a variation of 7 color maps for each dog included hispersonal input for additional color versions.Josue also created UV mapping for dogs when it was needed, and ensured optimal UV layouts.I find Josue to be a hard worker, and he takes directions very well, and always ready to jump in and help.Josue also has great communication skills that provides and support the progress of the project. Josuewould be a great asset as a team member on any project that can use his skills.Sincerely,Jasmine ShihAssistant Producer 9 5 5 C H A RT E R ST R E E T S U I T E A R E D W O O D C I T Y, C A 9 4 0 6 3 650.368.3499 FAX 586.408.6575Confidential Page 1 11/01/2010
  2. 2. Josue A. Portillo o n ce p t / V i su a l De v e l o p m e n t Email:art@josueportillo.com30 N. 10 St. Apt # 4 Mobile: 408.373.7630San Jose, CA 95112EDUCATION 2002-2007 San Jose State University, CA Bachelor of Fine Arts Animation/Illustration (Date of Graduation December 2007) 2002-2007 The ACME Network, Workshops performed by Professional Animators through ACME Animation Online 2002-2007 Shrunken Head Man Club (SJSU Animation/ Illustration Club) 1998-2002 Animation Magnet Program Mount Pleasant High School High School DiplomaRELEVANT EXPERIENCE 2010-Present Google Working on E-books as Quality Control Operator. Reformatting and editing books to convert for E-readers. 2010- Judo Baby, Inc Worked on new Wii release game. Creating hand painted texture maps for in-game characters. Also UV-mapping and maximizing UV-layout for optimal performance. 2009- Zynga Game Network, Inc Contract Artist. Created Illustrations for New iphone app, “Vampire Wars.” Conceptualized and produced rendered work for final output of game. 2009- Flash Website Design Created personal and company websites: and 2008 Homepage Art Piece Created art piece “Lion and the Lamb” for Church of God (7th Day) Website- 2006 Computer Animated Student Short Film “La Cucaracha” Art Director, Character Designer, Animator and Storyboard Artist; Collaborated with other students for final outputSKILLS/ABILITIES Technical Skills Qualifications Adobe Photoshop Painting in traditional and digital mediums Adobe Illustrator Conceptualize, Composition, and Color usage Corel Painter Creative Visual concepts and story ideas Sketchbook Pro Modeling, UV, and Texturing Maya Understanding of Anatomy Mud box Computer and traditional animation Adobe Premiere Retouching Photo Imagery Adobe Flash Character Design and topography REFERENCES: Available upon request