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News Letter Example

  1. 1. NEWS LETTER Monthly Staff News Letter 11th November 2009 Issue 11 British Museum Exhibits the Real Atlantis …An exhibition which will change human history T In This Isue he British Museum, as the first museum in the world, will Real Atlantis open its doors for the p. 1 new exhibition ‘The Real Atlantis’. Scientists can Theft of “St George” now prove the existence p. 2 of the underwater world of Atlantis; it was discovered Iran Gives British Museum outside the coast of North 2-Month Deadline Over West Africa near the Canary Cyrus Cylinder Islands on the floor of the p. 2 Atlantic Ocean. The objects they found are loaned to the UK Museum for a Event for the Whole Family short period of time before p. 3 the exhibits continue their was washed away under water with a journey around the world. The rare and focus on the changing role of the people Future Exhibitions beautiful objects will arrive to London on living in Atlantis in an historical and p. 3 the 6th of November 2009 and remain at social timeline. the museum for two months. Neil MacGregor, director of the British Current Vacancies The exhibition will display what Museum, said: “ the world has never p. 4 archeologists have discovered under water seen an exhibition like this, showing the in the Atlantic Ocean. The collection spectacular finding of a lost civilization The Real Atlantis has over 500 objects recovered from everyone believed to be a myth. The the excavations; some of the objects are majority of the objects have come straight partial remains of an ancient civilization, which was hidden under water for from the excavations, and will show the magnificent lifetime has forgotten. None Competition thousands of years. It will show images of these objects have ever been showed of the underwater world and artifacts that Have an opportunity to win a fieldtrip to exhibited to the public; Londoners will the excavations of the Atlantis. This com- were found on the site. Also illustrating be the first to experience this amazing the changing role of the people living petition is for all the kids who send in their discovery of a lost civilization.” drawings of what they experienced at the in Atlantis in an historical and social Dr Sarah Marshall, the curator for the timeline. exhibition. The winner’s drawings will be exhibition added: “the London visitors exhibited in on of the rooms of the Atlan- The exhibition will also hold a will have the first ever opportunity to see conference where scientists will give tis exhibition. For more information see for them selves that Atlantis is no more a different theories to explain how Atlantis myth.” Theft of “St George” The famous Russian painting “St nised persons succeeded in abstracting Read more on page 2 George” was stolen from the British Mu- the 850.000 £ masterpiece by putting the seum between 10 pm and 1 am last night. security system of the museum out of op- Disguised as security guards, unrecog- eration.....
  2. 2. Page 2 Theft of “St George” The famous Russian painting of ‘St Metropolitan Police and according to The Director of the State Historical George’ was stolen from the British Met Chief Sir Ian White: “The suspects Museum promised a reward of £10,000 Museum last night between 10.00 pm are being questioned as we speak and we for information leading to the return of the and 1.00 am. Unknown perpetrators are also checking the CCTV footage from artwork. succeeded in abstracting the £850.000 outside the museum.” masterpiece by putting the security system The Director of the British Museum, of the museum out of operation. Neil MacGregor said: “I am deeply The Byzantine icon from the 14th shocked about this incident and I hope century, on loan from Moscow’s State that the authorities will solve this Historical Museum, was to be exhibited in organised crime as quickly as possible.” the British Museum until July 2010. The Sarah Smith, Chief Security Officer of the ‘St George’, which is part of a valuable Museum added: “We are still investigating collection of five icons that all illustrate why the security system did not detect the orthodox saints, is now missing. perpetrators and how the alarm system Highly sophisticated gadgets were used was disabled.” to penetrate the security system without The State Historical Museum has been being detected by the CCTV cameras. notified of the theft and they have offered Four suspects have been detained by the to work closely with the British Museum. Iran Gives British Museum 2-Month Deadline Over Cyrus Cylinder Iran will stop all mutual Museum on October 8th cooperation with the Brit- 2009. “We are currently ish Museum unless an an- monitoring the political situ- cient artefact, the Cyrus ation in Iran, but we hope Cylinder, is loaned to that we’ll be able to honour the National Museum of that commitment as soon as Iran within the next two possible.” “As ever with any months. Hamid Baqaei, kind of loan, we’d want to vice president in charge of be assured that the situation Iran’s Cultural Heritage, in the country was suitable,” Handicrafts and Tourism she said. The British Mu- Organization set the dead- seum promised to loan the line in an interview with Cylinder after its 2005-6 ex- the state-run Fars news hibition, “Forgotten Empire: agency. “According to a The World of Ancient Per- deal between Iran’s Na- sia,” according to Boulton. It tional Museum and the was made clear at the time, British Museum, the an- she said, that the Cylinder cient clay cylinder was would not be loaned until af- scheduled to be lent to ter the “Babylon: Myth and Iran in September but the the agreement. Baqaei said: “if the Brit- Reality” exhibition, which director of the British Museum refused to ish Museum fails to send the Cyrus Cyl- ended March 15. The British Museum also do so, citing Iran’s post-election political inder in the next two months to be shown wanted the Cylinder shown temporarily in state,” Baqaei said in the interview carried in Iran, we will stop any mutual activities its new Iranian gallery. Discussions on the by the Web site of Fars. with them, including archaeological coop- timing of the loan started “only compara- The Cylinder, dated about 539-530 eration and holding cultural heritage exhi- tively recently,” Boulton said. B.C. and inscribed in Babylonian cunei- bitions in the U.K.” form, has been described as the world’s “We certainly have committed to lend- earliest charter of human rights. Iran has ing the Cyrus Cylinder to Iran, and it is For more information visit asked the British Museum to explain what fully our intention to do that,” said Han- political problem stops the fulfilment of nah Boulton, head of press at the British
  3. 3. Page 3 Event for the Whole Family The British Museum hosts its first visitors to experience Christmas from a Christmas event in the Great Court from new perspective. In a multicultural city 29th November 2009 - 30th December like London where different Christmas 2009. The opening of “The History of customs are brought together, this event Christmas” will be celebrated by unveiling definitely is a must see.” a traditionally decorated Christmas tree. During the Christmas event, the One part of the event will host an children will have the opportunity to meet exhibition showing a collection of Santa Claus and give him their wish lists. Christmas ornaments from different For every visitor, the British Museum countries and centuries. In addition, there will give a donation to Great Ormond will be a timeline showing the evolution Street Children’s Hospital. Tickets for the of Christmas as a pagan celebration to a concerts can be purchased online on the Christian festivity by displaying scripts, museum’s homepage. The proceeds will illustrations and findings from ancient be donated to the children’s hospital. times. During the event several workshops, concerts and plays will be held. Each Sunday in advent, several choirs from all over the world will perform Christmas carols in the Great Court. On the opening day, Jim Carrey with help from Neil MacGregor will light up the Christmas tree. The Director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor said, “It is a fabulous occasion for our Future Exhibition Kingdom of Ife: Fra Angelico to Leonardo: Sculptures from West Africa Italian Renaissance drawings 4 March – 6 June 2010 22 April – 25 July 2010 The exhibition features superb pieces This major exhibition features 100 of Ife sculpture, drawn almost entirely exquisite drawings by Italian artists during from the magnificent collections of the the critical period of the Renaissance, National Commission for Museums and from 1400 to 1510. Monuments, Nigeria. Drawn from the two foremost collections in the field, the display charts the increasing importance of drawing during this period, featuring works by Leonardo da Vinci, Fra Angelico, Jacopo and Gentile Bellini, Botticelli, Carpaccio, Filippo Lippi, Mantegna, Michelangelo, Verrocchio and Titian. For more events visit
  4. 4. Page 4 3 Step in How-To... Cure Your Headache without any Medicine • Simple, natural ways to get rid of a • Now, stretch your neck. Tilt your headache: Drink a tall glass of water. head to the right and pull slightly We often times get headaches due with your hand. Hold this position for to being dehydrated. Water will also 10 seconds. Repeat for the left side. refresh our insides. Finally tilt neck down as if you were looking at your chest, hold for 10 seconds. • Stand up and stretch your shoulders. Stretch your arms up with your head looking to the ceiling. Hold this position for 10 seconds. After this your headache should be gone. Fun During Lunch A sudoku puzzle is a grid of 9 by 9 squares or cells that has been subdivided into 9 sub grids or “regions” of three by three cells. See the following diagram: The objective of sudoku is to enter a digit from 1 through 9 in each cell, in a way that each horizontal row contains each digit once, each vertical column contains each digit exactly once and each sub grid or region contains each digit exactly once. Curent Vacancies at the British Museum Project Curator: Islamic Coins – ZNM Project Project Curator: Medieval Relics Exhibition Ref: 76767W Salary: £26,294 per annum Contract: Fixed Ref: 76806W Salary: £22,457 pro rata Contract: Fixed term, term, 23 months Department: ZNM Project and Coins and 22 months. January – July 2010, 3 days per week; August Medals Application deadline: 12 noon, 4 November 2009 2010 – October 2011, full time Department: Prehistory and Europe Application deadline: 12 noon, 23 November 2009 Project Curator: Moctezuma Exhibition Ref: 76787W Salary: £22,457 per annum Contract: Fixed Corporate Relations Manager term, until 30 April 2010 Department: Africa, Oceania and the Ref: 76805W Salary: £31,606 per annum Contract: Americas Application deadline: 12 noon, 5 November 2009 Permanent Department: Development Application deadline: 12 noon, 27 November 2009 Community Programmes Coordinator: Transformation Ref: 76798W Salary: £25,956 per annum, pro rata Contract: Fixed For more jobs visit term, 3 months Department: Learning and Audiences Application deadline: 12 noon, 20 November 2009