Explanatory Slides for SPI (Apr 13 by T.Grossardt)


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Explanatory Slides for SPI (Apr 13 by T.Grossardt)

  1. 1. A Suggested Approach to Help Organize the Issues and the Participants• All participation is anonymous and simultaneous, so no cross-influences can exist. Results are seen immediately by all, so transparency is guaranteed.• First slide helps establish which stage of engagement each participant has progressed to: 1. Information gathering 2. Initial ‘gut’ or ‘emotive’ reaction 3. Analytic consideration/comparison 4. Opinion formation/ Action decision• The following two slides allow dynamic input to define the nature of expectations of the participants. The volunteered topics are recorded, then scored for importance by the entire group. This helps assure that subsequent small group deliberation is focused on what really matters to them.• The content comes from the participants. Slides 3 and 4 could each generate a dozen or more different thoughts for the participants to score.• Most important topics become the subjects for the breakout groups. Groups could take on a couple of related topics, if desired. People can volunteer to group topics that matter most to them.• Quickly allows the large group to discover, and demonstrate to each other, what matters most, and go to work on it.• Eliminates shouting matches, bogus claims of representation, red herrings• Establishes a clear pattern and plan for civil, organized, productive participation• NOTE: Participants will rightfully expect to know what will happen with the results of the day’s work.
  2. 2. How Familiar Are You With the Discussion Regarding Independence?1. I’ve heard a little about it 25% 25% 25% 25% and want to know more2. I am interested in the question but unsure about what it might mean3. I follow it closely and think about it carefully4. I am a strong advocate regarding this question .. . .. ... ... c l. al te ng es it d o ar w r str te lo he in a ol e m m If I’v Ia Ia
  3. 3. What Are Your Greatest Hopes Regarding Such a Change? (List, then everyone scores them)1. Free Scottish flag for everyone2. Fewer annoying cricket stories 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% in the papers3. Etc4. etc5. etc6. Etc7. etc8. etc9. etc c c .. c c c c c ... Et Et et et et et et g. h yin tis no ot Sc an ee er Fr w Fe
  4. 4. What Are Your Greatest Concerns Regarding Such a Change? (List, then everyone scores them.)1. Choice One2. Choice Two 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11%3. Choice Three4. Choice Four5. Choice Five6. Choice Six7. Choice Seven8. Choice Eight Six t r o ee e ne e n h u Fiv On Tw ve Fo Eig Ni r ce Th Se ce ce ce9. Choice Nine ce oi ce ce ce oi ce oi oi oi Ch oi oi oi Ch oi Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch
  5. 5. Example Scoring Output: List of landscape items scored forsignificance regarding landscape impacts of electric transmission lines. (Here, two subgroups’ scores also shown) 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Human School National Hospital Church Wild and Public Threatened Picnic area Golf course Habitation Properties scenic river campground and Register endangered habitat Global Impedance Value Power Professionals Impedance Non-Power Professionals Impedance
  6. 6. Top Ten (?) Topics/Groups Choose Your Topical Group• Topic 1 (top score)• Topic 2 (next highest score)• Etc.