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Autobiography maria

  1. 1. Autobiography<br />My name is Maria Del Mar Galindo; I was born in the clinica de los remedies at Cali, Colombia. My birthday is in February 10 of 1998. My family is composed of my dad called Jorge, my do.<br />When I had 1 year old my family made me a wonderful and colorful party. Then I start learning in a kinder garden called Hellen Keller. My first day of school I was very nervous. I make a new friend called Carolina, we were excellent friends. I had a secret crush called Santiago Perea that was from there too. My favorite class was computers, because we always play different games, and we also paint.<br />Then when the time pass and I was bigger like 4 years old, my mom took me to a new school called Bennett School. I cry a lot because I was going to Miss Carolina.<br />
  2. 2. In my 1st day of class, I feel very nervous, because there were many kids, but I found a great boy called Daniel Ricardo, we were great friends. He was my best friend in nursery. My first teachers were T. Sandra and T. Luis. I had a secret crush called Juan David. I participated in a Christmas play.<br />Then when I passed to transition D, I had 5 years old. In this great I started to play soccer on the afternoons, with a lot of boys and I was the only girl in the soccer team. In transition I began read and write. My scores were excellent, because I was very intelligent.<br />
  3. 3. When I passed to prep I started to learn more about math, I learned to count in the numeric line. I learn add and subtract too. My favorite activity was “Water Day”, because I played with water all day and with all my friends. I feel bad some times, because I was very chubby, and my friends were thin.<br />My Terrible grade was 1c, because my friend did bullying to me all the time. I remember that T. Carolina yelled me because; I did “chancuco” in the exams. My terrible teacher was T. Johanna because, she shouted to all my class when we don’t understand something about math.<br />
  4. 4. In second grade, my favorite teacher was T. Monica. I remember that she called the attention to Isabella and me, because we were playing in the classroom with sparkle. Sometimes I felt very tired of plenty writing all days. I was an excellent student.<br />In 3th grade I remember that was excellent, we went to the Cumber in train, it was amazing. In this grade my best friends was Isabella, Sofia, valentine, Sabina and Natalie, we were always together. I had a boyfriend called Juan David Morales, he was my secret crush.<br />
  5. 5. In 4th grade my best friend were Natalia Leguizamón, we were excellent friends. I remember that Sofia, valentine, Isabella and me, we were always in T.Silena´s office. I had some problems and fights with Sofia, but we get great moments together. I had a secret crush called Nicolas Romero. He was my boyfriend. In this grade I started again playing soccer; I was in the woman’s soccer team. I was an intelligent student, but sometimes I had some problems understanding math problems. The last day of school we were to Isabella’s house and it was very cool.<br />
  6. 6. In this grade I have new friends, new teachers, and new classrooms. My favorite teacher is T. Damaris. I like this new group is so nice and cool, I like the teachers too they are so funny. My favorite subject is dance. My best friend is Juanita Jimenez. I have 2 collective actas, because my entire group gets in trouble. In this grade our trip is Panaca and Parque Del Cafe I am waiting 6th grade with anxious.<br />